Sun's Virgo Ride: How Will Communication and Energy Shape You?

Tue, Sep 05, 2023
Acharya Ved
  By Acharya Ved
Tue, Sep 05, 2023
Team Astroyogi
  By Acharya Ved
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Sun's Virgo Ride: How Will Communication and Energy Shape You?

Hold onto your seats! The Sun is cruising into Virgo, and it's not just a transit – it's a cosmic adventure. Ever wondered how this journey could amp up your communication, work mojo, and relationships? Buckle up, cosmic explorer! Let's uncover the secrets together.

The Sun transit in Virgo date is on September 17, 2023, at 01:42 PM IST, and it marks a significant shift as the Sun, also known as Surya, transitions from Leo to Virgo. This transition, lasting until October 18, 2023, occurs approximately once every month as the Sun, symbolically riding a chariot drawn by seven horses, traverses through the zodiac signs. Notably, the effects of Sun transit vary for each zodiac sign, influenced by Virgo's placement in the native's birth chart. Considering the planet's specific positioning and conditions within the chart is crucial, especially if the individual is undergoing the Sun's Mahadasha, Antardasha, or Pratyantra Dasha. These planetary phases can amplify the results of this transit, causing more pronounced effects. Ultimately, understanding one's birth chart's unique dynamics, preferably by an expert astrologer, is pivotal to comprehending how the Sun's journey through Virgo will impact an individual.

Curious About Sun's Virgo Transit Impact? Let's explore!

When the Sun is in Virgo, it impacts how you communicate, your work drive, your dedication, and your desire for perfection. Your speech, tone, and words can take on a commanding or arrogant quality during this time. Virgo is a zodiac sign with dual nature, its element is Earth, and the element of the Sun is Fire. Moreover, the Sun is a masculine planet, and the Virgo sign is feminine. Virgo indicates practical and meticulous nature. The transit will make individuals think over even small details of tasks, aiming for efficiency and perfection. 

While attention to detail can be beneficial, the Virgo influence on Sun may also lead to a tendency towards perfectionism. It is essential to strike a balance and avoid becoming overly critical of oneself or others. Virgo is also often associated with health and hygiene. This transition could prompt the individuals to pay more attention to their well-being, adopt healthier habits or reevaluate their lifestyle choices. During this transit, individuals may also feel more generous and willing to lend a hand to friends, family, or those in need.

Mercury and the Sun have a friendly relationship, and when they come together, they create what's called Budh Aditya Yoga. This unique Yoga enhances people's intellect and wisdom, making them intelligent and wise. But when Sun transits in Virgo, one has to be aware that the native might become curious about new things but might get stuck behind finding the logic about one thing. 

During this period, people might become fast learners and have chances for new job opportunities. Also, their overall health could improve. It will be advised for some zodiacs to be cautious about love and relationships because, with the Sun’s heat, there can be arguments and fights which might make the two of you drift apart. 

Now let's discover how the Sun transit in Virgo will impact each zodiac sign and what remedies they should do to maximize this transit's benefit.


Dear Ariens, exciting times are on the horizon as the Sun journeys through Virgo. Get ready to conquer challenges with a blend of charm and practical smarts.

  • This transit brings your A-game when it comes to dealing with rivals – expect to outmaneuver them with diplomacy and clever strategies. 
  • At work, your dedication and laser-focused mindset will make you the office powerhouse. Colleagues will hang onto your every word, recognizing your valuable insights. If you're eyeing a promotion or a raise, the stars are in your favor, especially for those in management roles. Government job seekers, this phase could be your golden ticket – expect smooth sailing in your career pursuits.
  • Students preparing for competitive exams, buckle up! Success might just be around the corner during this transit. Even on the health front, positivity abounds. Whether it's physical or mental well-being, this period could mark the turning point you've been waiting for.
  • In a nutshell, Aries, when the Sun transits in Virgo, it heralds a time of triumph over adversaries, career leaps, and vitality. So, harness that Aries energy and make the most of this promising celestial journey.

Remedy: Chant Gayatri Mantra daily in the morning and add saffron to your bath water. 


Dear Taurus folks! Get ready for an exciting phase as the Sun enters Virgo. During this period, your intelligence will shine brighter, and your communication skills will become your superpower at work. 

  • Your knack for perfection will drive you to complete tasks and projects using your smarts and connections. This could lead you to a prominent position, boosting your fame and influence at the office.
  • But it's not all work and no play. The transit might ignite a spark for adventure and leisure. You could find yourself exploring new activities and seeking entertainment. Financially, you'll likely stay steady, but it's wise to keep personal matters close to your heart and avoid sharing secrets.
  • In your personal life, a note of caution: disagreements and harsh words with your children or partner might bring negativity into your home. Minding your tone, thinking before speaking, and refraining from hasty decisions will be crucial. This transit calls for patience and consideration in your interactions.
  • The Sun's journey through Virgo holds great potential for Taureans. Your mental prowess will shine, professional recognition is on the horizon, and new avenues for enjoyment await. Remember to keep your communication kind and well thought out, ensuring harmony in your personal and professional spheres.

