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Dragon Chinese Horoscope 2017

Sign Dragon, know the impact of Chinese Horoscope 2017 in your love, career, health and wealth aspects

According to the Chinese zodiac prediction, the year 2017 is a great year for dragons. Their excellent qualities of being loyal and consistent in their work will help them do real well at their work place and help the career graph rise. Their drive to get things done, taking quality decisions etc will help them get the promotion and raise in income. They have the sense to spend wisely and so will have enough in their savings for a rainy day. This is a great year for relationships so if they already have a partner, this year would be great for marriage and if single, they would probably find love. Dragons need to look after their health and do exercises so that they remain fit.



Dragon’s career looks great this year with the bosses being happy with their work and lots of promotions lined up. Their passion of working steadfastly and being committed to their jobs will bring them accolades. They will take wise initiatives and being adventurous in nature, bring forth great new ideas that’ll be really impressive. Their patience and integrity are great at their place of work but they need to be patient with others too and work in a harmonious relationship with them. Also, be more receptive to other people’s ideas and be open to criticism.



This year, as things will look good in their career, provided they work consistently and are committed, they will have enough money. Also, as they are relaxed in their love life too, they will be able to concentrate more on their career and so reap the benefits. Although they are good in their investment and manage to save enough money, it still does not mean that they can just spend it anyhow. It’s important to plan and save. They should invest the money wisely in real estate and funds since they would be earning some extra this year.



Love in 2017 for the Dragons, looks good. For those who are not yet into any kind of relationships, get plenty of chances. Just don’t jump into a relationship and commit blindly. For any relationship to last long, one needs mutual respect and understanding. Make sure you have that with your partner before deciding to settle down. Those who are married need to make an attempt to spice it up a bit. Do spend more time doing activities that you both enjoy. Spend more time with each other and make an attempt to be more cordial to each other. Marriages work best when both parties make a joint effort.

Whatever the situation or circumstances, make sure you don’t waste energy in unnecessary bickering. Instead use this energy in your work.



Dragons need to be careful of their health this year. Too much work at the work place can make them neglect their health. They may not eat regularly and that combined with irregular sleep habits could result in digestive problems. It would be best if Dragons used their time and energy well at work and in exercising their body so that they remain healthy. They can go on excursion trips with their loved ones which will help them mentally relax and physically fit.

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