The Mercury Transit to Virgo On 11th September And Its Impact

Mercury is considered to be the Lord of Zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo according to Vedic Astrology. The planet is also considered as the key significator of intelligence and analytical abilities. Mercury/ Budh is considered to be neutral in nature and it would take up the properties of influencing planets. So the impact of Mercury on our destiny would depend upon its conjunctions and influencing planets. If it is about to have a conjunction or is being influenced by a benefic planet then it would also take up the properties of the benefic planet and bring in the positive impacts and Vice versa. On 11th of September 2019 at 05:08 AM Mercury will be transiting from Leo to Virgo. Let’s take a look at the impact of this transit on the 12 zodiac signs:


(Please note that these predictions are based on Moon signs)



The transit will bring Mercury/Budh into your sixth house. Sun is already positioned in your sixth house and the conjunction of these two planets in your sixth house will form the coveted ‘Budh Aditya Yog’. This would help you recover from any injury or ailment which have been troubling you.  You will be appreciated and recognized for the hard work you have put in on the work front. You will also be able to excel in any kind of competition in the office. While this would be a very favorable time period for work and business, the personal front will stay normal.



Mercury will be entering your fifth house after the transit. The planet will have favorable conjunction with Sun in your fifth house, which would only bring in good impacts for you. Your love life during this time period will be blissful. You will sort out any differences or arguments with your better half and spend some quality time with your love. You will also be inclined towards spirituality and religion during this time period. This is also a good time period for making big purchases like a house or car.



Mercury will come into your fourth house after the transit, the fourth house pertains to general wellbeing and happiness of an individual. You may reap the benefits out of an ancestral investment, property or asset during this time period. The conjunction of Mercury and Sun in your fourth house will bring in good luck for you. This will also induce the love and care from your mother, and those natives who are staying away from their mother will get to see them and spend some quality time with them. You will also enjoy harmony and love with your younger siblings or cousins during this time period.


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Mercury will transit into your ‘Parakram Sthan’ or third house. This would boost your energy levels and would bring in good luck on the work front. Mercury’s conjunction with Sun in the third house will enhance your energy, vigor, and confidence. You will literally be unstoppable and will have absolute clarity and conviction about how to accomplish tasks. But you are advised not to lose your temper or get into unnecessary arguments with friends and colleagues. There are chances of such minor fracas which may hamper your carefully built image.



Mercury in your second house along with Sun will only bring in good news for you. This will bring in financial gains for you, you may also receive some funds from ancestral property or investment. There are also chances for getting back some bad debts during this time period.  You would make more friends during this time period with your social skills. Natives who are capitalizing on their communication skills in the work front, like lawyers or sales professionals will be benefited during this time period. Students will also be benefited during this time period.



Mercury is transiting into your own sign and will form the ‘Budh Aditya Yog’ in your first house after the conjunction with Sun in your first house. You will be showered with good luck during this time period in almost all domains of life. You will be noticed by superiors in the work front and may also be appreciated for the good work that you have done. Just make sure that you do your best and things will work only in your favor. Family life will be blissful and you may even plan a family trip that has been long pending.



Mercury will visit your 12th house where Sun is already placed. This conjunction may increase the work pressure, you may also have to take up new responsibilities on the work front during this time period. Just consider it as an opportunity to prove your mettle. You may also find an increase in your expenses, you are advised to stick to your budget and not to overspend on frivolous things.



Mercury will be visiting your eleventh house after the transit, which is also known as the ‘Labh Ghar’ in Vedic astrology. Due to the conjunction of Mercury with Sun in the Labh Ghar, there are high chances of financial gains for you. If you were finding it hard to save some money, you will finally join some saving schemes during this time period. However, you may have some concerns related to your health during this time period. You are advised to be careful about what you eat and drink, you should also make it a point that your body gets enough rest after all that hectic work. Travel is on the cards and this may be for personal or professional reasons.



For Sagittarius natives, the transit will position Mercury in their tenth house which is also known as ‘Karyakhetra’ in Vedic astrology. This is a favorable time period on the work front. You will get some good news, it may be a good increment, bonus or even a promotion. Those natives who are planning for shifting their job will find a good opportunity to come their way during this time period.



With Mercury in your ninth house, you will be gleaming with confidence and enthusiasm. You will be getting the support and favor of luck during this time period. You will find that your intelligence quotient and memory power is bolstered after this transit. You should make the best use of these attributes and also your strong luck on the work front. This is a favorable time period for your love life too.



Mercury will be positioned in your eighth house after the transit and this would have both positive and negative impacts for you. You will sort out any differences which you have with your father or any elderly figure during this time period. If you are planning for love marriage then you may come across some obstacles during this time period, don’t worry things will clear out, just give it some time. You will get help from friends and family when you require it and there are chances of financial gains from unexpected sources.



Mercury will be visiting your seventh house after the transit. You may be a bit concerned about your health during this time period. The change in climate may affect your health so you are advised to stay safe. Work front will remain normal and if you are planning to change the job then wait for some more time, as it is not the ideal time to make a shift. Single natives who are planning to get married may narrow down on an alliance during this time period.


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