Leo female Love Relationship with Sagittarius male

Kundli Matching

Their mutual empathy and easily attainable harmony exhilarates both the fire signs to the extent that any spark of competition between them is only likely to further reinforce the relationship. With lions and archers who are destined to love, life is a magical carnival of ideas, dreams and discovery. They stimulate each other`s physical desire, intellect and spiritual quest. Once they have broken down the barriers - he, of his false pride and she, of her scepticism, this combination is well on its way to success. Most of the times, this combination does make an excellent match. It is said that fire must be fought with fire, and it seems to fit very well for the marriage of these two signs. Both love change and excitement, and have great enthusiasm for life. Both have an overbearing personality, which is actually the danger as this could lead to trouble if Leo tries to push the Sagittarian to the sidelines. Sagittarians, with their independent natures would rebel; this could lead to a serious rift in the partnership. This is an excellent combination for the most part unless Sagittarius is in need of too much freedom and Leo becomes too bossy.

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