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Aquarius Horoscope 2016

Aquarius, wouldn't it be great if life was just one smooth and easy ride? In some ways, maybe, but in a lot of ways it is the challenges of life that make it such a journey. The coming year will bring you more than a few ups and downs to deal with, but this is going to catapult your inner growth, and you will find yourself emerging stronger and happier.

2016 is by no means a gloomy year for you. Romance is on the cards in a big way early on in the year, and this could even result in a trip away with a partner or love affair.

It's business as usual, and your work life can seem a little bit like it is going no where fast at times, but you are going to get more than one opportunity to prove just how worthy you are this year, and if you aren't appreciated you will also get a chance to leave. You're going to need to keep an eye on other people this year, and use your instinct to sniff out a rat. Find out more below.

At the start of the year you might feel like your confidence is at a low point, with the Sun and Mercury both in Capricorn by early February, causing you to feel a bit down in the dumps. You can break free of this when Venus enters the mix on the 12th, so you should make an effort to get out of your comfort zone. When the Sun enters Aries on April 14th, you should take every chance to do new activities – you will feel really proactive about life.

There are a couple of warnings about family problems. On 20th February, Mars enters Scorpio, and could bring a concern for your mother's health. At this point your family will come together to support each other, and you can be a key component in this situation if your heart is in the right place.

On August 13th Jupiter begins its transit of Virgo, and is joined by Mercury and Venus later in the month. This can bring struggles in many aspects of your personal life. You will need to be exceptionally strong willed at this time. If you have children, you may be concerned for their future, or worried about them in some way. There is even a chance of a love betrayal at this particularly testing time. You will need to hold it together, and bring out the best in yourself to bring out the best in others.

Remember, it is these times that will make you stronger, and truly show you what you are capable of. You would be wise to take up yoga, meditation, or other activities that can give you mental strength. If you do you will find not only a solution to your current problem, but also a life enhancing skill. Click here to get a more detailed and personalised 2016 reading

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