December's Stock Market Safari: Your Astrological Guide to Profit!

Thu, Nov 30, 2023
Rajdeep Pandit
  By Rajdeep Pandit
Thu, Nov 30, 2023
Team Astroyogi
  By Rajdeep Pandit
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December's Stock Market Safari: Your Astrological Guide to Profit!

The stock market also called the share market, serves as a marketplace where people exchange stocks, shares, or equities of one or more companies through buying and selling activities. 

When making stock market investments, every investor dreams of making healthy returns on their capital. In this article, we will use divine knowledge and astrological calculations to precisely calculate and predict important events. In astrology, planets, and Nakshatras govern every event, including financial matters. The movement of planets also influences the ups and downs of shares, stocks, and commodities.

It’s crucial to note that every person has a unique horoscope. When it comes to trading/investment, some people are known to profit handsomely, while others may lose a great deal of money as well. Positive planetary positions, aspects, conjunction, and transit with positive Dasha in a native's horoscope can bring favorable results in the share market. Meanwhile, those who do not have a supportive planetary position in their Kundali are more likely to face losses.

That’s when share market prediction comes into play to give us the right guidance to make wise moves with investment decisions.

The significant planets that play a vital role in stock market success are:

  • Jupiter – Wealth, prosperity, and overall financial conditions.
  • Mercury – Business, calculations, and decisions.
  • Moon – Emotions and mental capacity.
  • Rahu – Speculations, trading, and sudden gain.

Is The December Stock Market Bringing Profit? Dive into The Insights!

Moving forward to December 2023, let's look at stock market predictions as the Sun enters Sagittarius, accompanied by Mars in Sagittarius, while Venus moves to Scorpio.

We will make astrological calculations as per zodiac sign-wise changes and suggest recommended sectors like computer software technology, information technology, public sector undertaking, pharma, oil and gas, defense FMCG, petroleum, shipping, heavy engineering EPC, cement, infra, steel, housing development, chemical, sugar, tea coffee, car commercial vehicle, banking, finance, tire, coal, tobacco, and food beverage, etc.

India is a developing country and emerging market, and we continue to believe in its long-term growth story, supported by the emerging favorable structure as increasing capex in many companies.

India’s share market outperformed global and other emerging markets in the past six months by a notable margin, and the structural trend remains positive.

As per planetary position, we predict that the December 2023 Nifty target will be around INR 21,000 and 73,500 BSE, accordingly.

Rising sectors would be, 

  • Banking
  • Real estate
  • Chemicals
  • FMCG

Less profitable sectors would be,

  • Beauty
  • Cosmetics
  • IT
  • Luxury clothing
  • Automobiles

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Let's now unveil December’s stock market predictions for each zodiac sign. The stock market horoscope reading for December 2023 is based on the Ascendant/Rising Sign or Lagna.

Aries - Stock Market Predictions for December 2023

Dear Ariens, December will be a good month for you in terms of investment and sudden gains. There will also be property-related benefits.

  • During this time, the Sun will be in transit, ensuring that your investments are safe and that you trade wisely in the stock market. In some cases, intraday and future option trades may result in a loss. You can make a strong decision to buy stock for the long term.
  • Due to the Sun's transit in Sagittarius and the support of Sagittarius Lord Jupiter, you will earn money in the stock market over the last ten days with specific stocks and investments. You will make significant investments in large-cap companies.

Advisable and Suggested Sector: Metal, Land, and Government Sector.

Avoidable Sectors: IT and FMCG.

Remedy and Tips – Avoid using online tips and trading intraday. Donate red-colored food to those in need. 

Taurus - Stock Market Predictions for December 2023

Dear Taureans, Venus will be transiting in Libra up to 15th December, during which time you can profit from speculation and support from a female partner's or wife's trading account.

  • Previous long-term investments will be converted into valuable assets. You'll be pleased with your investment decision and stock-related activities.
  • Your share market horoscope advises you to exercise caution after 25th December, as losses could occur due to Venus's transit through Scorpio and the Sun's position in Sagittarius.
  • The best part about this month is that your family will support you in long-term investments, particularly in real estate and gold-related transactions.

Advisable & Suggested Sectors: Bank, Nifty, and Pharma.

Avoidable Sectors: MNC Companies, Beauty Industries, and Hotels.  

Remedy and Tips – Avoid following stock-related TV channel discussions blindly. Before investing, research the company's fundamentals and financial statements. Additionally, give white clothing as a gift to female members of the family.

Gemini - Stock Market Predictions for December 2023

Dear Geminis, according to the December stock market prediction, this is a very positive month for investment. 

  • In the first fifteen days of the month, you will be very selective in choosing only the good medium and large-cap company stocks.
  • Because of the planetary positions of Mercury and the Sun in your horoscope, you can begin planning to exit or sell the loss-making stock and shares after 15th December.
  • Furthermore, with the favorable support of the Sun and Mercury in your chart, you can seek advice from a financial advisor for a logical and practical approach to share market investment.
  • When deciding on an intraday trading stock, you can seek advice from your social circle, such as friends.
  • You can profit from intraday and future options in the first fifteen days. Due to Jupiter's placement in the horoscope, some of you may balance your portfolio by averaging the stocks in the portfolio and selling out the profit-making shares.  

