5 Most Important Things in the Construction of a Home According to Vaastu Shastra

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5 Most Important Things in the Construction of a Home According to Vaastu Shastra

When it comes to starting something new, especially moving into or buying new property, people often refer to Vaastu experts for guidance. There are specific rules, according to the elements of nature, for each direction in Vaastu Shastra. The eight primary directions actually stand for eight particular elements in life, and their correct positions can bring the right energy in your life. With the help of correct Vaastu tips, you can enhance your relationship with family members, and even attract greater mental peace. Consult India’s best Vastu Consultant for Vastu guidance on Astroyogi. Click here to consult now!


The first and most crucial aspect in a house is the main entrance. It is advisable that the main door of the house is built facing the north or east direction. Thus, when you step out, you will face the northern direction, which is considered to bring victory and progress in life. The main entry should also have the most appealing and superior-quality door. It should open in a clockwise manner such that it opens inside the house. In the Indian setting, many families even place a ‘Ganesha’ statue at the entryway to bring positive energy into the house.


Living Room should be built facing the northwest direction. It can also be constructed in the southeast or northeast directions. According to Vaastu, this room should be used while making important decisions. The furniture in the room should be placed in the southwest or western direction of the room.

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The Bedroom should be in the southwest direction of the house. The bed should be placed in such a manner that when you sleep, your head points to the south. This fosters positive energy and good relations between couples. It can also positively influence your sleep cycle; foster good health and can even prove prosperous. You can also hang a family photo or a calming/scenic painting such that it is the first thing you see upon entering your bedroom. This can help increase your happiness and positivity. The children’s room can be built in any of these directions: South, East, West, and even southeast and southwest.


Kitchen is the powerhouse of the house. The kitchen should be made in the southeast part of the house as this direction is the best element of fire. The kitchen can also be constructed in other directions like South and East. You should ensure that the kitchen isn’t constructed near or below a bathroom. Painting the kitchen in vibrant colours like yellow, rose, orange etc. can bring positivity. Water is a symbol of money and prosperity. According to Vaastu, you should get a water tank established in the North or North East direction, so that your family never ‘runs out’ of money.


A Temple or Meditation room should be constructed in the northeast direction to increase concentration, focus and spirituality. The northeast corner is known as the corner for God. This corner also generates Earth’s powerful magnetic energy. There should not be any stairs or structure constructed over this room. You can use light colour such as yellow, white, light green, etc. to paint the walls.

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