The Sun Transit into Virgo

Wed, Sep 16, 2020
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Wed, Sep 16, 2020
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
The Sun Transit into Virgo

In Vedic astrology the Sun wields the most power, position and authority over the other planets. The Sun is all set to transit into Virgo on 16th September 2020 and will continue to stay in this rashi until the 17th of October 2020.

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The Sun's friends are the Moon, Jupiter and Mars. Mercury is neutral towards the Sun. So, the Sun's transit into Virgo will give rise to mixed results for the natives. The Sun is transiting from a fiery rashi to an earthy rashi, therefore its approach will be practical. The transit will help not only the natives, but also those around them. This period may be associated with diseases as the Sun is transiting from the 6th house of the Kal Purush kundli. The diseases could be related to the eyes, heart or bones.


Let us analyze the impact of the Sun’s transit in the different Zodiac Signs.



The Sun’s transit in Virgo will cause the planet to be positioned in the 6th house. This house signifies enemies, debt, disease, daily routine, service, duty and responsibility. Students preparing for competitive exams have good chances for success. Working professionals will be more dutiful towards their responsibilities and will accomplish their daily tasks with confidence. They will be way ahead of their competitors.  Entrepreneurs will seek loans for the expansion of their business. It is advisable to think through the whole process before taking any decisions. This transit is not favourable for Aries’ love life, as there is a possibility of heartbreak due to ego issues. Married couples must work on maintaining a peaceful relationship during this period. This transit is not favourable from the health point of view either – Aries people may suffer from high blood pressure or issues related to the eyes. There is a possibility of skin disease as well, so make sure you look out for your health at this time.



The Sun will be positioned in the 5th house of Taurus, which is the house of education, intellect, mantra, progeny, fun, hobbies, creativity, romance, gambling, and risk-taking. This is a very good time for students pursuing higher studies. Their confidence and intellectual abilities will increase and there is a possibility of achieving fame through education. Students seeking scholarships are likely to be successful during this period. From a career perspective, those looking for jobs will be presented with the right opportunities and their innovative ideas will help them to gain prosperity. They may have to go through a training process. This period is very good for aspiring writers; their work will be greatly appreciated. For businesspersons, their critical analysis and ability to judge well will help them to grow. Natives will have proud moments due to the success of their children. Your risk-taking abilities will peak, and you will probably invest in shares which will pay dividends in the future. Your health will do well during this time and your immunity will improve. Keep your ego aside if you want to strengthen the bond with your significant other. There is a chance of being misunderstood, and what you say being misinterpreted. It is better to clear matters than live under false assumptions.



Gemini natives will host the transit of the Sun through their 4th house, which is the house of mother, land, property, personal life, primary education, vehicles, general happiness and parental influence. This transit will bring mixed results to Gemini ascendants. Family bonding will heighten, and your relationship with parents will bring you much joy. Take good care of your parents as they may face health problems during this period. This is a good time for students pursuing primary education. From a professional point of view, working Geminis may suffer due to depleted self-confidence. Natives looking to buy property should exercise caution as there are chances of fraud. Please read the fine print before signing on the dotted line. You may find it difficult to take decisions during this period, so do take the advice of your mentors before signing off anything of consequence. Avoid heated discussions with your partner; arguments at this time could be very detrimental. For better results with this transit, you should recite the Aditya Hriday strot.



The Sun transiting into Virgo will cause the planet to take position in the 3rd house, which is the house of courage, bravery, fearlessness, younger sibling, neighbours, communication abilities, and short distance journeys. This transit is very positive for Cancerians. Their courage and valour will provide impetus to their professional life. The Cancerian’s communication skills and ability to convince others will help to create a new connection. You will be able to impress others with your words. There is a good possibility of capturing more than one opportunity which will work towards future gains. Students pursuing higher education will be benefited from this transit. They will get all the support and love from family. Long standing disputes will be resolved during this period. There is a possibility of gaining paternal wealth. Cancer natives wanting to invest in real estate or acquiring a vehicle should go right ahead. You may have to travel on work during this period which will help your career. Couples will have a great time together and you may go on a short but happy family trip. Your immunity will increase and you will be in good health.



The Sun’s transit will take place through the 2nd house of Leo natives which is the house of self-acquired wealth, possessions, speech, family and values. This transit will improve your relationship with family; you will have their full support. Students will be devoted to academics during this time. There are good chances of a promotion or salary hike. Your authoritative nature will make your leadership qualities shine through. Avoid harsh words if you are disappointed with your subordinates; try to motivate them instead. You will seek more and more wealth, and you will invest for the long term. Watch out for false pride – it will lead you into difficult situations. This is not a good time from the health point of view. You will spend considerable amounts to maintain good health. Your possessive nature coupled with your authoritative demeanour may create problems for your love life. Respect your partner’s feelings.



