Mars Transit In Sagittarius- Time For Sudden Change In Behavior

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Mars Transit In Sagittarius- Time For Sudden Change In Behavior.

Mars is the planet of potential aggression and helps one face challenges in life. It represents adrenal, testosterone, and blood in the body. It is a personal planet, so any hard or harmonious aspect with the natal Moon or Lagna gives rise to sudden behavior changes.

Sagittarius is a fiery sign and is ruled by Jupiter (planet of expansion), so any planet, like Mars, will expand its property here with immediate effects.

In general, when a planet like Mars, which is fiery by nature, enters into any other fiery sign, we see significant behavior changes in one’s personality. Before entering a fiery sign, it always transits into a watery sign, a sign of emotions; like Scorpio before Sagittarius, Cancer before Leo, and Pisces before Aries.

Generally, Mars spends approximately two months in a particular sign and completes its cycle in 780 days or two years. The good thing is that Mars will transit in Sagittarius without being retrograde.

On 16 January 2022, at 04: 30 (I.S.T.) Mars will enter the Sagittarius sign and stay there till 26 February 2022. So in this entire period, we will see some immediate challenges like over-work and frustrations taking over the lives of the people. You will also have a hard time communicating with someone close to you at this time. 

We will also see its impact on mundane astrology as Mars and Sagittarius are heated planets and signs. Activities like the active role of the public, medical experts, politicians, and armed forces will take precedence, giving rise to heightened activity around us  in this period.

When planet Mars enters into the Sagittarius sign, the Sun (planet of focus in life) would have moved into Capricorn, where Saturn is already transiting. So planets like Mars (representing efforts) will have in-conjunct aspects with both Sun and Saturn; in short, we have to adjust our goals and responsibilities with our potential.

  • Aries, Leo, Aquarius, and Libra have harmonious aspects.
  • While Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces will face struggles but for betterment.
  • Taurus, Cancer Scorpio, and Capricorn may face some difficulties and need to adjust to this period.
  • Mars is the planet of potential and energies and makes one’s temperament harsh, particularly in whichever house it is placed.

How will planet Mars affect different signs? Let us see.

Aries- Mars will transit in your 9th house. Here it will trine to your natal Moon, and your energies will work efficiently and grant progressive results. 

  • You will feel energetic and enthusiastic during this period.

Remedy- Use a copper water bottle to drink water. It will help to channelize your energies.

Taurus- Mars will transit in your 8th house. Here, the natal Moon will make an inconjunct aspect with transiting Mars. 

  •  Frustration and anger will be foreseen from your end during this period.

  •  Practice precautionary measures while indulging in sexual activities during this transit.

Remedy- Distribute jalebi outside Hanuman temple. 

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Gemini-  Mars will transit in your 7th house. Here it forms an opposition with the natal Moon that can make you go through a big turbulence in your relationship.

  •  Avoid big fights with your business partner as it can make you face loss in business.

Remedy- Wear a copper ring on your ring finger.

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Cancer- Mars will transit in your 6th house. Moon and Mars will not share a friendly relationship during this period. 

  • It will make an in-conjunct aspect which will cause an imbalance on the health front. 

  • It would help if you gave up on your bad habits and adopted a healthy routine. 

  • Acidity can be a recurring problem.

Remedy- You must have an alkaline-based diet and exercise well.

Leo - Mars will transit in your 5th house. The Natal Moon will have a trine aspect that will push you towards a new relationship. 

  • You will like to do adventurous activities, like rafting, mountain climbing or trekking.

Remedy- Add some Gur (jaggery) in water and offer it to the Sun.

Virgo- Mars will transit in your 4th house and it will square to the natal Moon. 

  • You may face a tough time on matters related to property and there are chances you can also be involved in legal disputes with a family member.

Remedy- Offer two besan ladoos in a Bhairav mandir on Sunday.

Libra- Mars will transit in your 3rd house. Here planet Mars will sextile to your natal Moon and will give intellectual support to your work. 

  • You will receive appreciation for your work and potential. 

  • You may be inspired with new ideas which will help you in your professional area. 

Remedy- Chant Hanuman Chalisa daily in the morning.

Scorpio -  Mars will transit in your 2nd house. As a consequence, you will be aggressive and lose your temper easily.

  •  Here, Mars will have an aspect of in-conjunct (2/12), making you face many adjustments, mainly on the financial front.

Remedy- Offer milk kheer with saffron to the needy on Friday.

Sagittarius -  Planet Mars will transit in your 1st house, which is your lagan house. 

  • You will feel more energetic and try to put more effort into your professional life.

  • Although you may feel more frustrated with others, try to avoid clashes, as planet Mars will be conjunct to natal Moon.

Remedy-  Chant Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesday, and offer bananas to Lord Hanuman.

Capricorn - Mars will transit in your 12th house. It is challenging as Mars will make an in-conjunct aspect and impact your subconscious mind. 

  • It will result in anxiety, frustrations, and anger. 

  • Try to meditate in order to balance your conscious and subconscious mind.

Remedy- Offer desi ghee for aarti in the temple nearest to your home. Also, try to attend evening aarti, if possible.                      

Aquarius - Mars will transit in your 11th house. 

  • You will like to have a good time with your office colleagues and plan holidays with your friends. 

  • Your bonding with your friend will grow stronger and you feel supportive. As Mars sextiles to your natal Moon, it is considered a harmonious aspect for a native Aquarius.

Remedy-  Donate any electric item in any dharamshala, like a heater or fan.

Pisces -  Mars will transit in your 10th house. 

  • You will be overly busy with your profession and may affect your marriage life and health. 

  • You may feel restless mentally as your natal moon aspect by Mars will make you struggle.

Remedy- Offer chameli oil with Kesri sindoor to Hanuman ji. 

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