Palm Reading

Palm Reading

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The pragmatic hand is easy to spot by its square or rectangular shape and square-shaped fingers. The knuckles are smooth or slightly knotty. The palm is almost equal in length and breadth, and is usually quite stiff. The hand is very firm in texture, even hard sometimes. It has a solid feel about it. The skin quality varies from very coarse to moderately fine.

An alert hand would be soft and spongy. No prominent bones will be visible in such hands as they would be completely covered in flesh and muscles when compared to the other type of hands we consider in palm reading. The palm would be oval in shape and the fingers appear thick at the base and then taper down towards the tip which will either be rounded or conic. These slender fingers may seem like aerials, designed to pick up vibrations from the universe, considering the wisdom and intellectual prowess of the person. The fingers on an alert hand would be smooth-jointed, which indicates a variety of talents.

The vigorous hand is smooth and firm. It has smooth fingers and rounded tips. It is tough, muscular, not too broad, and not too narrow. It differs from the realistic hand in that it is not as square, is more flexible, and it does not have knots on the knuckles. This hand is warm to touch, and it is usually bright in colour.

The palm has a bony, narrow feel and the well defined knotty joints are the vital features of the analytical hand. The fingers are usually long, but the distinctive feature is the enlarged or knotty knuckles. The hand is a little dry to the touch, and sometimes it feels cool.