February 2022: Monthly Tarot Reading by Tarot Pooja

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Tarot Pooja By Tarot Pooja
February 2022: Monthly Tarot Reading by Tarot Pooja

Tarot prediction for February 2022 promises you a bright ray of hope and good times. Read to know what the monthly Tarot reading can unveil about your life.

February is the 2nd calendar month of the year. It is vibrationally aligned with Moon or the "Chandrama" and is therefore aligned with our feelings, emotions, romance, and last but definitely not the least, our mother.

During this month, people might feel overwhelmed and might find themselves emotionally wavering. Spiritual practices can lend a helping hand and aid you in overcoming such situations. Daily meditation and other rituals can help you maintain your emotional and mental well-being this entire month.

Here are the specific Tarot predictions for all the 12 Zodiacs, along with unique plant remedies for this month. Let's look at the Tarot monthly horoscope to know what the cards can reveal about each zodiac sign.

Aries Tarot February 2022

Dear Aries, it's time to live like a king and queen. Abundance, prosperity, joy, love, and laughter all come your way this month. To say that you will be on cloud nine will be an understatement. You need to relish these good times, share the grace with the world, and spread love. This will manifest all your desires much faster than any Law of Attraction. Give what you want to receive! If you are looking for love, start giving love to everyone around you. If you are looking for money, start donating money to the needy. Be happy and kind, and heaven's luck will be on your side.(Aries tarot 2022)

Tarot Reader Says - Eat, pray, love, and spread positivity around!

Remedy -The Strawberry plant is perfect for you, and planting it can do you good.

Taurus Tarot February 2022

Dear Taureans, it's time to celebrate. On several occasions this month, you will get the chance to celebrate with your friends and family. Enjoy the family bond while eating the good food you always crave. Give and receive gifts as an expression of love. Plan small weekend getaways with your loved ones and be open to exploring new destinations. Overall, this month will be all about family, friends, and having a fun time.(Taurus tarot 2022)

Tarot Reader Says - Spending time with family and friends is indeed fun!

Remedy - The Ashwagandha plant is the right plant for you, and planting it can do you good.

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Gemini Tarot February 2022

Dear Geminis, start spending your precious time the way you spend your money. Be aware, cautious, and start monitoring your efficiency and productivity levels with the intent of taking it to the next level. Remember, perfection has no end. Focus on growth and self-transformation, and work on it meticulously. Remember, your ultimate focus is to become the best version of yourself.(Gemini tarot 2022)

Tarot Reader Says - Unleash the finest version of yourself.

Remedy - The Brahmi Plant is the best pick for you, and planting it can be quite beneficial for you.

Cancer Tarot February 2022

Dear Cancerians, it's time to keep a check on your well-being. Make it a point to monitor your water intake daily. Remember, water is one of the five elements or the Pancha Bhutas. Even our planet is 71% water. So balancing your water intake will undoubtedly bring in the right vibrations and balance in your life. Charging your water before drinking it is a good idea, as water has memory; hence you should always charge your drinking water with the right affirmations to manifest your desires. You may keep a bottle of this charged water and then consume it for the rest of the week by continuously adding more water to it and treating it as "Kamdhenu Jal.(Cancer tarot 2022)

Tarot Reader Says - Kamdhenu Jal will do wonders for you!

Remedy - The Basil plant is the one for you, and planting it can be good for you.

Leo Tarot February 2022

Dear Leos, it would be best if you learned to be happy no matter what the external factors and circumstances are. Finally, you have arrived and are stable in your life, so you need to keep the remote control of your life in your own hands. So far, everyone else around you has had your life's remote control, and they have fiddled with it the way they wanted. This has caused even the slightest triggers to disturb you and bring out unwanted reactions in you. Once the remote control of your life is back to you, you have the real power. You can mold your life the way you want. This is extremely empowering, so you have to make the right choices.(Leo tarot 2022)

Tarot Reader Says - Empower yourself by taking control of your life.

Remedy - The Rosemary Plant is the best choice for you, and planting it can do wonders for your life.

