Capricorn male Love Relationship with Scorpio female

Kundli Matching

This earth-water combination is hard to analyse. There are no set answers here. The Capricorn male will clash constantly with Scorpio`s equally strong and powerful personality. Capricorn will invariably fight for the last word when it comes to important decisions pertaining to the welfare of his family members. Also, Capricorn can turn mighty disagreeable when obstructed or frustrated in his efforts, and Scorpio will have to use her sting in good measure to dissuade the obstinate mountain goat from a set course. The emotional incompatibility between these signs usually makes things unbearable for the combination after a while. There are some common views as far as mundane and practical matters are concerned, but here again, the stubborn nature of both signs could place them on opposite sides of the fence whenever things start turning ugly or matters get out of hand.

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