Venus Transit in Libra On 4th October 2019 And Its Impact On Your Destiny by Aacharya Aaditya

Venus would be transiting to Libra on Friday, October 4, 2019 05:27 AM. Libra happens to be the zodiac owned by Venus and it also happens to be the Mool Trikona Rashi for it. Venus would be experiencing brilliance in this sign and it is likely to deliver evidently good results.

Venus rules marriage, spouse, materialistic comforts, wealth, cash flows, vehicles, good flavour, good food, artistic tendencies in Astrology and these aspects are likely to get brightened up. The following are the probable results of this transit to various Moon zodiac signs.


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Venus would transit to 7th house and it would deliver favourable results. Your married life would experience a wonderful change and there would be many opportunities for conjugal bliss. It may be wedding bells for those who have been expecting their marriage and there would be some good marriage proposals heading your way. It would be a goodtime to relax mentally and physically and feel lighter. There can be emergence of some new connections in the social circle and it can be useful for your business growth so keep up with yourself. An occasion like a romantic candle light dinner can improve bonding with your spouse/loved one.


Venus would transit to 6th house and it would deliver mixed results. Domestic happiness would be on the rise and it would be wise to plan an outing during this time. Spending pattern may move to a higher side but it can end some outstanding payments. Watch out for any kind of excesses in your food habits otherwise it can deliver health problems. It can prove to be a goodtime to end enemity with some long standing enemies through dialogue. Keep a track of your spouse' health as there can be some minor disturbances in her health.  


Venus would transit to 5th house and it would deliver favorable results. Your spouse and children would occupy a central position in your life and it would be wise to please them. Income pattern would improve but there would be matching expenditure. You can undertake some capital expenditure during tbis time and create and asset for yourself. Works would be effortless so ensure that your performance is noted by your superiors. This appears to be goodtime for being with others and enjoy rather than practising solitude.


Venus would transit to 4th house and it likely to deliver very favourable results. You are likely to shine at home as well as work. There would be plenty of occasions to enjoy and celebrate with your family members and your family life would be at its best. This appears to be a goodtime for your Mother also and she would be enjoying different aspects of life. Work would be easy and your efforts would bear desired results in front of your seniors. Make full use of this time as opportunities and resources would be completely by your side.


Venus would transit to 3rd house and it is likely to deliver favourable results. Your versatility and artistic tendencies would improve considerably and it would help you to gain fresh skills. Your efforts would bear good results and you would feel very contended. Both short distance as well as long distance travel appears to be on the cards so make it count favourably. Your overall luck factor would improve and your performance at work would be appreciated. It also appears to be a goodtime to ask for favors from your seniors.


Venus would transit to 2nd house and it is likely to deliver very favourable results. Your Personal investments would experience a boom and it may be a goodtime to book some profits. Income flow would be very smooth and you would also get ample opportunities to spend money fruitfully. At work, your conviction level and negotiation abilities would be on the rise and it seems that you would be able to crack an important deal during this time. It also appears a good time to enhance your social circle and subsequently generate some fresh clientele out of it.  You would be meeting some influential people during this time and exchanging some important ideas with them.


Venus would transit to Lagna/First house and it is very likely to deliver preferable and desires results. Your overall personality would shine and you would be able to create a lasting impact in the family as well as at work. Your physical appearance would improve and your  conduct with other people would be highly appreciated. It would be a great time to take people into your favor and get into direct limelight. This time also marks a wonderful time woth your loved ones especially with your spouse. Family life would be wonderful and you should spend some leisure time with your family. It would also be a goodtime for those who have been waiting for their marriage. Some good proposals are likely to head your way so be prepared.   


 Venus would transit to 12th house and it is likely to deliver good results. You are likely to enter into party mood and there would be notable expenditure on this. Try to enjoy every moment as this time appears favourable for all this. In case you have been planning a break from work then this appears to be an idle time for it. It can also turnout to be a goodtime for planning a foreign trip. You would taste good food during this time and company of near dear ones and friends is going to make it better. Work would be smooth and you should follow the rhythm to score desired results. Watch out for any type of expenditure on impulse.


 Venus would transit to 11th house and it is likely to deliver very favourable results. Your income level would improve and it appears to be a goodtime to realize any outstanding payments, if any. There can also be emergence of additional source of income so keep your options open. Some kind of appreciation and reward also appears on the cards and you would get into direct limelight at work. Family life would also be good and try to spend some quality time with your children. it is a goodtime to earn, spend and save money. Your spouse would also experience some rewarding event during this time and it would be wise to participate in it with complete heart.


Venus would transit to 10th house and it would deliver favourable results. Work would be very rewarding and you are likely to perform well in your job. New responsibilities/projects would be very favourable and you would get every chance to show your talent and skills at work. There would be immense support from the female gender so prepare yourself accordingly. You may get some opportunity to receiving training at work to improve your skills so better opt for it. You would be able to strike a balance between professional and personal life so overall quality of life would be good. Try to spend some quality time with your Mother.


Venus would transit to 9th house and it is very likely to deliver favourable results. There would no differences with your near ones and harmony is on the cards. People would appreciate your existence around them and you would also reciprocate in the like manner.  Travel would be very rewarding and it is advisable to plan such a trip and create memories out of it. There would be functions organized in the family and your Mother is likely to have a memorable time out of it. Work would be very reasonable and you would be easing out the entire complexities/obstacles involved ion your job profile. Your Father is also likely to benefit from this transit.


Venus would transit to 8th house and it is likely to deliver mixed results. Stay away from scandalous behaviour and watch out for any kind of excesses while dealing with the female gender. Do not misuse your power/talent otherwise there can be serious repercussions. Windfall activities like lottery, speculation, trading may yield some positive results but ideally you should stay away from it. It may be a good time to review your long term debts like home loan and also long term investments like PF, gratuity, bonds etc as some of them may be maturing with a reasonable level of profits. Stick to routine life and things would be good.



Aacharya Aaditya


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