Remedy: Place a 7-inch copper-made Sun in your living room for peace and harmony among your family members. Recite Aditya Hridya Stotram daily or at least every Sunday. 


Dear Geminis! As the Sun enters Virgo, exciting times are ahead, bringing a wave of positive vibes to your professional realm. 

  • Your charm and impressive communication skills are your secret weapons, helping you garner support from colleagues and superiors. Amidst a flurry of work pressures and target deadlines, a touch of mental unease might sneak in. Fret not, as practicing meditation can be your anchor during such times.
  • Expect your mental acumen to soar, possibly landing you a fantastic offer or an exciting project from a foreign land. On the home front, a tiff or heated discussion might arise with your mother. It's all about differing opinions, leading to minor clashes – remember, it's just a fleeting phase.
  • Hold tight if you've been eyeing that dream piece of land or the perfect set of wheels; this transit favors long-awaited acquisitions. Your confidence will soar, and that feeling of self-prosperity will be hard to miss. Students, buckle up – the Sun's energy is here to supercharge your focus on your studies. Interviews? You'll be acing them like a pro.
  • In a nutshell, this Sun transit spells good news for Geminis. It's a time of professional growth, exciting opportunities from afar, and a chance to seal the deal on long-held desires. Don't let those minor squabbles throw you off; bask in the Sun's radiance and stride forward confidently. Remember, meditation is your friend in need!

Remedy: Start offering water to Lord Sun daily in the morning and add Kumkum to the water.


Dear Cancerians, you are in for a productive ride as the Sun transits through Virgo. Get ready for a busy yet fulfilling period filled with hard work and responsibilities. This transit will boost your confidence, allowing you to express yourself boldly in personal and professional spheres. 

  • During this phase, your plate will be full of tasks and projects, but fret not – your efforts will bear sweet fruit. Your confidence will flourish, propelling you to make courageous decisions and express your thoughts with newfound bravery. Your communication skills will shine, leading to successful interactions and accomplishments. 
  • Your inner liberal spirit will emerge as you speak your heart without hesitation. In personal and work-related matters, your opinions and emotions will be communicated effectively. This could even lead to a short business trip, further enhancing your professional prowess.
  • Be cautious when dealing with younger siblings, as disagreements might arise. Strive to see things from their perspective before making decisions. This approach will help bridge emotional gaps and foster understanding.
  • In essence, the effects of the Sun's transit in Virgo promise a period of perseverance, boosted confidence, and dynamic communication for Cancer natives. Embrace the energy of this transit for a successful and enriching time.

Remedy: Perform Surya Namaskar every morning. Gift something to your father or any fatherly figure.

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Dear Leos, as the Sun journeys through Virgo, it brings a radiant glow to your personality. During this transit, you'll exude charm and attraction that's hard to miss. 

  • But it's not just about appearances – your wealth will increase, and you might even receive an unexpected inherited gift. 
  • This transit will bless you with an optimistic perspective, enveloping you in a positive aura. Your speech gains a new level of authority and power, making it easy to sway others to your viewpoint. People will naturally gravitate towards you, captivated by your words and presence. If you're in business, rejoice – your communication skills will help expand your clientele and foster business growth.
  • However, within the family domain, a few bumps may arise. Be cautious of your choice of words and stubbornness, as they could lead to misunderstandings and arguments. But fear not – open communication and logical explanations will smoothen out any familial ripples.
  • The Sun's transit in Virgo 2023 promises Leos a period of magnetic charm, financial growth, and persuasive power. Embrace the positivity this alignment brings and navigate family matters with tact. This celestial event is your time to shine brightly personally and professionally.

Remedy: Add saffron to your bath water daily and recite Aditya Hridya Stotram.


Dear Virgos, the Sun's transit in Virgo 2023 will bring a wave of dynamic changes to your personality. You'll find yourself undergoing a self-evolution that might make you more self-focused.

  • You'll be eager to share your thoughts and feelings with the world during this time. This self-expression will be fueled by your strong sense of righteousness, leading you to make sound decisions guided by your intellect and good moral compass.
  • While your mind and heart are in the right place, watch out for potential anger flare-ups. These could cause hiccups in your relationships at work and in your personal life. It's wise to tread carefully and avoid risky decisions in your professional ventures. Playing it safe will be your best bet.
  • On the bright side, your overall well-being will be in a resilient state. In matters of the heart, your married life can flourish if you prioritize understanding your partner's needs over your own. Remember, it's a two-way street!
  • In a nutshell, the Sun transit in Virgo promises a transformative journey where you'll become more in tune with yourself. While your determination and integrity will guide your choices, be mindful of potential conflicts due to heightened emotions. Embrace this period to enhance your well-being and create harmonious connections with those you hold dear.

