5 Best Colors for Your Bedroom to Enhance Love! A Must Read for All Married Couples!

Sat, Dec 17, 2022
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Sat, Dec 17, 2022
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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5 Best Colors for Your Bedroom to Enhance Love! A Must Read for All Married Couples!

The correct choice of colors for a newly married couple's bedroom can do wonders for their life! The right colors can impart a soothing effect, help radiate the right kind of energy, enhance the love in their relationship, and MORE! Are you struggling with picking the right colors for your bedroom walls? This article can offer you a helping hand!

Did you know that colors can express emotions? Yes, it's true! Love and romance are feelings that can be expressed through colors. The right colors can not only spruce up your personal space and add style to your living space, but they also have an extraordinary impact on your mood, emotions, psyche, inner self, and overall thought process. 

For a married couple, whether a newly married couple or a couple that has been together for a long time, their bedroom serves as their personal living space and their inner sanctum. A unique, lovely, and romantic bedroom can easily be achieved by incorporating the right colors. These colors will rightfully ensure that love, adoration, and romance don't leave the space. 

Let’s dive into the topic, shall we? 

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What Are The Colors That A Married Couple Can Pick? Check It Out Here!

Forget about only sticking to the regular hues and shades that don't add much to your marital life! This article lists some of the best colors for a newlywed couple or a married couple who have been together for years to help create the perfect romantic atmosphere in the bedroom. When picking a color for the bedroom, according to Vastu, you should know what that color is known to symbolize. The colors mentioned here are ideal for your personal space without being too wacky or bold. 

Below are a few colors that will surely spread beautiful emotions of love and romance in your bedroom. 

Light Pink or Pink 

The first color that pops into your mind when you think about love is Pink! Pink is synonymous with romance. This beautiful color not only represents warmth, softness, and love but also there is youthfulness and cheerfulness attached to it. According to Vastu, pink deepens the bond between you and your partner and keeps conflicts at bay, making it the ideal color for the bedroom.

The soft and bashful pink pairs well with classic colors. Hues of pink can pair well with warm metallic shades such as copper, gold, and bronze. When combined with white or lighter or darker shades of pink, it can create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom. Pink, especially, is the perfect pick for newly married couples. This color will also help keep the romance fresh and love pure as time passes, making it the ideal selection for married couples who have been together for a long time. 

Trust us; if your bedroom is pink, it would be difficult to go to sleep angry at your partner! Love will truly be in the air!  


Yellow in the bedroom? Absolutely! Romantic bedroom colors are not only limited to pinks; yellow can bring your bedroom to life. Yellow is the color of sunshine, and it represents happiness! It is a color that exudes energy and light and is synonymous with positivity. According to Vastu, incorporating yellow in your bedroom is an excellent idea as this color symbolizes contentment.

If you have a small bedroom, yellow is the best option as it makes the room look bigger as it reflects light. The natural light and soft glow can create a romantic atmosphere in the room. Whether you may choose the sunshine yellow, the sunflower yellow hues, yellow-ochre, or add a few dashes of mustard yellow, yellow is an ideal option for your bedroom. Even a hint of yellow tones can warm up your bedroom. Yellow with white makes for a perfect match for your personal space. 

The warm and uplifting hues of yellow could correct your and your partner's mood even if you both woke up on the wrong side of the bed! 


The hues of lavender are always a trendy pick! The beautiful lavender represents a mature version of love and romance. This color will keep the romance fresh in your life and continuously rejuvenate the romantic period of your life. The flirty lavender color is similar to pink when it comes to romance and passion quotient; therefore, it can work well to boost romance in your marital relationship.

The shades of lavender with white or lighter versions of its own shades are an excellent pick for a married couple's bedroom. This color combination has a comforting and calming aura that can promote good sleep. The lavender color has the ability to soften your personal space without drawing too much attention. Hence, it would go very well in your bedroom. 

You can end your search for the right bedroom color with the lovely lavender! 


Not all bedroom colors need to be eye-catching or steal the spotlight; some colors, like green, have an understated elegance. Green imparts simplicity and perfection but with a calm and relaxed vibe. As green is a positive color, it helps the room's inhabitants to unwind after a long day, making it a suitable pick for your bedroom. According to Vastu, green or shades of green helps foster healing and ease. Vastu Shastra also indicated that green is said to improve fertility, making it a distinctive color for newlywed couples' bedroom walls. Green is a natural color that helps to keep everything real and romantic towards each other. 

Green can offer your bedroom a spacious look and characterizes a peaceful atmosphere. Different shades of green, such as mint green with blue, are a good combination for your main bedroom. Light green or muted green with light brown is a great combination that can add an earthy feel to your bedroom. 

Green, a happy color, is one of the best picks if you and your significant other want to wake up in a good mood every day! 


How would you describe the orange color? Vibrant and exciting are some of the words that are used to describe it. And these are the same vibes that this color will usher into your bedroom. According to Vastu, orange is suitable for your main bedroom. This color is best suited for the southern wall of the bedroom. The color represents high self-esteem and a strong foundation when it comes to values. The color orange symbolizes vitality and health. However, remember that people with anger issues should avoid this color.

Orange is a warm color that has the ability to make bedrooms pop with color and adds brightness to your life. This color is the perfect way to perk up any neutral space, making it the ideal pick for newly married couples. Various shades of orange, such as metallic orange, light orange, etc., can add a playful and romantic quality to your bedroom. Mild orange with white and blue can help create a romantic color palette in the bedroom.

The bright orange color can add a glow of love to your life!  

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Why Is Opting For The Right Colors Important? 

For your house to become a home or a room to become an ideal personal space, it should radiate the correct type of energy. This is why it is up to the homeowner to choose colors that not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of their living space but also harness the positive energy that can keep negative energy at bay. This can be done with the help of Vastu. According to Vastu Shastra, the ancient science of architecture, Vastu-compliant colors can play a crucial role in bringing a balanced state to your mind, body, and spirit, ultimately allowing you to lead a prosperous and harmonious life. Colors and emotions are closely connected; different colors can stimulate different emotions. The right shades in the right rooms can stimulate the right energy in your home and influence the home dwellers in a positive way. 

According to Vastu Shastra, every room has a color best suited for it. When you follow Vastu guidelines, you can pick colors that can assist you in filling your home with positivity. Vastu Shastra follows certain principles that should form a key part of any architectural design. Vastu takes into account the design, layout, colors, measurements, and spatial and geometrical coordinates to create an atmosphere of harmony in your home. When the right colors are chosen for a married couple's bedroom, they can have a relaxing effect on them. Colors can help express your romantic feelings as they significantly impact your spirit. The right colors, with the right direction and the correct elements, can play a vital role in the house inhabitants' prosperity and overall well-being.

Summing Up 

The above-mentioned colors are some of the shades and hues that can undoubtedly transmit feelings of love, adoration, and romance in a newlywed couple and a long-time married couple's life. These colors can fill your personal space with love, assisting you in rekindling romance and passion in your daily life. The best part about these colors is that they can fit right into your modern homes and apartments.

The idea of a romantic environment differs from person to person. However, one thing that can be said surely is that a beautiful personal space, i.e., a bedroom, can do wonders for your relationship. The right colors can create the right romantic ambiance in the bedroom, making a married couple's life blissful. 
To give your home the 'Vastu-touch' and fill your marital life with happiness, you are required to connect with a Vastu consultant on Astroyogi. Astroyogi's Vastu consultants can offer you personalized color recommendations in a jiffy!


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