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Aries Lover

Aries Lover

Dear Aries, remember those times when your mother always warned you, ‘marry in haste, and repent at leisure.’ You are quick when it comes to falling in love and it’s not just a passing affair, for you it is always the real passionate love. You don’t really understand the theory of waiting for Mr. Right or Ms. Right which makes you jump into a relationship and makes things happen. To many it may seem like they are rushing too fast but in your mind it’s just perfect. This is not all, you are even quick to move on without paying a heed if you cannot convince the person you fancy to follow along your emotions. You are known to be the master in the art of strategizing and devising a plan for the next attack for everything in life, including love!!

But when you are convinced that you have found your soulmate, you will be very faithful and your loved one will be your top most priority. You have a strong sense of romance and anybody who is in love with you can expect a lot of excitement and fun filled dates. Although you are a wandering spirit you may show some streaks of jealousy and possessiveness as well. You enjoy a spontaneous relationship with your partner but at times you can get stubborn and very demanding turning you into the dominant one in the relationship. You require to be a little compromising and tolerant in nature to enjoy a harmonious relationship with your partner. You are highly expressive but you are the kind who don’t believe in expressing their feelings verbally but rather through actions like would express their feelings through surprises son you can expect a lot of candlelight dinners and almost everything romantic that you can think of.

The only problem that is you tend to give out all your heart and attention in a relationship to an extent that your partner feels suffocated. You have no control of your temper, you may say things which will make you repent but then again you are also highly egoistical in nature. The combination of your temper and ego can wreak havoc in your relationship. How do you cure it? Take out some ‘me’ time everything and do the things ‘you’ love every day to maintain a balanced love life.

Aries are known to be caring partners, you like to give all your attention to your partner but problems arise when you expect the same or just too much from your partner. Since you have a tendency to have the last word in a conversation you need to learn to be more relaxed and easy to avoid any kind of friction in your relationship.