Life Path Number 7

In numerology, the life path number plays a vital role. Just like in astrology a birth chart unfolds you’re past, present and future events in life, similarly, in numerology, the life path number does the same work. One can calculate their life path number without any help if you know your birthdate. Sum up your birth date, month in numbers along with the year of birth. The calculation goes on until you get a single-digit which will be your path number. The numbers are only available from 1 to 9.


What does Life Path Number 7 mean?

Each number carries a unique description of personality, traits, impulses, and behavior that a person is likely to have under each number. It tells about your overall development as a person from the day you were born to what you have become and are likely become with specific qualities and patterns of behavior and attitude.


Life Path Number 7 Personality

Life path number 7 is always thirsty for knowledge. Your basic aim of life is to explore your surroundings and develop both spiritually and mentally. You are a seeker of reality and are on the lookout to attain wisdom. In some way, you are also a perfectionist, which might make your relation with people uneasy as perfection that you seek is only in your mind. You often lookout for flaws in people which does let you earn a good reputation. You set very high standards for self, which eventually makes you tough within. You are a loner and often like to escape to your cocoon for a solace. You might appear weird when you try to overdo things and appear normal or over-friendly, as you are a reserved man. Such an effort might backfire and make people look down at you as vulgar and judgmental. You love your lonely mental place and most of the time are busy finding answers about your life and its purpose.

Life Path Number 7 Characteristics – Positive & Negative


You prefer to work in solitude and figure out things alone without anyone’s help. You have your own beliefs and you like to stick to them all the time. It is very difficult to change your mindset or decisions. Even though you are a loner, you have a magnetic charm that attracts people every time you decide to walk out of your shell are confident to express yourself. At times people see a humorous side of you which they like. You are sensible and sensitive at the same time. You have infinite spiritual energy in you that helps you to evolve, know yourself and also introspect various aspects of life.


Your loner side is not what people close to you enjoy. You often judge others because they do not have a mind-set like you or cannot do things just the way you like. Paranoia runs in your blood and is also the reason you are likely to collapse. The tiff between heart and mind is never-ending as you want to ignore your heart completely and follow your mind which is not possible. Since you are on the lookout for inner peace, you fail to realize that it is right there and your mindset is the only barrier that restricts you from attaining it. You are a secretive person and someone who conceals his feelings easily, thus making it difficult to know what exactly you are feeling and feeding your mind. A cruel critic, slap tongue, careless use of words are few of your not so good sides. You love to escape from reality and often appear is a person who is not understanding. Unfortunately, you can be exhausting to be around.


Life Path Number 7 Career & Business

You are a learner and also a wise man at the same time at work. You enjoy learning practically than theoretically. Intuitiveness is one of your qualities. You have excellent communication skills and are a good guide to others. Since you are intelligent and observant you are likely to take up professions like scientists, investigation, philosophy, etc. You enjoy working independently. Comfort takes a back seat when it comes to focusing at work and completing the task. In spite of that, you are anti-deadlines. You have your way of working which you do not like to change when others advise you to follow a different way of working. 


Life Path Number 7 Love Life & Romance

You tend to fall in love quickly if you ignore the bug of finding self. At times the blind run for personal quest makes your partner feel out of place, lonely and unwanted. You as a lover you always want reassurance in the relationship. At times, to make the condition right you can overdo love declaration and gestures which might make your partner feel awkward. Winning your trust is a tedious task. You love natural beauty and prefer to cradle yourself in the same- close to nature. You are a reserved person and yet you are responsible for all the worrying and hampering the peaceful ambiance.

Life path number 7 compatibility is highest with 5 and 3. As they will always challenge you and never bore you.

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