Big Twists During The 65 Days of Mercury in Leo! Get Predictions

Fri, Jul 14, 2023
Astro Sharath
  By Astro Sharath
Fri, Jul 14, 2023
Team Astroyogi
  By Astro Sharath
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Big Twists During The 65 Days of Mercury in Leo! Get Predictions

Gear up for an exciting cosmic event! The magnificent Mercury transit in Leo is ready to grace the sky, promising transformative shifts for all zodiac signs. Brace yourself for a surge in intellect and work-related opportunities. Are you ready to seize the moment and soar higher? Discover your destined path and unleash your untapped potential through Astroyogi astrologer’s enlightening forecasts and empowering remedies.

Mercury, the celestial messenger of astrology, holds profound influence over our communication, intellect, and adaptability. As the ruler of communication and mental prowess, Mercury shapes our thinking patterns, speech, and even our witty comebacks. This fast-moving planet has an influence over education, commerce, treasury, mathematics, soft speech, writing, communication skills, wisdom, knowledge, astrology, astronomy, medical practice, younger siblings, balanced nature, maternal uncle, and computer skills.

As the planet closest to the Sun, Mercury radiates vibrant energy that ignites our curiosity and sharpens our analytical skills. Mercury's position in our birth chart unveils the intricate patterns of our thinking, speaking, and learning, shaping our journey through the cosmos of knowledge. 

Let's explore some distinctive features of Mercury:

  • Color: Green
  • Element: Earth
  • Day: Wednesday
  • Gemstone: Emerald
  • Direction: North
  • Cabinet: Prince
  • Friend Planets: Sun and Venus
  • Enemy Planets: Moon
  • Neutral Planets: Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter

On the other hand, Leo is ruled by the Sun and symbolizes royalty. Leo is a fixed sign with a fire element. Lions of the zodiac, Leos, possess an innate regal quality. Their magnetic presence, vibrant personalities, unwavering confidence, and unwavering loyalty make them natural-born leaders. This sign is associated with the upper abdomen and a large body structure. These distinct characteristics contribute to the unique qualities and influences associated with Mercury and Leo in the realm of astrology. 

As per the Astroyogi experts, the combination of Mercury's influence with Leo's energy could potentially bring about transformative experiences and insights during this period. Ready to explore this fascinating celestial spectacle where Mercury journeys through Leo and how it will influence our lives?


Mark your calendars for the upcoming Mercury transit in Leo date, which is set to occur from July 25th, 2023, at 04:38 AM IST, until October 1st, 2023, at 08:45 AM IST. As a dynamic planet, Mercury's movement through Leo is expected to bring significant changes across various aspects of life.

Mercury holds a significant position among the planets, often referred to as the "Prince." In mythology, Mercury is considered the offspring of the Moon, symbolizing intellect. The strength of Mercury plays a crucial role in excelling in self-employment, software development, and medical fields. Its close proximity to the Sun can be observed when studying the solar system, with more than 70 percent of horoscopes showing a conjunction of the Sun and Mercury in the same sign. This alignment creates the favorable Budhaaditya Yoga. Furthermore, Mercury forms the powerful Bhadra Yoga, one of the five Maha Purusha Yogas, known for its strength and auspicious effects. A strong Mercury is essential for an impressive and persuasive speech, making it relevant for every field.

The Mercury transit in Leo 2023 is set to bring significant transformations to your life. Embrace the opportunities and challenges it presents. Harness the energy of this celestial event to enhance your intellect and communication abilities. Stay tuned for this exciting event, learn the effects of Mercury transit for all zodiac signs, and make the most of its impact on your life!


The impact of the Mercury transit in Leo in 2023 will undoubtedly influence the lives of individuals, just like any other planetary transit. This celestial event holds the potential to bring about changes in various aspects of life, depending on the placement and lordships of Mercury in an individual's horoscope. These changes can manifest as both positive and negative experiences, as life itself is a blend of ups and downs. Similar to how day follows night and night follows day, human existence is characterized by different shades and diverse experiences encompassing both favorable and unfavorable circumstances. It is crucial to recognize that time is never static; it is constantly evolving, and time itself holds the highest authority.

