Rabbit Chinese Horoscope 2017

Sign Rabbit, know the impact of Chinese Horoscope 2017 in your love, career, health and wealth aspects

The year 2017 does not seem to be very favorable for the rabbits in terms of career, health and relationships. There are a lot of ups and downs this year for them. Career may not go as well as planned and they could have a tough time with income. They need to streamline their effort into work to get things going and be alert to opportunities coming their way. Stay away from interfering in other people’s life to stay happy. They need to work on relationships with loved ones. Health, too, needs looking into.



Career is not looking the best for rabbits this year. There could be a shifting in their place of work which may make them have to shift residence. This could create anxiety in their minds about the course of action to take as anyway things could be a little bothersome at the work place too. But it is advisable for them to go along with the change in the same work place rather than changing jobs which could be detrimental. Also, those who have a job in which they are on the go need to be careful while travelling. At the same time career wise, those who are moving because of the job, the year could be good.



Rabbits need to be a little careful with their finances this Rooster year, warns the Chinese Zodiac Calendar. With their failing career prospects, money could be low this year. And so, they should patiently survey the market before making any kind of investment. It’s better to invest in property or something more stable at the correct time. If putting in more money in their own business, check for the pros and cons. You may loan money to people and suffer consequences. Some money must be kept aside for unforeseen medical emergencies this year for senior members of the family.



Not much love seems to be in the air for rabbits this year. The married could face problems in their relationship because of the entry of a third person. They need to work on their commitment for a happy married life. And for that they should spend more time with each other and care more for each other. Those who are unmarried may meet a number of opposite sex this year but none who could qualify as a soul mate. And so, the chances of the unmarried rabbits settling this year, is a little remote. Don’t rush into any commitment in a hurry this year.



Health needs a lot of care for rabbits this Chinese Zodiac year. They could be prone to accidents so they need to be careful if going on any adventurous activity like trekking, mountain climbing etc. They even need to be careful on the road and follow traffic rules. Avoid using cell phones while doing other things like driving. Too much stress at the work place this year could result in frayed nerves. They need to divide their time well between their work and looking after their health to ensure a positive state of mind.

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