April 2022: Monthly Tarot Reading For The 12 Zodiac Signs by Tarot Pooja

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Tarot Pooja By Tarot Pooja
April 2022: Monthly Tarot Reading For The 12 Zodiac Signs by Tarot Pooja

Tarot prediction for April 2022 promises you good times and promising prospects. Read to know what the Tarot monthly horoscope can reveal about your life and fortune.

Self-healing and nurturing ourselves are the important keywords for April 2022. April is the fourth month, and the new financial year starts with it. It marks a new shift in the energies, and hence it is the best time to make new healthy lifestyle changes that cater to your inner well-being and create balance in your life. The World Health Day on 7th April puts emphasis on taking good care of our health, whereas the International Earth Day on 22nd April talks about nurturing our Mother Earth. On the other hand, the International Dance Day on 29th April is the apt time for healing through Dance Therapy and Mudra Therapy.

This month, proper health and well-being can be achieved through your diet. You must plan and consume your food as per your body type and Ayurveda - Pitta, Vatta, and Kapa. In addition to your diet, what is extremely important is finding daily time for meditation and self-healing. This will keep your mind, body, and soul balanced and in total synchronicity.

This month is the perfect time to work on ourselves for healing, growth, and positive changes through various spiritual tools and techniques. This is why following different meditations, healing, and remedies this month can benefit you.

Here are the Tarot predictions for April 2022 for all the twelve Zodiacs, along with easy and effective remedies for this month. Let's look at the Tarot monthly horoscope to know what is in store for each zodiac sign this month.

Aries Tarot April 2022

Dear Aries, this is the best time of the year for you to shed all the past negativity and become more positive. Your past health issues will start to disappear. You will move towards higher vibrations; hence, start meeting new people in your professional and social circles, creating mutually rewarding associations. It's time for total change and transformation, so you must look forward to new opportunities, new business deals, and new friends. You will become a new you. Invest time, energy, and money in yourself by learning new skills and courses in your domain, enjoying good food, etc.

Remedy - Do Reiki healing daily. This will ground you and give you extra energy to increase your efficiency and productivity.

Taurus Tarot April 2022

Dear Taureans, it is time to increase your physical activity and work towards fitness. Do not sit in front of the TV all the time or keep reading the newspaper. Step out of your home and comfort zone and start meeting new people. Joining some clubs and taking up hobby classes will be a good idea. It would help if you channel your energy into doing positive things; otherwise, you are heading towards saturation and decay in life. Remember that what does not improve starts to decay. So call your shots accordingly!

Remedy - Do Yoga as Yoga can do wonders for you!

Gemini Tarot April 2022

Dear Geminis, it's time to let your hair down and party with friends. Catching up with friends, planning vacations, and going on an alumni meet will be the trends for you this April. Your social life will be super active, and you will love it. Meeting different people and experiencing many social activities after a long time will thrill you, so enjoy them to the fullest. Work might be a little slow, which is good as you can take a small break to indulge in partying.

Remedy - Color Therapy will do miracles for you this month as you will be stepping out almost daily. This is a therapy in which you heal using all the seven rainbow colors as all colors have a specific wavelength, hence, different healing properties.

Cancer Tarot April 2022

Dear Cancerians, it's time to take care of your parents' health as that might be a cause of worry and can add extra stress to your life. You will be engrossed in work and have busy office schedules and multiple deadlines. You will need to multitask. Some office politics might happen, but you need to wake up and smell the coffee. Focus on your goals and try to be in the good books of your boss. Avoid arguments and exit the situation if you feel the need. Stay away from any negativity, and keep your full attention on your own work.

Remedy - Do Chakra Meditation every day to stay clear of all the negativity.

Leo Tarot April 2022

Dear Leos, now is the time to wake up and fight for yourself. You have had people control you for a long time. During this time, your own mind had stopped working, and you were not making your own decisions. A family member or a close friend made decisions on your behalf and made you feel that you are doing it. You were being manipulated for a while. Better late than never, as this is your wake-up call, so please get up and take control of your life.

Remedy - Aura Cleansing is the need of the hour as there's a lot of unwanted energy accumulated in your aura.