The following predictions can be applied to individuals based on their Moon signs, although they can be more accurate when considered from the perspective of Ascendants or Lagnas.


The effects of Mercury transit in Leo will see Aries individuals having a profound impact on their children, but they must also prioritize their children's well-being. They may face challenges when it comes to their maternal relatives, but they will find happiness in their relationship with their mother. Unmarried Aries natives can look forward to finding a virtuous and knowledgeable life partner. Their eloquent speech will be well-received, even by scholars. New friendships will blossom, and existing friendships will provide strong support. These individuals possess intelligence and wisdom that allow them to excel in various fields. They will develop a fondness for entertainment. Those facing difficulties in conceiving may consider adoption. Some Aries individuals may experience emotional turmoil and anxieties in their love relationships. They will also find an improvement in speculative ventures. A thirst for knowledge will lead them to explore various Shastras and subjects.

Career: Aries individuals can expect recognition and success in their professional endeavors. Exciting new projects await them.

Relationships: Friendships will flourish, but there may be some anxieties surrounding romantic relationships.

Finances: Engaging in speculative activities will contribute to financial growth.

Remedy: Chant "Om Damodaraya Namaha" as frequently as possible. Additionally, listening to or reading the Vishnu Sahasranama once daily can be beneficial.


As Mercury makes its transit into Leo, Taurus individuals can expect a positive impact on their familial relationships. Happiness through parents is indicated, but there may be some challenges related to inheritance and property matters. Taurus natives will be admired for their wise counsel, and their words will command respect. They may face hurdles in matters of progeny, but their financial resources and newfound knowledge will bring them joy. Some Taurus individuals may feel drawn to agricultural lands and investments in real estate. Their memory and intellect will sharpen, and their love relationships will flourish, especially for those involved in fine arts like music and dance. Exercise caution when dealing with friends; students should focus on their studies. Health should also be a priority. Taurus individuals may experience a desire for change, leading them to explore new living arrangements. Those around the mid-teenage years under favorable astrological influences may enjoy the acquisition of real estate properties. However, some Taurus natives may face opposition from relatives and struggle with impatience.

Career: Taurus individuals will find their advice valued at the workplace, leading to professional advancement.

Relationships: Existing relationships will continue as before, while new bonds may be formed.

Finances: There are favorable prospects for purchasing properties and experiencing financial growth.

Remedy: Regularly chanting "Om Krishnaya Namaha” can bring positive energy and support. Additionally, listening to or reading the Vishnu Sahasranama daily is recommended.


Gemini individuals can expect a period of recognition and fame as Mercury transits into Leo. Although they may face challenges in finding personal happiness, they possess the skills to make their plans successful through their efforts. These individuals often feel overwhelmed due to their multitude of work-related plans. However, their courage will grow, and they will receive support from subordinates, colleagues, and friends. With their professionalism and expertise, Gemini natives will quickly grasp new concepts and enjoy financial success. They will become more studious and mentally active. While only a few may display inconsistent behavior in their profession, most will foster new friendships and receive support from siblings. This period also presents good opportunities for purchasing properties. However, a few individuals may exhibit cunning behavior and struggle to gain support from their siblings, despite being hardworking.

Career: Geminis will experience growth and new opportunities in their professional lives with the support of their colleagues.

Relationships: New relationships may develop, and existing ones will be optimistic and harmonious.

Finances: There are favorable prospects for acquiring immovable properties and experiencing financial stability.

Remedy: Regularly chanting "Om Narayanaya Namaha" will bring positive vibrations. Listening to or reading the Vishnu Sahasranama daily is also beneficial.

