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Cancer Health Horoscope 2016

Your health, happiness, and well being will be great for a most of 2016. Physically, you have very little to worry about Cancer. The planets predict good health. Your main issues this year will be of well being. Your happiness might be affected by negative thoughts, emotional issues, your own moodiness, and by worries.

At the start of the year you may be worried about money, but this will quickly be displaced by your confusion in relationships. The answer to this is to worry less, but at the time your problems will seem real enough.

By March you will feel happy, and your health will be at its best, helped by the Sun as it moves through Pisces. Venus is also in Taurus from May 20th, and brings a great boost to both physical health and happiness, which you can use to improve your life and your relationships with others.

So far so good. It is only when the Sun enters Cancer in mid July, that you start to feel some niggles in your mind. Perhaps it is added pressures from work, or it could be something to do with your priorities needing adjusting?

Nevertheless, the next month will see you sink lower with your confidence and self esteem – which may be surprising to others given that everything looks good on the surface. You must remember how important inner peace is. Consider taking yoga, or walks in the countryside to quieten your mind.

Again your mind can take a tumble in November, when Mercury enters Scorpio. At this time you might be facing a more real stress, and you could be worried for your children in some way. The end of the year will leave you dissatisfied in a lot of ways, but you must remember that you have made great progress on all levels! When you bring your mind back to a place of happiness you will certainly realize this.

Your main health concerns in 2016 are mental. You need to think positively, and focus more on your own happiness and well being, even when you are swept up in new opportunities for business. Balance all aspects of your life to make the most of the year. Click here to get a more detailed and personalised 2016 reading

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