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Scorpio Horoscope 2016

Scorpio, 2016 brings you plenty of opportunity to advance in many areas of your life.

You will be highly focused on your personal life at the start of the year, and social events and gatherings will be your calling, with the Sun in Capricorn bringing out your urge to mingle and party. You will find the balance with your work life as the months go on, and with this switch of attention your career or business will start to come to fruition, with some amazing results from July onwards. Find out more below!

You may have to control your mood swings on a couple of occasions this year. Of course, you would always do well to keep your temper in check, but Mercury and Venus are both on Capricorn from February 11th and 12th, and they suggest that you might get into disputes with relatives, perhaps over money. Do not let the tensions of the early months ruin your relationships.

The second major disruption to your personal life comes with the activity in Virgo in August, with Jupiter and Mercury aspecting during the month. Conflicts with relatives can again spark up – perhaps even reflecting the issues earlier in the year. You may also feel tension in your love relationships. Your health can even take a hit at this time, so you will really need to look after yourself on both a physical and emotional level.

It is Venus that brings relief as it enters Virgo on the 25th August, and could even suggest a new arrival in the family! Is there a baby on the cards for anyone close to you?

With your life looking really nice for you, you may decide to travel towards the end of the year – you may even want to take a longer trip, and really get away and discover more about yourself and the world. Excitement bubbles in your veins. The best time to start a long journey like this is between August 25th, and early October, when you will be guided by Venus, first in Virgo and then in Libra.

I guess you want to know something about your love life now don't you Scorpio? Well, 2016 is definitely going to be an exciting time for single Virgo, who will find themselves flittering around on the social scene more often this year, helping you to find more opportunities for romance. Just make sure your intentions are in the right place and you can meet a quality match. Coupled Virgo will come closer too, but will have to survive one major event of the year. Find out more below! Click here to get a more detailed and personalised 2016 reading

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