Sun Sign vs Rashi: Are You Confusing Your Astrological Identities?

Tue, Mar 19, 2024
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Tue, Mar 19, 2024
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Sun Sign vs Rashi: Are You Confusing Your Astrological Identities?

If you're someone who closely follows astrology, we bet you must have gotten puzzled between "Sun sign" and "Rashi" at some point. 

Well, that's quite understandable. In India, Vedic and Western astrology are equally popular among the masses. In fact, what actually intensifies the confusion is the similarities between them.

However, despite all the resemblances, Sun signs and Rashis are two entirely different zodiac sign concepts. 

So, if you are curious to learn about their differences, we finally unfold the mystery. 

What Is A Rashi? Know Here

In astrology, the positions of two celestial bodies, the Sun and the Moon, at the time of a person’s birth are considered highly significant in creating their birth chart, or Kundali.

According to astrology, the zodiac signs where the magnificent Sun and the serene Moon are placed at the time of birth indicate two of the most important signs for the person - their Sun sign (also called the zodiac sign) and their Moon sign (also known as the Rashi).

Therefore, suppose the Sun was placed in Aries, and the Moon was placed in Aquarius at your birth time. This means your Sun sign is Aries, and your Moon sign or Rashi is Aquarius.

Alternatively, if you only follow Vedic astrology, you can also figure out your Rashi by your date of birth. How? Let’s find out!

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What Are The 12 Rashis? 

Your Moon sign (Rashi) is the sign in which your Moon is positioned in your birth chart. In Vedic astrology, the Moon represents your mind and emotions. 

  • Mesha

  • Vrishabha 

  • Mithuna 

  • Karka 

  • Simha 

  • Kanya 

  • Tula 

  • Vrishchika 

  • Dhanu 

  • Makara 

  • Kumbha 

  • Meena 

Still confused about your Rashi? Reach out to our experts with your birth chart and find out!

How Is Your Sun Sign Different from Your Rashi?

There are many differences between the Sun sign and Rashi (or our Moon sign). But, the main aspect where these two stand in stark contrast from each other is their effect on a person’s character. 

As the Sun sign is determined by the Sun's position at the time of birth, it represents your core essence and basic identity. It can have a huge impact on your overall personality and preferences. On the other hand, the Moon sign is ascertained by the position of the Moon at the time of birth and depicts your emotions, instincts, and subconscious mind.

Zodiacs Common Aspects Perceived in Both Methodologies

Check out below to learn the typical traits associated with a particular Sun sign and Moon sign. 

  1. Mesha/Aries

Sun Sign traits: Courageous, Strong, Adventurous

Moon Sign traits: Enthusiastic, Temperamental, Impulsive

  1. Vrishabha/Taurus

Sun Sign traits: Loyal, Stable, Sensual

Moon Sign traits: Stubborn, Warm, Easy-going

  1. Mithuna/Gemini

Sun Sign traits: Social, Inquisitive, Talkative

Moon Sign traits: Witty, Smart, Intelligent

  1. Karka/Cancer

Sun Sign traits: Loyal, Creative, Sensible

Moon Sign traits: Emotional, Caring, Empathetic

  1. Simha/Leo

Sun Sign traits: Confident, Extroverted, Passionate

Moon Sign traits: Faithful, Compassionate, Fierce

  1. Kanya/Virgo

Sun Sign traits: Disciplined, Intelligent, Graceful

Moon Sign traits: Practical, Perfectionist, Dependable

  1. Tula/Libra

Sun Sign traits: Charming, Harmonious, Just

Moon Sign traits: Idealistic, Peaceful, Diplomatic

  1. Vrishchika/Scorpio 

Sun Sign traits: Mysterious, Passionate, Profound

Moon Sign traits: Magnetic, Powerful, Intense

  1. Dhanu/Sagittarius

Sun Sign traits: Loving, Philosophical, Energetic

Moon Sign traits: Optimistic, Intellectual, Practical

  1. Makara/Capricorn

Sun Sign traits: Ambitious, Hardworking, Humorous

Moon Sign traits: Disciplined, Introverted, Stoic

  1. Kumbha/Aquarius

Sun Sign traits: Humanitarian, Kind, Compassionate

Moon Sign traits: Independent, Ingenious, Unpredictable

  1. Meena/Pisces 

Sun Sign traits: Emotional, Sensitive, Intuitive

Moon Sign traits: Idealistic, Dreamy, Spiritual 

Summing Up

Sun sign and Rashi - these concepts are interconnected but not the same. So, if you’re enthusiastic about astrology, knowing their differences can help you unlock all that you need to know to get a comprehensive idea of your personality and horoscope.

In this blog, we discussed the differences between the Sun sign and Rashi and listed Indian zodiac signs by date of birth and time. For more guidance, connect with the astrology experts at Astroyogi today!

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