Virgo Tarot April 2022

Dear Virgos, follow your own passion and what makes you happy. Only if you are truly happy can you make others happy. This is because you cannot give happiness to someone else when you do not have it yourself. So far, you have tried to be a good parent, good spouse, and a good friend; you have tried to make everyone happy. You have been trying to impress everyone else apart from your own self. This is the time for self-love and self-healing. No more self-doubts. Remember, you must accept yourself the way you are. The journey of healing and growth begins when you throw away the guilt and accept yourself.

Remedy - You should combine self-love therapy, affirmations, meditations, and rituals and practice it daily.

Libra Tarot April 2022

Dear Librans, the predictions say that books will become your best friends this month. You will become a voracious reader and read many books. Books are our best friends, and they can teach us all. You will be reading spiritual and self-help books that will change your perspective on life. You will become empowered and start believing more in yourself. The best outcome will be to practice and implement what you read in the books in your everyday experiences. The divine forces will give you various opportunities to see how what you have learned can be used in practical life.

Remedy - Do grounding meditations that will ground the extra and unwanted energy from your system, making you calmer and more balanced.

Scorpio Tarot April 2022

Dear Scorpios, it's time to balance your Karma and not indulge in making any other bad ones. You already have enough Karmic debt that needs to be cleared and paid off to various people in this lifetime. Let's not indulge in more Karmically wrong entanglements. Instead, you must focus on creating new, good, and positive Sanchit Karmas. Karmas are of various types, and the Sanchit Karmas are the ones you do now. However, they give you positive results in the future, i.e., the next birth. These might include charity, donations, and helping out people in stress and need.

Remedy - Work on your Karma. It is said that Lord Chitragupta is keeping records of all our Karmas and Akashic records. Try to do your daily decision-making based on Karma Theory.

Sagittarius Tarot April 2022

Dear Sagittarians, it's time to invest in what you eat. Focus on consuming rich, healthy, and nutritious food throughout the month, from golden kiwis, cherry tomatoes to celery, basil, and thyme salads. We are what we eat, so this is a long-term investment of time, energy, and money that you do in your own self. Remember, health is wealth. You may also include lots of sprouts, microgreens, and zucchini in your diet. The best thing to do will be to match your diet with your daily minerals and vitamins requirements and follow the Panchakarmas and Doshas- Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha. Ayurvedic diet management is the best as it can be customized for everyone depending upon their body composition. As it's summertime, the Pitta component rises, which needs to be maintained.

Remedy - This month, the kitchen is the gateway to heaven for you. Do Ayurvedic diet management according to your body composition.

Capricorn Tarot April 2022

Dear Capricorns, time to alleviate your vibrations and Urja, as then you will begin to attract more career opportunities, money, and love in your life. As Einstein said, "Everything is energy, and that's all there is to it." We, ourselves, and all things around us are just different manifestations of the five Elements- Pancha Bhutas. You can increase your vibrations in multiple ways; however, doing daily Sadhana and meditation is best. That is how you shift from the mode of running after people and things to a higher alleviated state wherein the right people and opportunities start knocking on your door on their own. Additionally, Reiki can help you immensely.

Remedy - Daily Reiki meditations and self-healing should be followed. Usui Reiki or Traditional Reiki is the best practice.

Aquarius Tarot April 2022

Dear Aquarians, you must connect with mother nature this month, especially plants and soil, as that is our building block. This month, you might have to go through some stress and anxiety, and hence, this connection with nature will keep you relaxed and calmer. This month also happens to be International Earth Day, so all the more reasons to celebrate. Stress management and anger management need to be done this month. This is the best way for you to find your solace.

Remedy - Plant Healing can do you wonders. This therapy uses plants to heal as all the plants are positive sources of energy.

Pisces Tarot April 2022

Dear Pisceans, you need to remove your energy blocks now as, for quite some time, you have been unable to manifest all your desires. You have been working very hard; however, you have been facing delays in achieving your goals, both at the personal and professional levels. This is due to the energy blocks created in your life over time. You may try to remove the blockages with the help of Numerological name correction and Vastu guidance, as these are extremely powerful divine sciences that affect every dimension of your life.

Remedy - Numerological name corrections and Vastu guidance for your home and office can do wonders for you.

Always remember that these are generalized predictions. If you want personalized and comprehensive predictions, remedies, or you have any concerns and need guidance, you may connect with Tarot Pooja on Astroyogi right away.

✍️By - Tarot Pooja

Certified International Celebrity Tarot Reader

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