The Saturn Retrograde Impact on You

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
The Saturn Retrograde Impact on You

The Lord of Karma, Saturn. Karma is the form of energy that is existential in reality. Similar to the planet Saturn, Karma is closely confined to time. The past, present and future blend into one, where it is understood that if you have been bad in the past, then at a certain point of time, an event would take place to educate you with a message. This is vice-versa when it comes to being good as well, where you will be rewarded for your good deeds. What goes around comes around. With that being said, as the planet Saturn is in retrograde motion, the Karma will recount as to your past actions and deeds. Astroyogi’s expert astrologers have insight into each of the zodiac sign which can be seen below:


A change in business ventures or job is evidently seen to take place soon. Investments in materialistic things and financial investments will be fruitful in the future. If you are a celebrity, it is recommended to focus on promotions as it will help you rise to a stronger position. Travel to countries of your interest will soon be a reality. An auspicious ceremony such as marriage has a high probability of taking place. Keeping yourself fit would be beneficial for you in the long run as well as keep you active.


Natives will face a lot of challenges which will also create new possibilities. You may be entrusted with more responsibilities at the workplace which you can learn over time, relax and take it easy and keep your focus sharp. Developing new ideas to implement at your workplace or business will go a long way. Peace and harmony will prevail at home with your loved ones. You will be energetic and healthy, as long as you do not over indulge in consumption.


Natives will find themselves sailing smoothly in regards to their work or business ventures. There is a significant rise in income and gains earned through past investments. If you are single, there is a high probability to fall in love and if you are married, then you will experience rejuvenation in your relationship. Social life will also be on a high roll where you will make new friends and business connections. You will enjoy vitality and energy of surging levels with regards to your health. 


Natives will experience some struggles which can be overcome by one’s own genuine efforts and hard work. Your business ventures or career will skyrocket with gains in great measure. Believe in yourself; do not hesitate to seek help or advice when you feel lost or confused. Natives can also experience a pinch in rising expenses; therefore it is advised to keep a check on it. Domestic issues may arise at home as well but can be sorted out with effective communication. It is also advised to keep a check on your weight gain with the stress and strain involved.


Natives will undergo changes in careers where you will learn to adapt to situations and even quicker if required. Your true success can be achieved only if you leave your comfort zone. You will be financially stable and like always, you will have leftovers for extra expenses. Travelling abroad is foreseen and will also be highly beneficial. Single natives will be falling in love and the relationship will go on to a serious development of marriage. It is also advised to be careful by eating right and exercising right.


Natives will experience a significant growth in their income and will also get great opportunities for investment. There will be a significant rise in expenditure when it comes to your family.  In the workplace, you may have to depend on your co-workers more to get the work done. If you are single then there is a high probability of marriage and married people can expect to fall in love all over again. It is advised to do a regular checkup with your doctor to take any precautions if needed.


Natives will find themselves very creative at work and their business ventures which can be utilized to progress in the particular field. You will do significantly well in your social life as well. Natives can, however, experience a crunch in their financial situation and will have to budget their expenses well. Married couples will be expecting a new member of the family and there is no other better time to spend some quality time together to understand each other better. Travelling is also seen in near future. It is advised to keep exercising regularly to keep yourself healthy and fit. 


Natives will require dealing with a lot of pressures and important issues where it is advised to be extremely patient and understanding. You will need to act accordingly and step up to climb the career ladder you are climbing. Hard work will definitely pay off its results through financial gains and profits. You can face some loss if you invest in any impulse purchases. Domestic disturbances will be to a bare minimum. It is completely okay to check in with a doctor regarding your health status.


Luckily, natives of this sign will get the chance to experiment with their work as to which is fruitful and successful. You can devise new plans with meaningful success coming to you. One a financial level, you will experience goodness to the heights. The only backdrop would be that you will subsequently face high expenditure as well. Travels within the country and abroad is also foreseen to a pleasurable level. An auspicious event taking place has high probability such as marriage. You will find yourself healthy and happy with energy levels on a high.


Natives will be having creative thoughts which will be appreciated as well. Progress will be earned however, it is suggested to have some backup plans and take some important decisions regarding your financial situation. Travelling will be on a bare minimum. With regards to your love life or married life, you will find the turn to be better with a wedding in the plan or a third member incoming. It is advised to continue your regular exercise to keep yourself fit and healthy.


As a business owner, you will do extremely well as well as begin new projects. With regards to your career, you will fly off the charts. Natives will be able to realize their strength in order to redirect their energy to be beneficial financially to you in a huge way. A new member to the family is expected as for single people, marriage is in line soon. It is highly recommended to keep your weight in check and do exercise regularly.


Jumping to conclusions will not help you in any way. Opportunities will present itself when you are ready. Natives will experience domestic issues due to age-old issues. A profit through past investments can be expected. It is advised to pay good attention to detail. Travelling will be delayed although you will be able to go on a trip with your spouse or lover. It is recommended to keep a check of your health as you will be stressing a lot and it is recommended to sail through it with a peaceful mind.