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The Mercury transit in Leo brings forth a fortunate period for Cancer natives. Luck will favor them, leading to increased monetary inflow. They will have opportunities for new learning, which will be beneficial in the long run. Cancer individuals' intelligence will sharpen during this transit, and they will experience a sense of contentment and comfort. They will actively engage in auspicious activities and develop inner beauty. Respect towards elders and teachers will increase, especially among students. Cancer individuals will have a natural gift for eloquent speech, and new avenues for higher studies will open up. Their devotion towards their fathers will be evident, and they may also find migration to other countries or places easier. Business ventures related to trade, publicity, and science will yield profits. Those in their mid-20s will showcase technological expertise or literary achievements. However, some individuals may experience an increased desire for physical intimacy, which could lead to a loss of wealth. Caring for your health is advised during this time.

Career: Cancer individuals will experience growth in their business endeavors and have opportunities for learning and progress.

Relationships: Relationships with family and loved ones will be positive and harmonious.

Finances: Cancer individuals will experience luck and new sources of income, contributing to their financial well-being.

Remedy: Regularly chanting "Om Hrishikeshaya Namaha"  will bring positive energy and balance. Listening to or reading the Vishnu Sahasranama daily is also recommended.


When Mercury transits in Leo, individuals born under the sign of Leo will experience a period of peace, generosity, patience, and intelligence. However, some individuals may exhibit a hint of arrogance and a strong inclination toward religious matters. Leo natives will make an impact in their personal and professional lives. Progress in their careers is indicated, and those seeking marriage can anticipate positive outcomes. They will possess virtuous qualities that others admire. While they may face obstacles in learning new things and pursuing their goals, those involved in mathematics or artificial intelligence will make significant strides. It is important to avoid becoming complacent and dependent on shortcuts. Leo individuals engaged in fields such as medicine, law, religion, astrology, or occult sciences will find themselves in a phase of learning and progress. Arts and crafts-related businesses will flourish, and Leo individuals may enjoy increased rest and comfort during this transit. 

Career: Leo individuals will experience progress and new opportunities in their professional lives.

Relationships: It will be an auspicious time for new bonds and marriages, and existing relationships will thrive.

Finances: Leo individuals can expect their work to flourish, leading to improved financial conditions.

Remedy: Regularly chanting "Om Dharanee-Dharayaa Namaha" will bring positive vibrations. Listening to or reading the Vishnu Sahasranama daily is also recommended.


During the transit when Mercury enters Leo, Virgo natives may encounter some financial challenges. They might feel a stronger desire for material pleasures but could also face interference from relatives and their close social circle. Students may experience slower progress in their education, but they will find ways to manage. Expenses might be higher than usual, and the tendency to go to extremes in various aspects of life could be more pronounced. Decision-making abilities might be hindered, despite being knowledgeable and well-known. However, there will be ample learning opportunities, and a generous nature may lead them to give away things freely. It is advised to avoid engaging in risky activities. On a positive note, this period could be favorable for purchasing landed properties.

Career: Decision-making may pose challenges in the professional realm, but overall progress can be expected.

Relationships: Compromise and effective communication will be crucial to sustaining relationships during this period.

Finances: Financial situations may be challenging, requiring adjustments and careful planning.

Remedy: Regularly chanting "Om Damodaraya Namaha"  will bring positive energy and balance. Listening to or reading the Vishnu Sahasranama daily is also recommended.


Libra natives will experience a period of heightened interest in poetry, soft skills, and fine arts during the Mercury transit in Leo. They will display a keen interest in education and higher studies, leading to wealth accumulation. Happiness will permeate their lives, and they will adeptly manage various situations without encountering significant difficulties. Their appetite may decrease temporarily, but progress in all areas is predicted. Limited sensual pleasures will be experienced, and there will be opportunities to purchase conveyances. Involvement in religious ceremonies will bring fulfillment. It is important to avoid wicked deeds that may lead to the loss of acquired wealth. Debts will gradually decrease, and friends will have a positive influence. Libra individuals will adapt well to people of all temperaments and experience a reduction in enemies and legal issues. Multiple sources of income will open up, allowing them to achieve their goals. Their thinking will become multidimensional, and they will develop strong public relations.