The Sun will transit through your ascendant house, which is the house of your nature, health and character. Virgo natives have the intellectual prowess to deal confidently with society. They will fight fearlessly for what’s right, sometimes even at the cost of their own reputation. People are charmed by their combative nature. Virgo, your strong willpower will bring you much success in your professional life. Your communication skills will help you to develop good contacts overseas. Students wanting to go abroad for higher education have a good chance of being accepted at the institutions of their choice. Politically active people are likely to be successful. Virgo natives will be very helpful to others but they like to work behind the scenes and are reluctant to seek any credit. Due to being preoccupied with social work, they tend to place their family life on the back-burner and this is likely to take a toll on their relationships. Don’t treat your near and dear ones as though they don’t exist. Keep the communication channels open. This is not a good period for Virgo health. You may face eye ailments or skin problems which could impact your physical appearance.



The Sun’s transit in Virgo takes place in the 12th house of the Librans, which is the house of expenses, inner changes, spiritual growth, isolation, foreign connection, loss and theft. Librans working in multinational companies or export firms may forge good connections overseas which will help them at their jobs or business. Be mindful of expenses during this period. Your extravagant nature could make a big dent in your savings. Those looking for spiritual growth will make good headway. Librans will become deeply involved in mystic matters during this period; it will become easy for them to meditate. The bonding with your partner will strengthen and you will receive much care and support. Married Librans are likely to quarrel with their partners and there will be ego clashes. Students looking to study overseas will find the right opportunities. Working Librans may take up prolonged foreign trips in their professional capacity. Your elder sibling will be of great help during this period. This is the time to be mindful of your actions; the law of karma is watching you closely. Try to spend time amidst nature as it will help to dissipate negative thoughts.



The Sun will transit through the 11th house, which is the house of gains, aspirations, hopes and wishes, friendship, elder sibling and social connections. This is a very favourable transit for Scorpions. Their dreams come true during this period. Social connections will flourish immensely, helping them to profit at their work. They will meet enduring success and their sagacity will bring them fame. They will gain wealth through fair means. They will be steadfast where principles are concerned. Scorpions who are in leadership positions can do much better if they work well with their juniors. Overall, this is a very good time for Scorpion careers, but pride can destroy all your gains in a single sweep. This is also a good time for married Scorpions. The ability to communicate effectively will help them to sort out all marital differences and strengthen their relationships.  



Sagittarius natives will host the transit of the Sun through their 10th House, which is the house of profession, permanency in service, honour and authority. This is a very powerful situation as the Sun wields directional strength in this position. Sagittarians will achieve professional success during this period. You will set goals and work towards them with dedication. Your luck will support all the decisions you make. These quick and bold decisions will help you to expand your business. Natives looking for a business partnership will find a suitable person during this period. Working professionals will be promoted to an authoritative post. Sagittarians interested in politics will be presented with an opportunity to make it their career. Those looking for government jobs may receive their offer letters at this time! Students may achieve their goals during this transit. You will engage in many religious activities, and visiting holy places is slated for this period. You will donate to those in need. Sagittarians, a full and satisfying love life is yours at this time.  



Capricorn natives will host the transit of the Sun through their 9th house, which is the house of dharma, luck, father and foreign travel. Capricorn people need to be very careful during this period. Your trust may be betrayed by someone well known to you, so be vigilant; the possibility of fraud lurks! Don’t share secrets related to your career as some people may use this information against you. If you are planning a career-change, you should postpone the idea for now. Stay calm during this period and don’t change a thing because any changes you make during the transit, may create problems for you. It is not a good time from the health perspective either, so take your physical well-being seriously. Issues related to high blood pressure or the heart could cause problems. You will make plans for a long journey. This is a good time for spiritual development. You will find yourself drawn towards religion and charity work. You will be rewarded with a safe passage through a difficult situation. Students pursuing higher studies will be benefited by this transit.



The Sun is transiting in the 8th house, which is the house of longevity, transformation, spirituality, inheritance, debts and thefts. It is not a favorable period for Aquarians. They will face many challenges. Students pursuing higher studies will face obstacles in the form of distractions; make sure you are able to stay on course. Working Aquarians will also face challenges. Remember that excessive risk may not work for you. You will be in a fearful state constantly. There is a good possibility of a transformation in your career path, so be mindful while making decisions. Expenses will be high during this period; spend moderately at this time. There is a possibility that you take a loan from relatives. Your spouse's health may be indifferent during this time, posing many difficulties and causing your relationship to deteriorate. Some of you may be tempted to enter into an extra-marital relationship which may cause even more problems.



The Sun is transiting in the 7th house, which is the house of partnership, marriage and business. This transit is not favorable for Pisces. From a relationship point of view, your quick and explosive nature will create disharmony with your partner. Control your anger and your ego or there will be perpetual disagreements. From a business perspective, this transit will bring positive results. Business expansion is a possibility during this period, which will bring returns in the long term. A prolonged legal matter will be resolved during this time. You will be under constant mental stress; a daily dose of meditation will hold you in good stead. Your adversaries will try to take advantage of this period with the intent to harm you; be watchful and vigilant while dealing with people. Students will find themselves plagued by one distraction after the other; stay strong, stay focused.


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