Leo female Love Relationship with Pisces male

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The Leo man tends to find the Pisces girl unusually appealing at first sight. The vibrations can cause him to surrender almost at first sight. He tends to idolise his love partner and then expects her to live up to that image. Leo is expressive verbally, while Pisces finds it difficult to communicate. Most of the Piscean women do have a healthy respect for their Leo partners. No matter how much Leo may attempt to lord over the Piscean woman he loves, the inner trepidation that she may dampen his fiery enthusiasm, remains. The strong and vigorous personality of Leo may be too much for the subtle and sensitive Pisces. Pisces, with resilience, takes on the changing moods of her fiery partner. Impressionable Pisces is easily hurt by any trivial or imagined wrong and becomes very difficult, even dangerous to cope with. Leo is flattered by the dependence of Pisces. If however, he abuses the trust Pisces places in him, the resentment of Pisces may be too much for Leo to bear. However, Pisceans are naturally forgiving and tolerant and this may go a long way in cooling tempers. Both need some emotional freedom. The more of it they give to one another, the closer they come together. But the freedom must be accompanied by trust and faithfulness.

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