Aquarius male Love Relationship with Taurus female

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This combination is in for many difficulties. Aquarian unpredictability disturbs the easy-going Taurus nature, while the conservative habits of the Taurus female soon get on the nerves of the dynamic Aquarius. And then the tempers can really start to fly!Both love a life of ease and comfort but their views on how to obtain such a life are very different. Another big irritant for Taurus is the unwillingness of the Aquarius male to share his secrets at home. Taurus finds this unfair, since she is open by nature and loves to share her life completely with her partner. These two live on opposite sides of the planet and there will be times, in fact, when Taurus will wonder whether Aquarius really belongs to this world! While the normally staid Taurus will have difficulty in understanding her mate`s uncertainty of mood, Aquarius will find Taurus` constant attention somewhat smothering and restrictive. Not a recommended deal.

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