Remedy: Place a 7-inch Sun made of copper in your living room to bring peace and harmony to your married life. Donate clothes, which are red in color, to those in need.


During the Sun's transit in Virgo, dear Libras, you might encounter some challenges. Watch out for unnecessary expenses and potential sleep disturbances. Energy levels could dip, impacting both your personal and professional life. 

  • Lethargy might affect your overall vitality, affecting your personal and professional spheres. Managing your energy levels is essential to prevent it from impacting your daily life.
  • During this period, pay close attention to your finances. Your savings might be subtly affected, prompting you to be vigilant about your financial decisions. Work-related travel could also be on the horizon, so be prepared for a potential journey tied to your professional commitments.
  • Resist the urge to get caught up in adulterous activities, and instead, channel your energy into your work and professional growth. By maintaining your focus, you can overcome potential distractions and stay on the path toward achieving your goals.
  • Interestingly, this transit might spark your interest in spiritual and occult matters. You could find yourself drawn to reading and exploring divine knowledge. Embrace this curiosity and use it as an opportunity for personal growth and self-discovery.
  • Remember, when the Sun transits in Virgo, challenges and opportunities intertwine. Stay mindful of your energy, finances, and aspirations; you'll navigate this period with resilience and growth.

Remedy: Start offering water to Lord Sun daily and recite the Gayatri Mantra.


Dear Scorpios, prepare for exciting changes when the Sun journeys through Virgo. 

  • During the Sun's transit in Virgo, your professional networks will expand. Expect meaningful connections with political figures and government higher-ups. Leverage these connections for your advantage and career growth. Your strong leadership abilities and confident nature will significantly boost your earnings and potentially secure a promotion.
  • Support from friends will be a valuable asset during this phase. However, exercise caution as hidden foes might be lurking. Look for unexpected challenges and handle them with your characteristic sharpness. 
  • Your personality will radiate authority and power akin to that of a king. But here's the catch: avoid letting pride or bitterness taint your interactions. Such negativity could harm your work and relationships. Instead, channel your strength into positive endeavors that uplift you and those around you.
  • So, when the Sun transits in Virgo, Scorpios, seize the opportunity to expand your professional horizons, nurture friendships cautiously, and maintain a positive, regal aura that fosters growth and harmony.

Remedy: Add saffron to your bath water, and before leaving the house for work, always drink a glass of water with a bit of sugar mixed in it.


Dear Sagittarians, exciting times are on the horizon for you as the Sun cruises through Virgo. Brace yourselves for a spectacular boost in your professional realm and a whirlwind of growth in every aspect of life. 

  • Hold onto your hats because your colleagues and clients will be drawn to your magnetic energy. Why, you ask? Well, the effects of this Sun transit will have you hitting those trade targets like a bullseye, making gains left and right. And for those in government jobs, you're in for a real treat – the transit's positive vibes are like a winning lottery ticket just for you.
  • But remember, there's a thin line between being confidently bold and overly egoistic. It's a little reminder to keep things grounded. Speaking of which, your words will be dripping with inspiration, and your attitude will burst with positivity. This combo is your ticket to building an impressive reputation and sailing through challenges victoriously.
  • So, go ahead, Sagittarians! Embrace the effects of this Sun transit as you confidently stride towards success. Your professional realm is about to get the Midas touch, turning everything you touch into gold. Just keep that balance in check, and the universe might just unfold wonders you've never imagined.

Remedy: Recite Aditya Hridya Stotram every Sunday, wake up early, and perform Surya Namaskar.


Dear Capricorns, as the Sun enters Virgo, get ready for a lucky streak that will shine on various aspects of your life. 

  • You'll find luck favoring your professional life. This boost in luck aligns perfectly with your elevated confidence and persuasive speaking skills. Your commanding presence will allow you to stand out among friends, family, and colleagues. 
  • Your dedication to your work won't go unnoticed. The increased workload might seem daunting, but it's a testament to your commitment. People will recognize you as the hard worker you are, strengthening your reputation and influence.
  • You'll notice a growing attraction toward spirituality and religion during this transit. It's a great time for religious trips and short family getaways. These trips might spark fresh business or work ideas, adding an exciting twist to your journey.
  • While relations with your father will remain positive, a minor disagreement might arise. Stay composed, understanding, and value his perspective. Maintaining harmony will lead to stronger family bonds.
  • Students aspiring for advanced studies, especially in law, literature, politics, history, or medicine, will flourish, especially if considering international options. The alignment of stars will support your journey towards greater intellect and knowledge.
  • In conclusion, as the Sun enters Virgo, your path is illuminated with luck and spirituality. Your confidence and dedication will help you excel in various spheres. Family, journeys, and educational pursuits are highlighted, promising growth and harmony. Stay open to the positive energies this transit brings, and remember, when the Sun enters Virgo, so does a world of opportunities.

