Naseeruddin Shah: A typical Cancer

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Naseeruddin Shah: A typical Cancer

Naseeruddin Shah, an Indian actor and director, was born on 20 th July 1949. This makes him a Cancer, and exhibits certain typical characteristics of his zodiac sign which is ruled by the moon. Find out how Naseeruddin Shah becomes a perfect example for Cancer personality, as astroYogi explains these traits through instances from his personal life and career.

Like the classic Cancer, Naseer is quiet, shy and mysterious. Inspite of his acting prowess, he has never pushed himself to the fore front to be noticed. He is sensitive and feels things deeply. He sounds harsh in his statements to the public, but like his wife Ratna, explains, one needs to understand him to appreciate his personality.

Naseer claims he doesn’t have many friends in the film industry and he is quite happy with that situation. In character with a crab, he is shy and reserved. His very few friends in the industry, included the Late Om Puri, who was his best friend for 44 years. According to Naseer, he was most comfortable with Om Puri and remained loyal to him till his end. When a Cancer befriends someone, he opens up completely to him/her and so it was with Om Puri. Naseer says, Om was one person with whom I could be honest and critique his work without any fear.

The Cancer trait of working hard has been Naseer's forte. He belongs to the generation of actors who believed in discipline and good acting. Having decided to make a career in the film line, Naseer didn't waiver from his resolution. Although he started off as learning how to direct, soon decided he wanted to face the audience instead. Realising that he didn't have a well-built body or a deep masculine voice, Naseer concentrated on honing his acting skills and soon became a prominent figure in Indian parallel cinema.

Having worked so hard to get where he is, the Cancer habit of being careful with money, has kept Naseer grounded.

To get a divorce from his first wife, he had to pay her an obscene amount of money as alimony, which he had promised her in case of a divorce. It took him more than 12 years to collect that to pay her off. Yes, he knows the value of money! 

Inspite of his brusqueness and off handed, confident statements in many interviews, Naseer is actually a total introvert. When needled, he will strike, else, stay in his shell.

Like a Cancer who believes in fairy tales, Naseer’s favourite quote is,”Kuch bhi ho sakta hai”(Anything can happen). The main flaw of a Cancer is to live in the past. Naseer too, frequently reminisces about his childhood and his difficult relation with his father. His bad rapport with the father still troubles him and it makes him feel he missed something important in his life.

When Naseer fell in love as a teenager, he loved deeply and passionately as a Cancer would. Unfortunately, the alliance didn't work out the first time. The second time, with his present wife, both the water signs have gelled well with each other and Naseer is a content family man - an important requisite for happiness in a Cancer.

The father trait of the Cancer male in Naseer, wants him to be close to his two sons and the fact that they are not being able to understand their father, upsets the paternal instinct in him. He brought his daughter from his first wife home, after the wife’s death, so they could live  together as a family.

Cancers make great writers and Naseer too, has penned down his autobiography,”And Then One Day”, which makes a searingly honest read. 

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