Siblings and Sun Signs

Astrologically, what are the traits associated with brothers and sisters of various sun signs. What kind of a relationship do you share with your siblings? Do they spoil you with gifts or do they make your life impossible with their crazy ideas? Find out what to expect from your siblings based on their zodiac signs.


Aries brothers are sweet, protective and seek much attention from their sisters. They love to be spoilt with gifts. Arian sisters are dominating and they love bossing around. They love shopping and are likely to burn a hole in your pocket.


Taurus loves home and family and they don't think twice before sacrificing their desires for their sibling's happiness. Both Taurean brothers and sisters are affectionate and gentle.


Gemini siblings come with a promise of fun and intellectual stimulation. Your home will be filled with energy and board games will be played till you are exhausted and can play no more. It's hard to keep up with Gemini siblings. They can turn the house upside down with their crazy ideas.


Cancer siblings are not so comfortable about sharing how much they care about you. There are times when they will indicate that you mean the world to them but they like to keep this sentimental side of their personality hidden away from the rest of the world. They are loving and affectionate.


Leo siblings are prone to snatching the spotlight and sibling rivalry is common with this sign. But, underneath their confident facade lies a deeply emotional person who will go to any length to ensure you are happy.


Virgo siblings are likely to be introverts and they may not be comfortable with displays of affection. They do care and it's their actions that speak louder than words. They are willing to fight any fight for you and will always be there for you.


Libra is a sweet natured, harmony loving sign and Libran siblings will not shy away from showing how much they care. They like to demonstrate rather than keep you guessing. They bring a smile to your face with the many gifts they shower their loved ones with.


Scorpio loves a close knit family atmosphere and as far as siblings go they love them to death and will do anything in the world for their loved ones but don't expect them to express their love in words. They won't. They keep their feelings to themselves and may appear cold and distant.


Sagittarius siblings like to celebrate with their loved ones. They are always ready to meet and greet. Fun experiences and exploring the world outside is a given when you have Sagittarian siblings by your side.


Capricorn siblings are over protective. They will leave no stone unturned to fulfill your wishes. They work for keeping their loved ones happy and no amount of hard work can make them stop from achieving what they want. They are loyal and devoted to their loved ones.


Aquarius siblings are not easy-to-understand. They like to do things differently. They will surprise you with their ideas of fun. They like to experiment and socialize. You will get to meet people from all walks of life and experience a different world, all thanks to your Aquarius siblings.


Pisces siblings are emotional and they bond well with their loved ones. They are deeply attached and will always care about your happiness. They like to get creative and are wonderful with children.


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