Madhuri Dixit- A typical Taurus

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Madhuri Dixit- A typical Taurus

Madhuri Dixit, the vivacious, beautiful, talented Bollywood actress, was born on 15th of May 1967. She exhibits the typical personality traits of a Taurus woman, which includes being emotionally strong, independent, having a flair for the artistic tendency, orientation towards family, and being affectionate.

Madhuri loved dancing and started learning this art very early in life. Keen on joining films, she made her acting debut early too. Her typical artistic Taurean characteristic came to the forefront for all to see. Her beautiful smile would light up an entire room. True to being a Taurus, she hates facades and false appearances. In the film world, this came as a novelty. In spite of being feminine, she loved being tomboyish too. It’s a defining characteristic of Taurus women-to-be graceful and still not shy away from male-dominated activities.

Madhuri showed the Taurus trait of having a strong endurance for stress and pressure right from the start. An intelligent girl like her, who had wanted to study microbiology and had other career choices, would have given up on her film stint after the first few flops. But the bullish streak in Madhuri didn't give up and she continued even after almost 10 flop movies. She then got her break in the movie, ‘Tezaab’ starring opposite Anil Kapoor. She didn't look back after that. Patience and persistence are her classic Taurus virtues which have helped her flourish in the film industry.

Taurus is known to be practical and so is Madhuri. In spite of being in love with Sanjay Dutt, when he was arrested under TADA in 1993, she realized this relationship was going to be disastrous and her practical and sensible nature helped her put an end to it.

The Taurus trait of hers helps her maintain her finances well and we don't find her having expensive habits or see her splurging unnecessarily.

Her typical Taurus nature of being generous has come to the forefront time many times like when she donated all her price money from ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ to victims of the earthquake in Gujarat and an orphanage in Pune. She had also performed her hit numbers for NDTV’s fundraising event for creating awareness for environmental issues. She is also the Goodwill Ambassador for the conservation of Asian elephants.

The less said about her Taurean nature of being family-oriented, the better. Madhuri left the film industry at the peak of her career to get married to a US-based doctor and to move in with him. Her loyalty to her spouse was apparent as she was mostly then seen at public events in India, with him. Having two sons has cemented the relationship even more and Madhuri has always given the family more priority than her career. It is only now that the boys are older, they shifted back to Mumbai for Madhuri to pursue what she loved the most - dancing.

Taureans do exhibit negative traits too and so does Madhuri. Like the typical Taurean, she too can be materialistic sometimes and this was apparent when she demanded a whopping 9-10 crores just to be the brand ambassador of Maharashtra.The Taurus in her made her so goal-oriented sometimes that she had conflicts and rivalry with her successful contemporaries like Sri Devi and Juhi Chawla.

 All in all, this ‘dhak-dhak’ girl has been professionally successful and still has millions of fans even after turning 50 this year. 

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