Jupiter Turning Exalted and Its Impact on Your Sign

Tue, Jun 10, 2014
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Tue, Jun 10, 2014
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Jupiter Turning Exalted and Its Impact on Your Sign

Jupiter/Brihaspati would turn exalted (Uchha) on 19/06/14 at 08:57 AM. This planet can be defined as the most benevolent planet in Astrology. No wonder that the timing of all the auspicious/happy occasions of life like marriage, child birth, promotion, gaining a new job,  are calculated from the transit of Jupiter. It is turning exalted (uccha) after a period of twelve long years. Being the second slowest planet (slowest being Saturn), it turns exalted after every twelve years.

Jupiter would transit to Cancer and stay there for one year. It would be aspecting Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces from its position. It is interesting to note that Pisces happens to be Jupiter's own and such an aspect from exalted Jupiter to Pisces would enhance the house related results exponentially.

I take a step forward and tell the dear readers that this transit of Jupiter would bring some memorable events in their lives. It will be a good time for those who want to get married and so far have been failing in their attempts. Natives born with Cancer Moon sign, Taurus Moon sign, Virgo Moon sign would experience a very powerful transit to get married. The remaining Moon signs would also experience the strong influence of Jupiter but they need to perform some specific remedies to secure such results. Likewise, natives born under Cancer Moon sign, Virgo Moon sign and Scorpio Moon sign would experience a powerful Jupiter influence for progeny/child birth.  Jupiter's any association with the 11th house or its lord in a horoscope would be generating a good and improved flow of income for a native. For instance, natives born under Taurus Moon sign would experience a probable improvement in their income levels as Jupiter would be casting its aspect on the 11th house. These are a few results that can be mentioned here, otherwise results can take any auspicious form.

The following are the likely results for different Moon sign zodiacs:


You would be enjoying happy events in the family. The family atmosphere is likely to be filled with positive energy during the year. Good time to take care/review your long term finances like PF, Gratuity, Bonds, Life Insurance etc. Likewise a favorable job change/role change is likely on the cards. You are likely to develop a charitable mind during this transit. Go ahead and help people, it would provide a lot of peace.


Marriage is on the cards for all those in waiting. A long distance pilgrimage is likely this year. Keep your head up in professional life and you are likely to experience some major positive changes like enhancement in income levels. Happiness to/from younger co-borns is very likely. Keep a close watch on health and plan your diet & exercise chart. Keep your spouse happy and in turn you'll be happier.


You are likely to spend some quality time with your immediate family. There would be a lot of scope for saving your hard earned money this year. A positive change in your professional life is very likely. Marriage and related events are likely to happen. Your children are likely to take the center stage in your life. Speech would be the key to success during this year. Synthesize your speech and you are most likely to succeed in your ventures.


Your mind, body and soul would undergo a radical enlightenment. You'll be guided by your consciousness and higher orders of learning. Jupiter exalts in Cancer so benevolence, wisdom, morality, patience, perseverance etc, would prevail during this year. This is a good time for those who are awaiting their marriage and for pilgrimage too. Your father is likely to gain/provide importance during this year. Light up your ambitions and work towards their accomplishment and it is very likely that you'll succeed in your actions.  You are likely to be lucky in most of your actions. This can be a good time for those who wish to gain higher order learning/sadhna.


You are very likely to develop a strong spiritual and charitable bent. It is also likely that you would develop a very strong feeling of empathy & sympathy for others. This can be a very crucial year for self-development and feel the eternal bliss. Try to incline your thoughts and actions towards more constructive things. Your child/children may move away from home on account of education/work. You may be attracted to spiritual literature and biographies of Great Saints and sages. At the same point of time your Mother would gain happiness from your efforts. The overall family environment would be joyful. Good time to initiate some new order/discipline of learning.


Your actions are likely to bear the desired results. Your younger co-borns are also likely to gain during this transit. Good time for those awaiting their marriage and progeny for those who are already married. It can be a good time for fresh partnerships for those in business. You may also try for creating an additional mode of income for yourself during this year. It would be a good time for practicing meditation and mantra. Keep up with your professional endeavours and some public applaud/acclaim is likely for you.


It should be a good time professionally. Professional affairs are likely to bear fruits during this transit. Likewise your savings are likely to boom during this year. This should be a good year for your younger co-borns too. Your competitiveness and talents are also likely to boom during this transit. There should be happy environment in your family and it is very likely that you’ll spend on items of material pleasure on yourself and your family.


Your family is going to take the center stage in your life affairs during this transit. There should be a very conducive improvement in your savings also. You are likely to benefit through your communication skills. A long distance pilgrimage is on the cards. This should be a good transit for your father too. Your children would be benefitting in their education/profession if working. Involve yourself in religious/spiritual activities and it is going to develop you into a virtuous person.


This year there should be enough opportunities for you to become a good human being. At the same point of time your mother is likely to benefit during this transit. You are likely to develop a charitable attitude during this transit. You also may develop some interest in occult sciences and develop a research based attitude. Do your best to deliver happiness to your family. The overall family atmosphere would be very conducive and you are likely to gain support from your family members. Stay away from any kind of activity that delivers immediate gains/windfall gains.


There may be some good benefits flowing from your spouse during this transit. There should be some benefic results of this transit for your younger co borns too. You are likely to benefit from your talents and good behavior. Your speech would be the key to your success. Charitable tendencies would prevail in your behavior. There is a strong tendency that your current income would be moving to a higher level and there may be some new sources of income during this transit.


Competitiveness in professional activities would benefit and bear desired results. Keep a check on your debts. You will be able to spend some quality time with your family. It is very likely that you'll be able to earn, save as well as spend productively during this transit. Your maternal relations may also benefit during this transit. Your elder brother is also likely to benefit. Do not make an attempt to borrow money to improve your standard of living.


You'll be all around your children so try to spend some quality time with them. There may be a likely change in your profession. There are strong indications for a pilgrimage during this transit.  Your father is very likely to benefit on account of his efforts. Meditation, mantra recitation, spiritual renunciations are very likely to happen during this transit. A significant improvement in your income levels is also very likely so keep up with your efforts. This can be a good transit for those married and planning their progeny.

Stay Blessed!!

Aacharya Aaditya


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