Virgo Tarot February 2022

Dear Virgos, this is an excellent time to try out new things and explore the different activities on your bucket list. Whether it was due to a lack of time, resources, or just simple lethargy, you couldn't try out the things you wanted, but now you have the golden chance. You now have the perfect time to try out all the activities. All you need to do is push yourself to get over the initial lethargy. Try different activities, like cooking new recipes, gardening, writing poems, etc. Fulfilling each activity on your bucket list will give you a sense of satisfaction and more happiness. There will also be multiple learnings in the process.(Virgo tarot 2022)

Tarot Reader Says - Time to do all the activities on your bucket list.

Remedy - The Sheesham Plant is the perfect plant for you, and planting it can be quite beneficial for you.

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Libra Tarot February 2022

Dear Librans, it's time to do something selfless, so you must give back to society and get involved in charity. Ideally, we must share a portion of our monthly income with society in whatever capacity we can. This is good Karma and brings us more abundance, prosperity, and growth. This law is universal, and it propounds that what you share comes back to you manifold. You can do some noble deed for fellow human beings, animals, or plants. There's so much that can be done, and there are more than enough opportunities available if you look around with the right intent.(Libra tarot 2022)

Tarot Reader Says - Share with others with a pure heart, and it will come back to you manifold.

Remedy - The Aak plant is the right plant for you, and planting it can be good for you.

Scorpio Tarot February 2022

Dear Scorpios, this is the time for professional growth and achievements. Dedicate your energy to the work you are passionate about, and even burn the midnight oil if required. All will appreciate the efforts you put in. Your hard work, wisdom, decision-making skills, and proper execution shall be recognized and rewarded.(Scorpio tarot 2022)

Tarot Reader Says - Dedicate your energy to your passion, and you can do wonders.

Remedy - The Mint plant is the best choice for you, and planting it can benefit you a lot.

Sagittarius Tarot February 2022

Dear Sagittarians, you should be focusing on time management and anger management, as they are of utmost importance for you this month. Do not be impulsive. Take time before you arrive at any conclusion so that you don't have any regrets later. Most importantly, taking adequate time to go over all the available options at hand will allow you to make the most informed and fruitful decision. Remember that you need to believe in yourself and push yourself to consistently achieve new heights of success.(Sagittarius tarot 2022)

Tarot Reader Says - Push yourself to attain new heights of success.

Remedy - The Rose plant is perfect for you, and planting it can do wonders for you.

Capricorn Tarot February 2022

Dear Capricorns, it's time to work on your physical health. Your focus should be on getting into shape and increasing your body's immunity levels. Weight management can include reducing and putting on weight with the proper muscle toning and bone-strengthening exercises. Keep a check on your daily diet and workout routinely, whether it is Yoga, going to a gym to workout, or Zumba, whichever allows you to attain the needed results.(Capricorn tarot 2022)

Tarot Reader Says - Your health is your wealth.

Remedy - The Hibiscus plant is the correct pick for you, and planting it can be quite beneficial for you.

Aquarius Tarot February 2022

Dear Aquarians, be yourself. You do not have to impress anyone by wearing a mask. You should not be afraid to be who you are just because you fear how people will react to you. People who don't care for you, their opinions shouldn't matter in the first place. So, you should focus on enhancing your individuality as you are a marvelous creation of God. We all come with our unique strengths, weaknesses, and a Master Plan, so there is no need to imitate anyone else. Therefore, you should not stop being yourself under any circumstances.(Aquarius tarot 2022)

Tarot Reader Says - Be yourself always!

Remedy - Keeping a Tulsi plant can do wonders for you.

Pisces Tarot February 2022

Dear Pisceans, you are truly a miraculous creation of God. People who go out of their way to give extra comfort and luxury to their loved ones are the most powerful beings. These individuals are givers. However, in this process, these selfless individuals forget about themselves. This is why keep yourself ahead of everyone else this month, and make yourself and self-love your priority. Once you are happy, you will vibrate at much higher frequencies, and hence, you will be able to give much more than before to your loved ones.(Pisces tarot 2022)

Tarot Reader Says - Make yourself your priority!

Remedy - The Basil plant is the best choice for you, and planting it can be good for you.

Remember, these are generalized predictions. If you want personalized forecasts or you have any concerns about the remedies and need guidance regarding Prana Pratishtha of the plants, you may connect with Tarot Pooja.

My Love & Blessings

✍️ By- Tarot Pooja

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