Facing “Love & Thunder”? What Can Each Zodiac Do To Save Their Relationship, The Thor Way!

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Facing “Love & Thunder”? What Can Each Zodiac Do To Save Their Relationship, The Thor Way!

Thor might believe that his superhero-ing days may be over, but your relationship need not be! The Norse God is back, and maybe we can use some tips from him on how to save the thunder in our relationship. Read on to know which character from the newest Marvel movie can help you light the fire in your connection based on your zodiac sign!

Set to hit the theaters very soon, the Thor Love and Thunder release date is July 8th, 2022. The first look of this exciting addition to the fan-favorite trilogy has driven the MCU fans crazy! We will finally get to see Odinson’s quest to find love with a side of thunder in this one. So we thought, why not take tips from the master himself and learn how we can overcome the occasional thunders in our relationships?

Check out your Zodiac sign for tips on bringing the magic back in your relationship based on the characters of Thor: Love and Thunder (2022). Make sure to also check out which character is most like you based on your Venus and moon signs. So, let’s get this journey started:


Russell Crowe is portraying the character of Zeus in the newest installment of the Marvel movie. He is a recent addition to the Thor Love and Thunder cast. Being an Aries himself, he is playing the fiery Zeus, and here’s what this sign can do to make their relationship work-

  • Do away with your checklist and keep an open mind in relationships
  • Don’t be in a rush, and enjoy the little moments with your partner.
  • When arguing, sometimes it's okay to let go of things to keep the peace.


Pom Klementieff is back as Mantis in Thor: Love and Thunder (2022). The empath can sense others’ feelings and emotions but can, in turn, get overwhelmed by them quite often, making it hard to sustain a lasting relationship for her. Here is what this zodiac can learn from her- 

  • Include your partner in activities that interest you to foster a deeper connection.
  • Make efforts to make them feel a part of your life.
  • Communicate your struggles and joy openly.


Natalie Portman is back as Jane Foster, but this time she comes with the gift of thunder! She reprises her role as Lady Thor, thus bringing a duality to the table much like the twins of the zodiac group. Here is what these folks can do to save their relationship from thunder and rain-

  • Don’t hide aspects of your personality from your partner.
  • Be more open to your better half.
  • You are adventurous but don’t forget to go on them with your beloved.


Chris Pratt’s Peter Quill found his safe place in Gamora. Like a true Cancerian, he was looking for a mate for life, and he found it too, only to lose it once again. Hence, when there is trouble in paradise, this is what every Cancerian can do to save a broken relationship-

  • You are over-emotional but don’t be embarrassed about that.
  • Let your partner know what bothers you so that both of you can move past it.
  • Take your partner’s help to fight your demons.


Chris Hemsworth is back as the blue-eyed God of thunder in Taika Waititi’s newest Marvel saga. Like a true Leo, his mere presence is enough to show his royal stature, and his commanding personality instantly draws everyone’s attention. But perhaps not Jane’s! So, here is what the Leos can do to save their relationship from a break up-

  • Be the center of attention but share the limelight with your lover.
  • Make time for them to show them that they have all your attention.
  • You are independent, but remember that a relationship takes two to tango!


Melissa McCarthy will be portraying the character of a fictionalized Hela in this Meta-verse of Madness! She will play the passionate and aggressive Hela, but these two things together don’t make a relationship last. So, here’s what the Virgos can do to save their relationship-

  • You are detail-oriented but don’t crticize your partner for tiny issues.
  • You are a perfectionist but don’t force your partner to match your steps.
  • Live in the moment with your partner and let go of order for a day.


Tessa Thompson is going to grace the silver screen as Valkyrie one more time! Libras are all about pageantry in love, and we have already seen Valkyrie showcase her larger-than-life personality in Thor: Ragnarok. But what about times when flamboyance is not the language of love? Here’s what to do then-

  • You love to be in love but don’t forget to prioritize yourself.
  • Don’t change yourself to become someone’s ideal type.
  • Make quick decisions to make the most of every moment.


Luke Hemsworth will be once again donning the cap of the eldest Odinson in this version of Thor’s adventure. He’ll be playing actor Thor, and like all Scorpios, his mysterious and alluring identity is carefully hidden behind an actor's mask. How can this variant of the Norse God work to save his relationship-

  • Don’t be arrogant when in love. 
  • You like freedom but learn to give your partner the same air beneath their wings.
  • Contain your jealousy and believe in your partner.


The feisty personality of Nebula is perfectly played by Karen Gillan, and it is in alignment with a true Sagittarian. The archer is a wanderer, and nothing comes close to this description than Thanos’s eldest daughter. So, what can this wild spirit do to tame their relationship-

  • You are straightforward but mince your words a little when talking to your lover.
  • You know how to lighten up the mood, but not everything is funny.
  • Seek out new adventures but don’t forget to hold your partner’s hand.


Dave Bautista is here to tickle your funny bone as Drax again. Like every Capricorn, he had a family that gave him a sense of stability and security. But their demise became his superhero origin story. So, here’s what we can learn from him to keep our beloved safe-

  • You prioritize your goals but remember to save time for your partner.
  • Don’t focus on just one aspect of life while the other falls apart.
  • Show your vulnerabilities to your partner because nobody is perfect.


Christian Bale’s Gorr is going to be the supervillain in this edition of the Marvel movie. Like all Aquarians, Gorr is rational and therefore does not believe in Gods. But when it comes to the matters of the heart, the mind has to take a backseat by following these tips-

  • You love being alone, but a relationship is about two people.
  • Don’t make your partner feel left out.
  • Make room for others in your life and experience love and thunder together.


Jaimie Alexander will be back on the screen as Lady Sif. Like every Piscean, her giving and compassionate nature made her a fan favorite in the earlier Thor movies. She is a perfect blend of strong and empathetic, but sometimes, even the best of us need help with relationships. So, here’s what they can do-

  • You are a dreamer but come back to reality to solve the issues in your relationship.
  • Maintain a little space because even in a relationship, people have to maintain their individuality.
  • Don’t have very high expectations from your partner.

Thor: Love and Thunder release date in India is July 8, 2022. So plan a movie date with your partner and enjoy the joyride of your relationship with Thor. But make sure to keep the spoilers to yourself!

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