Taurus in Love

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Taurus in Love

Those born between April 20th and May 20th, come under the zodiac sign of Taurus. This Earth sign values consistency in their relationship. When it comes to love, they prefer to take the old-school route.

Not one with a shortage of dates and admirers, once a Taurus finds a match for themselves, they remain committed. Ruled by the beautiful planet, Venus, Taurus is quite attractive and can be really easy on the eyes. When planning a romantic date for a Taurus, you should consider taking them to classy restaurants, wine-ing, and dine-ing them and pamper them with flowers, and yummy chocolates. These gifts could go a long way in making a Taurus fall in love with you. For an anniversary date, or if you want to make ‘a grand gesture’, planning a couples massage or couples spa day, can really impress them!

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To get a Taurus to notice you, you will have to work on your flirting skills. Flirting in a charming way is what will help you hit it off with them, but be sure that your pick-up lines are not too cheesy. That said, do not get too serious also. Confessing to them your true love feelings too soon can scare them off. Impress them with your skills and amazing traits, but be subtle about it. Taurus do not like those who show-off or behave in a flashy manner. 

There are some qualities of Taurus which can be their driving force in a relationship. They are loyal, persistent, and will make their partners feel comfortable and very relaxed around them. In a relationship, Taurus is attentive, self-sacrificing, and are very loving and caring towards their partner. Nothing can stop The Bulls from getting, and keeping, what they want, once they set their minds to it. Not only this, Taurus partners are very reliable and dependable as well, and this hard-working zodiac will go to the end of the world to help out their loved ones. However, that being said, being taken for granted is not something that sits well with a Taurus, and can be a deal-breaker for them.

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This incredibly sensual zodiac loves to be touched, to hold hands and spend the night kissing their partner. Despite being head-strong, and independent, in a relationship, Taurus quite appreciate being pampered. Taurus has a strong sexual drive, but may not be able to physically connect with just anyone and everyone. For them to get into a relationship, they need physical attraction to start their romance. Admirers could have a tough time breaking through their external barriers, but Taurus will make sure that your effort and wait are worth it in the end. Not only external walls, but Bulls also have quite a number of internal barriers, and will only show their sensitive side to those they feel close to.

For some, predictability may prove as a boring relationship. But not for Taurus. They do not like changes, and predictability means reliability for them, helping them create their own two-some bubble.

If you have had an argument with a Taurus, or if you have done something to hurt them or annoy them, they will make it quite obvious. They don’t like to play games. If they are hurt they will make it evident. If you feel that they are avoiding you, they probably are. If they stop returning your texts or do not answer your calls, know that there is definitely something wrong. If they ditch you, or change plans at the last minute, there may be some problems in your relationship.

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