5 Best Romantic Matches for The Air Sign Aquarius

Tue, Jan 09, 2024
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Tue, Jan 09, 2024
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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5 Best Romantic Matches for The Air Sign Aquarius

Independent, intellectual, and chivalrous - these qualities perfectly define Aquarius, the 11th sign of the zodiac.

A quintessential member of the air sign clan, Aquarians are governed by the planet Saturn. So well, this explains why the natives of this zodiac are so unique and different from the rest.

But when it comes to love, Aquarians are just like any of us - hopeful and all hearts. All they need is someone who strums the strings of their heart, and they devote themselves to that person for life.

But then again, how easily does such kind of love come by? 

So, let astrology help you. In this blog, we have enlisted five zodiac signs who are considered to be the most compatible partners for Aquarius natives. 

5 Compatible Romantic Matches for Aquarius - Which Zodiacs Are Fit for This Air Sign?

If you are an Aquarius looking for love, consider this your lucky day. Scroll down and read to find out which are the five Aquarius best compatibility zodiac signs.

  • Sagittarius

For an Aquarius, life is like a celebration. It’s a big fat party with sparkles and confetti. So naturally, anyone who shares this perspective allures them. And Saggitarius is exactly that. 

A fire sign with an innate lust for life, Sagittarius shares many similarities with an Aquarius when it comes to life and choices. Be it their independent nature, adventurous spirit, or optimism - this zodiac sign is compatible with Aquarius on every level. No wonder they are among the best matches for an Aquarius man or woman.

  • Gemini

Great communication is a major factor behind most successful relationships. Miraculously, this is the aspect where the Aquarius-Gemini pair shines the best. 

As both these zodiacs are very social in nature, they instantly hit it off. Geminis are always up for an intellectual chat, and Aquarians love satiating such desires with their knowledge. Moreover, both these signs love their independence and understand the concept of personal space. So, besides interest, there’s also lots of mutual trust and affection. This is an air sign synergy, for sure! 

  • Aries

History has it - some of the best relationships ever are the ones that seemed the most unconventional. Well, that’s an Aquarius-Aries couple. 

A passionate fire sign, Aries natives are outspoken and fearless. They do not shy away and hate being told what to do. On the contrary, Aquarians are witty, self-dependent, and wise. But despite their contrasts, an Aquarius-Aries conglomerate gives full-on power couple energy, with great humor, understanding, and love. Perhaps these are the reasons why Aries is one of the zodiac signs attracted to Aquarius.

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  • Libra

What happens when two dynamic air signs come together? Fireworks will be everywhere! 

Libras are adept at the art of balancing fairly. Aquarians, on the other hand, love justice and value humanity. Though the connection between the two might not look too promising initially, things escalate as the pair spend more time together. Thanks to their mutual fondness for fun, exploration, and adventure, Aquarius and Libra make for an incredible romantic pair, according to astrology. 

  • Leo

Don’t believe in the concept of “opposites attract?” Well, here’s a stupendous example that will certainly make you think again.

The Aquarius-Leo pair is nothing ordinary. In fact, given their dissimilarities, you won’t even believe they could make for a successful couple. While Leos love exclusive attention, Aquarians are social creatures who treat everyone alike. Aquarians are wise. On the contrary, Leos can be silly and immature at times. But eventually, all these differences vanish into thin air, thanks to their mutual understanding and amazing chemistry. A match made in heaven, if you ask us.

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Summing Up

Aquarius is an air sign with many sides. Fun yet mature, independent yet social - they are the best of both worlds. So, it makes sense why only a handful of zodiacs are compatible with them. But when the chords finally hit, it’s the love of a lifetime for these folks!

In this blog, we curated a list of the top five best matches for Aquarius women or men. For more details and insights on Aquarius love compatibility, connect with the experts at Astroyogi

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