Aries male Love Relationship with Aries female

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If she allows her male partner ``to rule the roost``, there could be great compatibility between these two born under the same fire sign. Though there is inherent understanding of both the qualities and shortcomings of the other, it would seldom be a peaceful or quiet relationship. Of course the male Aries likes to charge his batteries in solitude from time to time. Hopefully, she would allow him to do so in peace and even spend some quiet moments herself. However, if both Aries have dominant and forceful aspects in their horoscopes, conflicts are bound to arise. You see, both desire to be seen as head of the family. However, two Aries partners often go the distance for life, though a divorce can be rather violent and heart breaking. The possible court battle could also be quite legendary! Nevertheless, this could be the most exciting relationship in their lives, provided the female submits to the wishes of her male partner at times.

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