Career: Libra individuals can expect progress and success in their work, along with the development of strong professional relationships.

Relationships: Relationships will flourish, and new bonds will have a positive influence on Libra natives.

Finances: There will be opportunities for wealth accumulation and the opening of new sources of income.

Remedy: Regularly chanting "Om Vasudevaya Namaha" will bring positive vibrations. Listening to or reading the Vishnu Sahasranama daily is also recommended.


Scorpio natives will experience a period of enhanced intelligence during the Mercury transit in Leo. Their intelligence will contribute to their all-round growth and fruition in their undertakings. There will be opportunities for learning, and the acquisition of ornaments and valuable possessions is indicated. Their appearance will exude new charm and attraction. Multiple sources of income will manifest. Scorpio individuals will engage in charitable acts and gain fame through their donations. They will actively participate in religious rites and exhibit tactfulness, clarity, and resourcefulness. A few individuals may engage in unsavory conduct and display unorthodox behavior. Those involved in teaching, arts, crafts, music, law, writing, poetry, technology, or politics will experience progress and success. A sincere and honest approach will help them achieve their aims and objectives.

Career: Scorpio individuals will experience growth and success in their jobs, with opportunities for advancement.

Relationships: Relationships will continue as before, and Scorpio natives will enjoy support from their friends and family.

Finances: Scorpio individuals can expect an increase in wealth through multiple sources of income.

Remedy: Regularly chanting "Om Sahasra Sheershaya Namaha" will bring positive energy and balance. Listening to or reading the Vishnu Sahasranama daily is also recommended.


Sagittarius natives will experience happiness through their children and involvement in religious activities during the Mercury transit in Leo. Family members will take pride in their accomplishments. These individuals will display a generous and modest nature and may engage in yoga, Vedic sciences, and music. Progress in mathematics, legal matters, and technology is foreseen. It is important to pay attention to the health of their fathers. Sagittarius individuals will be praiseworthy, truthful, enthusiastic, and wealthy. They may find themselves juggling multiple responsibilities, which can sometimes cause confusion. However, their work will bring recognition and benefit to all. Their oratory skills will improve, and happiness will increase within the family. New relationships will blossom. A few individuals may challenge traditional beliefs and values.

Career: Sagittarius individuals can expect progress and new opportunities in their work, with favorable outcomes.

Relationships: It will be a favorable time for new relationships and marriages, and existing relationships will thrive.

Finances: Financial growth and optimistic prospects are foreseen, providing Sagittarius individuals with increased stability.

Remedy: Regularly chanting "Om Sahasraakshaaya Namaha" will bring positive vibrations. Listening to or reading the Vishnu Sahasranama daily is also recommended.

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Capricorn natives will experience a period of good name, fame, and increased wealth during the Mercury transit in Leo. They will adopt a leadership role and may acquire a boss-like demeanor. However, some individuals may face financial losses due to illicit connections. It is important to exercise caution and avoid illicit activities, as they can lead to reduced wealth. Capricorn individuals will exhibit a high code of conduct and effectively support their families. They need to take care of their mind's health. Avoid overthinking, as it can hinder progress. Superiors and higher authorities will favor Capricorn individuals, and wealth through trade will increase. They will become benefactors for both their families and others. Students should work on improving their handwriting and communication skills. Differences of opinion may arise among siblings, and caution should be exercised while signing legal documents or contracts. Some individuals may experience phlegmatic or windy disorders, requiring proper healthcare. Love relationships may undergo temporary breaks.

Career: Capricorn individuals will experience progress and success in their careers, with new opportunities coming their way.

Relationships: Relationships may experience temporary breaks and compromises. Effective communication will be important to sustain them.

