Capricorn male Love Relationship with Aries female

Kundli Matching

Not a very optimistic combination. Saturn, represented by Father Time, is the Capricorn standard bearer. Thus Capricorn is usually very patient. This star sign is also traditionally laid-back and easy-going. The Mars-ruled Aries, on the other hand, is too impatient a sign to cope with the slow, methodical plodder that is her Capricorn mate. The stubborn goat will butt against the equally strong-willed Aries till an impasse occurs, or one or the other backs away. In matters of sex there is some affinity, but here again, their inherent differences in personality may clash. Here we see the combination of an earth sign with a fire sign. Aries has a fiery nature while Capricorn is more down-to-earth, cautious and reserved. Aries prefers to take quick action while Capricorn would rather plan and wait. Without a great deal of tolerance and patience, there is not much hope for this union.

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