Advisable & Suggested Sectors: Oil, Gas, Chemical and Fertilizer.

Avoidable Sectors: Bank, Nifty Call, and Pharma.

Remedy and Tips –  Choose the appropriate stock; seek advice from mentors and experts.  Also, use the color green as much as possible this month.

Cancer - Stock Market Predictions for December 2023

Dear Cancerians, you are intelligent in stock market calculation, speculation handling, and investment strategy.

  • According to the stock market prediction for December, this month will also be favorable to you, and your investment and stock selection decisions will be very fruitful. 
  • Investing in penny stocks and low-value stocks can yield significant profits.
  • The middle duration of this month will be pretty average, and because of the money crunch, there won't be much trading activity.
  • But previous investments will give you good profit, ensuring your portfolio remains in the positive territory.
  • You won't spend much time in the market and analysis because of certain family matters.
  • The positive influence of the Sun and Mars will help you choose the right scripts and stocks. You will always be optimistic about the growth of the stock market.

Advisable & Suggested Sectors: Government Companies, PSUs and Metal. 

Avoidable Sectors:  Bank, Consumable Goods, and Education.

Remedy and Tips – Don’t follow previous trends. Focus on delivery-based work in the market and keep emotional factors under control while trading.

Leo - Stock Market Predictions for December 2023

Dear Leos, based on your planetary positions and the Sun’s transit in Sagittarius, your focus will be on future planning in terms of money and long-term investment accordingly.

  • Your monthly horoscope or Masik Rashifal for the stock market indicates that you will make a wise choice when it comes to selecting stocks and shares in large-cap companies.
  • The best time for investing would be after 15th December, when high-profit prospects align with your analytical prowess for selecting stocks. This is when you can strategically exit underperforming stocks from your portfolio.
  • With Mars' assistance, you will be able to profit from intraday and call-put options daily.
  • You will be an advisor, and your ideas will be valued in the stock market community.

Advisable and Suggested Sectors: Chemical, PSUs, and Agriculture.

Avoidable Sectors:  Defence, Coal, and Shipping.

Remedy and Tips – Get financial advice and expert support for your investments and seek blessings from your parents or an elderly person.

Virgo - Stock Market Predictions for December 2023

Dear Virgos, December will be an average month for investment and return based on share market predictions. You can consider selling the stocks in your portfolio as well as any penny scripts you previously purchased.

  • Before 15th December, you can raise funds from outside for investments; that would be a wise move.
  • However, after the 15th of the month, you may have difficulty arranging money and managing portfolio-related debits.
  • Based on the calculations from the previous month, the Sun and Jupiter's position might not be favorable.
  • Relying on situations and outside cues and keeping up with the news will be crucial when making investment decisions. Having a financial advisor and mentor by your side will be crucial for supportive suggestions and enhanced analytical skills for any investment. 

Advisable and Suggested Sectors: Bank, Liquor, and Capital Goods.

Avoidable Sectors:  NBFC, Oil and Gas, and IT. 

Remedy and Tips – Avoid taking high-interest rate loans and credits. Donate green-colored clothing items to the needy.

Libra - Stock Market Predictions for December 2023

Dear Libras, you will be very selective this month and make careful investments in the share market. However,  occasional confusion may arise in choosing between sales and purchases.

  • If you don't properly analyze the trade market, you may make the wrong decision or lose money before 15th December, as your share market horoscope indicates.
  • This month, you will improve your ability to read share market investment charts (company charts/stock details charts, etc.) and understand trends.
  • After the 15th of this month, the positions of Saturn and the Sun will help you profit in intraday trading or commodity investment.
  • You can plan for long-term investment and invest some funds or money in large-cap and multi-dimensional companies. You can also invest in an initial public offering (IPO) for the long term.

Advisable and Suggested Sectors: Liquor, Hotel, Airlines, and Tourism.

Avoidable Sectors: Government Sectors, NBFC, Infra and IT.

 Remedy and Tips – Avoid penny stocks and intraday trading. Also, avoid unnecessary expenses and show respect to the females.

Scorpio - Stock Market Predictions for December 2023

Dear Scorpios, your stock market prediction for December hints that there will be plenty of opportunities for you to profit from the stock market at the beginning of the month.

  • You can begin investing in mutual funds and the stock market this month, and money-related matters will improve from this month onwards.
  • After 15th December, you will be very selective with your investments, and if you are a trader, you may also meet some big people in the stock market who will be very helpful to you in the future.
  • Avoid paying attention to other people's tips and advice and instead concentrate on your own investment and decision.

Advisable & Suggested Sectors: Metal, Iron, Land, and Agriculture. 

Avoidable Sectors:  Bank, NBFC, and Nifty Future Options.

Remedy and Tips – Avoid giving importance to investment tips from others and focus on your investment decisions. Donate food items in the color red to the elderly. 