Finances: Capricorn individuals may face financial challenges, but improvements can be achieved with adjustments and careful planning.

Remedy: Regularly chanting "Om Saadhuvallabhaaya Namaha" will bring positive energy and balance. Listening to or reading the Vishnu Sahasranama daily is also recommended.


Aquarius individuals can expect a wonderful time during the Mercury in Leo transit in 2023. They will radiate splendor and confidence while maintaining a humble attitude. Those seeking marriage will find a charming and knowledgeable partner, while those already married will enjoy a harmonious relationship. Financially, there will be an increase in wealth accumulation, and Aquarius natives will also show interest in religious activities. Happiness will come through children, and they will be amicable with their spouses. However, they may have concerns about their partner's financial matters. Aquarius individuals will also enhance their skills in various arts and benefit from their spouse's profits. Middle-aged Aquarius individuals should take care of their health. They will experience joy through their mother, as well as progress in their finances and career. New relationships will also blossom, and Aquarius individuals will have a broad-minded perspective, understanding right from wrong. However, they may feel a bit uneasy around women.

Career: Aquarius individuals will experience progress and new opportunities in their professional lives.

Relationships: It will be a favorable time for relationships, with new bonds being formed and existing ones flourishing.

Finances: Aquarius individuals will experience progress and improved financial conditions.

Remedy: Regularly chanting "Om Jagatkartaaya Namaha" will bring positive vibrations. Listening to or reading the Vishnu Sahasranama daily is also recommended.


During the Mercury transit in Leo, Pisces natives might experience an increase in their argumentative nature, leading to disagreements with others. It is advised for them to avoid getting involved in unsavory discussions and controversies. It would benefit them to plan to spend time in faraway places to maintain peace of mind. Additionally, they should pay attention to their health and care for themselves. They can expect to have a harmonious relationship with relatives from their maternal side. However, they should be cautious about the possibility of having secret enemies. Students may encounter obstacles and face slow educational progress, which could cause mental stress. On the bright side, those Pisces individuals who are pursuing a career in the legal field can expect positive advancements. They will also show concern for the well-being of their siblings. It is worth mentioning that unnecessary quarrels may arise without a valid reason, and Pisces natives may develop a stronger interest in occult sciences.

Career: Pisces individuals should avoid controversies in the workplace and focus on their tasks.

Relationships: Pisces natives should practice compromise and active listening to sustain their relationships.

Finances: Financial progress may be slow, and it is advisable to postpone major financial decisions and loans.

Remedy: Regularly chanting "Om Mathuraanaathaaya Namaha" will bring positive energy and balance. Listening to or reading the Vishnu Sahasranama daily is also recommended.


Mercury, a planet considered neutral in nature in astrology, can exhibit benevolent or malefic effects depending on its association with other planets. The nature of Mercury is determined by its associations with other planets and signs in a horoscope.

When Mercury is weak or afflicted due to its association or placement, individuals may exhibit the following qualities:

  • Weak decision-making abilities.
  • Inclination towards wrongful actions.
  • Poor performance in education.
  • Difficulties in understanding and executing tasks.
  • Business losses.

To strengthen the influence of Mercury, follow the remedies below:

  • Wear an Emerald gemstone on the little finger.
  • Tie 1.25 kg of Mung Beans (Green Gram) in a green cloth and donate it to a priest.
  • Soak green gram pulses on Tuesday night and feed them to a cow on Wednesday.
  • Whenever possible, feed a cow with green grass.
  • Engage in the daily worship of Lord Vishnu and Lord Ganesha.
  • Try to visit Lord Ganesha's temple every Wednesday.

To gain further insights and improve engagement with astrology, consider consulting Astroyogi astrologer Astro Sharath. He possesses deep knowledge and expertise in this field, allowing him to provide valuable guidance tailored to your unique circumstances. With his assistance, you can enhance your understanding of the impacts of malefic Mercury and receive personalized remedies to strengthen its influence in your life.

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