Aries male Love Relationship with Aquarius female

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The unpredictable Aquarius may tax an Aries mate`s patience while the instability of the Aries temperament will surely provoke an Aquarius female who herself is the sign of good will and self-sacrifice. Such are the bones of contention here that this partnership may become nothing short of a gamble. The planet Uranus, which rules Aquarius, is unpredictable in its actions. Therefore, Aquarius has a great tendency to procrastinate on the one hand and spring sudden surprises on the other. And this will hardly please the ``up and at `em`` character of Aries. This could certainly be a good relationship, but for that, a constructive attitude would be required on the part of both. Both signs have independent natures, which is a good thing, but Aquarius will have to stop doing things without notice as this irritates Aries no end. Aries too will have to try and understand his more thoughtful partner.

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