Sagittarius - Stock Market Predictions for December 2023

Dear Sagittarians, the Stock Market Prediction for December 2023 suggests that this month will offer favorable conditions for investments. You can book the profits from investments you made in the last few months.

  • The Sun, Jupiter, and Mercury will support you in confidently making significant decisions regarding investments and financial matters.
  • The last ten days of the month will be more fruitful and favorable for stock purchases and particular stock selection.
  • Moreover, people will look up to you as a mentor and follow your advice and mentoring when it comes to selecting shares and stocks.
  • During the middle of the month, from the 10th to the 20th of December, and while it's time for Sun’s transit, some losses may occur, so be cautious and avoid purchasing non-performing stocks.

Advisable & Suggested Sectors: Education, FMCG, and Capital Goods.

Avoidable Sectors:  Liquor, Gambling, Shipping and Coal. 

Remedy and Tips – Avoid penny and non-performing stocks. Also, avoid having liquor, alcohol, and intoxicants.

Capricorn - Stock Market Predictions for December 2023

Dear Capricorns, you may meet new and important people regarding work and investment during the first ten days of December; however, you must maintain a lot of hard work and patience while investing.

  • If you are a first-time investor or investing for the first time, focus on learning how to make a profit. Analyze market trends and gain market knowledge. Mercury will assist in generating income during the first fifteen days of the month. 
  • Also, be thoughtful when doing financial transactions and investments. The December month stock market prediction indicates a risk of losing savings and incurring investment losses.
  • Consider making short-term investments; penny stocks, initial public offerings (IPOs), and first private offerings (FPOs) are excellent options.

Advisable & Suggested Sectors: Liquor Stock, Education, Oil and Gas, and Chemical.

Avoidable Sectors:  Government Sectors, Pharma, and Capital Goods.

Remedy and Tips – Avoid short selling; future options and call-put options will not be fruitful for investing. Additionally, spend some time with family, and if possible, plan for a short trip.

Aquarius - Stock Market Predictions for December 2023

Dear Aquarians, you will be very optimistic about share market investment this month and have good clarity in selecting, selling, or buying stocks.

  • Your decisions will result in a profit, as your stock market prediction for December indicates. After 20th December, your analytical skills will be useful in intraday trading.
  • This month, you will improve your skills and capabilities in the stock market, such as chart reading and trend analysis.
  • After 15th December, the positions of Saturn and the Sun in the horoscope will support in making a profit from intraday trading or investments in commodities, oil, and metals.
  • You can plan for long-term investments and invest some of your money in small-cap and government companies. IPO stocks are another good option for you, and you can invest in them for the long term.

Advisable & Suggested Sectors: Chemical, Pharma, Airlines, and Property.

Avoidable Sectors:  Government Sector, NBFC, Bank, and Metal.

Remedy and Tips – Avoid holding long positions in stocks and book profit based on market trends. Avoid taking out loans, making credit card purchases, and going on long drives. 

Pisces - Stock Market Predictions for December 2023

Dear Pisceans, this month does not favor investments. Your Masik Rashifal for the share market suggests considering selling your portfolio stocks and previously acquired penny stocks at a loss.

  • You can borrow money for investments from friends, family, or other sources. But after 20th December, borrowing money for investments from friends, family, etc., won't be a wise move.
  • Mercury will favor you in making money before the 15th of this month, but you will need to pay more attention and make proper calculations.
  • As per the past month's share market horoscope, things may not be favorable due to the Sun's and Jupiter’s positions and transits. Try to cover the losses carefully. 
  • However, the good news is that both planets will support you after December and be favorable.
  • Take advice from a financial advisor and a mentor; you must use their recommendations and analytical skills when investing. 
  • Furthermore, Rahu's position in the chart can cause a lot of confusion regarding new stocks or new investments. Try to make decisions by thoroughly analyzing all options and time constraints.

Advisable & Suggested Sectors: Food, Capital Goods, Bank, and FMCG.

Avoidable Sectors: Liquor, Chemical, and Airlines.

Remedy and Tips – Avoid loans and credit with high-interest rates. Also, donate yellow food to those in need.

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About The Stock Market in India

The NSE and BSE are India's two largest stock exchanges, where companies list their shares and where investors can buy shares of companies listed on the stock exchange through brokers. It shows the company's shareholding; a company has millions of shares, and the price of each share is the same, so to buy shares, you have to pay money according to the share price.

When the share price increases in the future, you can earn profit by selling it. But if the price of the same share decreases in the future and you sell it, you will suffer losses. In 1994, the NSE launched operations in the Wholesale Debt Market (WDM), followed by the Equity segment in the same year and the Derivatives segment in 2000. 

Today, it enables trading in over 5,000 companies at both exchanges. It is very complex to understand the market; a variety of attributes, such as oil fields, political stability, foreign investment, performance of other stock markets, etc., affect the stock market.

*Note- These predictions are based on general readings, and the outcomes may vary for each individual, as every horoscope is unique. Speak with Astroyogi astrologer Raajdeep Pandit for more information on December's monthly stock market prediction or to receive a customized astrological forecast.

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