Astro Analysis of Sridevi’s Dhadak - Jhanvi Kapoor

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Astro Analysis of Sridevi’s Dhadak - Jhanvi Kapoor

Living up to a benchmark set by a successful parent is a very difficultly task for many kids, especially if you are the daughter of Bollywood’s first ‘female superstar’, Sridevi.

The elder daughter of producer and director Boney Kapoor and superstar of the nineties, the late Sridevi; Jhanvi Kapoor was born on 6 March 1997. Surrounded by well-known relatives from the film fraternity, Jhanvi knows what media attention is all about. It is unfortunate that today, at a tender age of 20, she is in the lime light for the wrong reason - her mother, Sridevi’s, untimely demise in Dubai, a few days ago.

Jhanvi is a sensitive, emotional Pisces and we can imagine her pain at the loss of a parent, less than a fortnight before her 21st birthday! Sridevi always tried to protect her from the media as she knew how easily stardom, or lack of it, can make or break a person’s confidence.

Fans of Sridevi, were waiting for Jhanvi's arrival on the silver screen, as her debut film, Dhadak, is to be released in July, this year, 2018. Comparisons were to be made! Critics were readying themselves for the kill. But now, the media are all eyes towards the ‘extension’ of the diva, for a totally different reason. Today, they want to read more into the unfortunate mishap, through Jhanvi’s eyes.

Comparisons between the super ‘Mom’ and daughter was inevitable after the release of Jhanvi’s debut film. If Sridevi would have had her way, she would make sure her daughters were settled in marriage as she understood the importance of a settled married life vis a vis a competitive, demanding and tough career in the world of entertainment.

But a career that suits a Pisces best is that of an artist. Jhanvi was inclined towards acting from her childhood. She knew she could express herself best through her acting skills. It wasn’t long before Sridevi gave in to Jhanvi’s interest. To get some formal education in acting, Jhanvi was sent to Los Angeles to receive training in acting and drama. Karan Johar picked her up for a lead role in his romantic, drama film, Dhadak, where she was cast opposite Ishaan Khatter.

Sridevi was now, looking forward for the release of this movie, but unfortunately, fate had other things in store for her.

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2018 for the Pisces had suggested an upheaval in their lives at the close of the first quarter, with Mars transit to Sagittarius and Jupiter going into retrograde. It is unfortunate that young Jhanvi has to face such a major challenge on the family front. Although, Boney Kapoor always made sure that he provided stability in his children lives, there was always some uneasiness and a lack of comfort between her and her step-siblings. For a Pisces, family support plays an important role. We pray to God that the entire Kapoor family comes together to help her remain positive in this stressful period.

Stars foretell that by July, Jupiter goes progressive for the Pisces and this should help Jhanvi to get back on her feet. Dhadak would have hit the screen by then and we are sure, her hard work will be visible to all. As the year draws to a close, the stars will have aligned in her favour and we could yet have another ‘Hawa hawaii’ girl in our midst.