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Chinese Horoscope 2017

Monkey Chinese Horoscope 2017

Lady luck is going to change for the Monkeys in the year of the Rooster. After a bad last year, this year promises to bring in good luck, not only in their career but also in wealth. They will also get assistance from their friends, which could be of great help to them. So, do keep in touch with your friends this year. Those in business too, will taste success. Love life will show improvement.



Monkey’s good nature is going to be of immense help this year in boosting up their career. They will get a raise and promotion because of the pleasant environment they will create at work. Since you are intelligent, optimistic and full of energy, people will love to be of assistance to you.  Even in business, if they falter at any point, they will have friends to help them cross the hurdle.

They need to be in control of their emotions this year and stay calm while taking any decision.



Fortune for the monkeys in 2017, according to the Chinese Zodiac Calendar would vary with the amount of hard work he would put in. Since fortune is tied up with career and career looks good this year for the monkey, they will only succeed if persistent effort is put in. If they waste this lucky year by dilly dallying in their effort, then fortune may also say goodbye to them. So, they need to be enterprising and endeavor to do their best.



Monkeys will have a great relationship this year according to the Chinese Zodiac Calendar. Lady love will favor them this year. Those looking for love will find an abundance of it. Choose wisely. Those who have already found a soul mate, this is a good year to tie the knot for a long lasting relationship. Those who are already married will have a good married life provided they stay loyal. Even those who are in distant relationships will feel a strong feeling of togetherness this year.



Monkeys need to be a little careful this year as too much work may start a few long term illnesses. Do take care right from the beginning of the year and divide your time well between work and rest. Remember to get periodic tests done to look for some hidden diseases that may surface later. Look after your diet and start exercises. Build up your immunity to fight against sickness. Those who love their drink –watch that you don’t get addicted to the bottle.