Remedy: Start doing Surya Namaskar every morning and offer water to Sun daily.

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Dear Aquarians, get ready for a wave of positivity as the Sun glides into Virgo. This celestial shift will bring surprises, especially in the financial and professional arenas. Brace yourselves for unexpected gains sprouting from hidden sources - it's like uncovering buried treasure!

  • Your investments and career might just hit the jackpot. Those hidden opportunities you've been waiting for? They're about to appear, adding a sprinkle of luck to your financial ventures. And hold onto your hats - ancestral property matters are also in the spotlight. It's as if the cosmos is aligning to give you that long-awaited inheritance.
  • Work-life couldn't get better! With the Sun's influence, expect the green light from your bosses and superiors. Even your rivals won't stand a chance of messing with your projects. However, watch out for that rising ego and stubborn nature. While you're reaching for the stars professionally, it's important to be humble and open-minded. Flexibility goes a long way, helping you avoid creating the wrong vibes among colleagues and friends.
  • Amidst all this cosmic excitement, a little caution won't hurt. Watch for potential fire hazards and minor kitchen mishaps while cooking. It's all about balance - enjoying the newfound positivity while staying grounded and safe.
  • So, Aquarians, the stars are aligning in your favor with the Sun's entrance into Virgo. Prepare for financial surprises, professional boosts, and a reminder to keep your feet on the ground. It's your time to shine; remember to let your light sparkle without overshadowing others.

Remedy: Start offering water to Lord Sun daily in the morning by reciting the Gayatri Mantra and Surya Beej Mantra and donate red clothes and items like Masoor Daal to needy people.


Dear Pisceans, exciting times are ahead! With the Sun's transit in Virgo, get ready to shine and soar in your professional and public life. 

  • As the Sun moves through Virgo, your status and fame are set to skyrocket. Colleagues and clients will be hanging on your every word, loving the advice and insights you bring. Your natural charm will be your secret weapon, helping you impress and connect with others effortlessly. If you're in business, prepare for exciting new heights – this is a perfect time to venture into fresh territories.
  • This transit isn't just about appearances; it's about energizing your ambitions. Your drive and determination will surge. Say goodbye to obstacles and sluggishness – your newfound energy will power you through challenges. So, if you've been putting off personal projects or dreams, now's the time to take the plunge and make them happen.
  • Love and partnership are also in the cosmic spotlight. During this transit, your marital life will experience a beautiful boost. Affection and kindness will flow, creating a warm bond with your partner. However, ego clashes can arise if you hold an authoritative stance. To maintain harmony, embrace open communication and be an attentive listener. Let go of dominance and watch your relationship thrive.
  • The effects of the Sun's transit through Virgo promise exciting changes for Pisceans. Your charisma, career, and relationships are all in for a positive shift. Embrace this period's energy and watch your status, communication skills, and personal ventures flourish.

Remedy: Chant the Gayatri Mantra daily and drink water from a copper glass. Before leaving home, drink a glass of water with a little sugar mixed in it.

Know More About The Sun in Astrology

The Sun, known as Surya, Aditya, and Jagat Chakshu (the eye of the world), holds a significant position among the nine planets in astrology. It embodies vital energy, often called the soul or life force, driving human bodies and the entire universe. Scientifically, the Sun's rays provide the energy essential for sustaining life on Earth. Symbolically, the Sun represents paternal figures and authority within families. Its influence extends to empowerment, dominance, and governance, including high-ranking government positions. Individuals with a well-placed Sun in their birth charts tend to exhibit courage, leadership, and ambition. Their confidence and determination pave the way for substantial achievements. However, an unfavorably placed Sun might lead to arrogance and an authoritarian attitude.

The Sun's role parallels Saturn's, and both are associated with hard work. Yet, while Saturn presents challenges, the Sun provides the fortitude and resolve to overcome them. This celestial body also governs knowledge of medicine and contributes to an individual's immunity.

While often perceived as malefic, the Sun can lead to assertive, authoritative, and argumentative tendencies. Yet, it propels one's career to unparalleled heights when favorably positioned. As the ruler of Leo, the Sun gains prominence there, finds exaltation in Aries, and experiences debilitation in Libra. The intricate interplay of the Sun's astrological influence holds sway over numerous facets of human existence, shaping personality traits, health attributes, and career trajectories.

In Conclusion

Ready to ride the waves of change brought by the Sun's transit in Virgo? From Aries to Pisces, every sign holds a unique promise. Don't miss the opportunity to tap into your full potential during this celestial shift. Consult Astroyogi expert Acharya Ved for tailored guidance and ride this cosmic tide to success.

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