Aquarius male Love Relationship with Pisces female

Kundli Matching

If Pisces will allow herself to follow the Aquarian horoscope, this may not be a bad combination at all. Here are the virtues of tolerance and sympathy, human dignity and understanding for the Pisces female to acquire. She is sure to find all this and more in her Aquarian mate. If Pisces gives Aquarius the benefit of the doubt in most matters, their marriage can be a happy and long-lasting one. This can be a very unconventional relationship, all the same. Both operate on a wavelength that is totally different from most other signs of the zodiac. Dreams are somehow real for this couple but that`s not to say that they are totally cut-off from reality. It`s just that neither carries an anchor to bring him/her back to earth, and unless someone helps to ground these two occasionally, we may never know exactly where they are or what they are up to at any given moment of time.

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