Capricorn male Love Relationship with Capricorn female

Kundli Matching

There is much compatibility between these two partners, and they could go for an enduring marriage. Both have the same long-term aspirations in life and the same basic qualities to attain them. They also have the same weaknesses and shortcomings, and this may help them to keep faultfinding down to a minimum. As far as important jobs are concerned, both have what it takes to overcome possible hardships. A great team for a great relationship. The biggest problem here will be keeping things lively and bright. Similar in their values, attitudes and actions, the partners are unfortunately similar in their pessimistic and serious outlook on life as well. Things could therefore become far too serious for too long. And stubbornness, which is the hallmark of the Capricorn nature, could then take over and cause some alienation. If you can get past these things, and communicate with each other once in a while, you can certainly enjoy the things that make you twin personalities.

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