Miss Universe 2021: The Crown Is Home After 21 Years!

Wed, Dec 15, 2021
Team Astroyogi   By Astro Shree
Wed, Dec 15, 2021
Team Astroyogi   By Astro Shree
Miss Universe 2021: The Crown Is Home After 21 Years!

On the global stage, Harnaaz Sandhu edged out her competitors to win the prestigious Miss Universe pageant and get crowned as Miss Universe 2021. Read here to know what astrological factors led her to her historic win. 

21-year old Harnaaz Sandhu created history at the 70th Miss Universe pageant of 2021 held in Eilat, Israel, as she was crowned as the prestigious Miss Universe 2021 winner. She represented India at the global stage of the 70th Miss Universe 2021 and made the country proud by not only swiftly rising to the top but also ultimately grabbing the coveted title. 

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Let’s get to know more about the very graceful Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu and what led to her ultimate victory. 

Harnaaz Sandhu: Getting to Know The Miss Universe 2021 

Harnaaz Sandhu was born in Chandigarh, Punjab on 3rd March 2000 as Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu. Before representing India at Miss Universe 2021 in Eilat, Israel, Sandhu was an Indian actress and model. She had begun her beauty pageant journey by winning Times Fresh Face in 2017, where she won Times Fresh Face, representing Chandigarh. She also won many other prestigious titles such as Miss Max Emerging Star India 2018 and Femina Miss India Punjab 2019. She was also in the Top 12 in Femina Miss India in 2019. Before winning it big on the global stage, the 21-year old model and actress worked in a few Punjabi films. She also made her television debut with Colors TV's ongoing TV series ‘Udaariyaan,’ where she played a cameo role. 

On the prestigious global stage, Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu edged out her talented competitors, namely, Paraguay’s Nadia Ferreira, as well as South Africa’s Lalela Mswane, in the final round of the pageant. Only two other Indians have won this prestigious title of being a Miss Universe winner before the 21-year old Harnaaz Sandhu - Sushmita Sen in 1994 and Lara Dutta in 2000. The fascinating bit is that 21-year old Sandhu has made this historical mark and brought back the crown home in the year 2021 after 21 years. Lara Dutta won the title in 2000, which is precisely the year Sandhu was born! No wonder Sandhu herself and all the Indians are on cloud nine with the win!

Let’s take a peek at Harnaaz Sandhu’s horoscope to know how becoming the winner of Miss Universe from India was her destiny and what all the stars can reveal about her big win.  

What Can Astrology Reveal About Harnaaz Sandhu’s Win? 

India’s Harnaaz Sandhu came into the spotlight when she became Miss Universe 2021 after giving tough competition to numerous contestants from all over the world. 

Let’s look at the astrological analysis of Harnaaz Sandhu’s Kundli or birth chart and numbers to know the factors that propelled her into winning the crown and the title with elegance whilst showcasing India’s rich heritage and culture on an international platform. 

  • As mentioned above, Harnaaz Sandhu was born on 3rd March 2000, so her Life Path Number or Talent Number adds up to 8, representing Saturn.
  • As she was crowned on 13th December 2021, the date numerologically adds up to 4, which is associated with Rahu.
  • The other numerological calculation reveals the number 3, which is associated with Jupiter. Both these numbers are supportive of her.
  • Jupiter is the lord of her luck and fortune house, which is why her luck favored her on this date, and she won big, received accolades all across the globe.
  • On this date, she became Harnaaz Sandhu Miss Universe, a name that’ll be remembered forever.
  • The other number from the date, which is 4, is ruled by Rahu, and Rahu helped her make such an influential impact around the globe. 
  • Harnaaz Sandhu's ascendant is Cancer. Her Cancer ascendant makes her elegant. The Venus aspect in her Kundli makes her appear beautiful. However, being graceful and beautiful are not the only qualities that made her win Miss Universe 2021.
  • The Venus-Moon-Ketu conjunction in the seventh house of public image or impression, along with Rahu in her birth chart, are positive factors that led to her acquiring such achievements.
  • The Venus-Moon conjunction has given her grace, elegance, and charm, easily reflected in her personality. 
  • The planet Ketu is expected to give Dhwaja Yoga to the native. The Dhwaja Yoga allows the native to be seen by the world. In the same way, the Dhwaja Yoga has enabled Harnaaz Sandhu to shine bright.
  • The Moon and Rahu’s impacts on the seventh house have given her name, and fame and the Venus-Moon conjunction have added to that glory.
  • An exalted Mars in the Navamsa chart has given her the courage to outshine others. 
  • The Moon-Jupiter conjunction is forming the Gajakesari Yoga, which is a propitious Yoga, and this has also added to Sandhu’s success.
  • The transit on 13th December 2021 has also played an important role.
  • The exalted Rahu in the eleventh house made her friendly with all the other contestants as well as the judges and created a unique impression of herself at the pageant. This is why Rahu in the eleventh house makes natives famous in the midst of numerous people.
  • Planet Saturn transiting in its own sign from the seventh house of the public along with Venus made her path to success smooth. 

One can say that not only Harnaaz Sandhu’s own hard work and dedication but also all the planets joined together to increase her luck and to shower victory in her footsteps. 

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Presently, Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu is pursuing her Master's degree in Public Administration. Many are also assuming that she would continue the legacy of her predecessors, i.e., Sushmita Sen and Lara Dutta, and join the world of Bollywood. No matter what her plans, all of us hope that she has a thriving and bright future! 

✍️ By-:  Astro Shree

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