Mercury Transit in Cancer

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The planet Mercury rules the zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo. Planet Mercury is considered to be significantly powerful in speech, wisdom, communication and even business as per the Vedic Astrology. The concerned individual who has a strong and favorable presence of the planet Mercury would be entitled to advances in all the aforementioned domains. This clearly gives out the picture that the planet Mercury is beneficial in nature, however, when it is in the close proximity of malefic planets, it can reflect bad consequences.

The planet Mercury transits in Cancer on the 21st of June at 2:41 am. Since this transit will be having an influence on all the 12 Zodiac signs, let us take a look at the below astrological predictions by our own expert astrologers from Astroyogi to know how it will affect each zodiac sign.


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With the planet Mercury being in transit into the 4th house, it is indicated that the individuals in romantic relationships and individuals who are married would experience harmony and peace. Individuals will be dedicated to their work and will get beneficial results for hard work. There can be some property issues arising which can lead one to construct a new house. At the workplace, there will be significant support and praise from the senior management and colleagues. It is advised to keep one’s health in check by exercising regularly and being active on a daily basis.



The planet Mercury will move into the 3rd house where it is indicated that individuals of this sign will feel a surge of willpower to achieve and complete things. The concerned individual’s communication skills, personal efforts, and cooperation will be boosted and will help one earn quite handsomely. Traveling short distances is foreseen to be happening soon. In the relationship matters, individuals will experience the bliss of a new relationship. Health-wise, it is advised to do a regular checkup to take any precautionary measures.



The planet Mercury will transit into the 2nd house where individuals of this sign would be able to impress and convince others with their exemplary sweet talk. Individuals will experience a significant amount of growth of capital and gains through the property. Health-wise, it is wise to remember that there are no boundaries to what one’s body is capable of especially when one is physically fit, therefore it is advised to those individuals who are lagging behind to utilize the time and keep themselves active and healthy. At the workplace, it is advised to not indulge in any office politics to avoid the backlash of any sort.



With the transit into the 1st house, it is indicated that the concerned individuals can experience some drawbacks in their health. It is advised to get a proper full medical checkup to ensure proper treatment. There are significant indications that there will be investments and favors from foreign nationals or from foreign countries. At the workplace, tasks that are yet to be completed will be required to be done at a faster pace. There will be harmony and bliss in one’s romantic relations and married couples will experience rejuvenation.



The planet Mercury will move into the 12th house whereby an upswing in one’s expenditure can be expected. It is advised to keep a check on where the money is spent otherwise it is expected that expenses would exceed the earnings. Long distance travel for business is expected to take place. At the workplace, it is not advised to slack off or relax as a promotion might be right around the corner. Health-wise, it is recommended to keep working out or playing sports in order to see subsequent effective results.



The planet Mercury is being in transit into the 11th house whereby a long-anticipated wish may be fulfilled. Individuals will feel healthy and happy where one’s societal circle would improve and would enjoy the company of one’s associates and loved ones. There are significant resources to ensure good returns to make more earnings whereby a good amount is expected to follow. Individuals will experience new relationships through their charisma and communication skills.



With the transit in place, the planet Mercury will move into the 10th house where the individuals concerned will see that their family life is improving and can make substantial incomes through foreign investments. Individuals will experience a rise in their careers and might achieve something that they have been looking forward to for a long time. Health-wise, it is advised to do a regular checkup to avoid any last minute surprises and take the precautionary measure.



The planet Mercury will move into the 9th house where individuals would be accustomed to sudden positives and negatives in their lives. Past investments will bear fruit now creating a surplus of wealth. Surprise foreign travels are forecasted to happen all of a sudden. At the workplace, everything is going well however, it is advised to be vigilant and aware of potential competitors.



Due to the transit of Mercury to Cancer, which will be moving into the 8th house, Sagittarian individuals are advised to take good precautions for their health. At the workplace, individuals will have to face sudden pressures and deadlines. There is a high probability of some financial constraints that can be resolved with secure investments. Individuals will need to be careful regarding what they speak.



The planet Mercury will move into the 7th house where one can experience a rise in their career. Health-wise, individuals will feel filled with vital energy and will be able to go through the day with ease. Married couples and romantic relations would improve and individuals will feel loved. At the workplace, individuals will impress the senior management in an exemplary manner with their composure and ease. It is however not recommended to make any investments of any sort as it can lead to losses.



The planet Mercury will transit into the 6th house where Aquarians will experience a sharp increase in expenses, albeit they will also find themselves getting rid of debt and loans despite these expenses. It is advised that taking care of one’s own health is not a desire anymore but a necessity, whereby it is advised to keep oneself active and fit to be beneficial in the long run. The promotion at the workplace will just fall into one’s hands instead the individual will have to strive hard for it. The romantic relationship will require some quality time to be spent together.



As Mercury transits into the 5th house the Piscean mind will be inclined to gaining new knowledge. They will experience numerous opportunities that will knock on their door and help them grow financially. In the relationship matters, this period would impart harmony and couples will experience happiness and bliss. Slacking off at the workplace will not reap any benefits and can lead to difficult situations. It is advised to have a controlled diet regime and strictly abide by it in order to avoid any untoward health issues.



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