Kundli Doshas That You Need To Look Out For!

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

In normal terms, the Kundli is the blueprint of our lives. It shows how our life has turned out all this time and what lies ahead. 

In astrological terms, the Kundli has a lot to show that a normal eye cannot see. It includes the placement of planets in various houses, their relationship with other signs, and the impact on our day-to-day lives. This consists of the Doshas, which can be big hurdles of our lives and need to be dealt with as soon as possible. 

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What is a Dosha?

According to astrology, the Doshas are the unfavorable or flawed times that occur due to the Kundli planets' wrong or bad placement. They cause problems and also become hurdles when it comes to success, prosperity, and happiness. For any problem or tension in our lives, you might know that the Doshas are responsible for it.  

The planets can be both malefic or benefic in a horoscope, depending on the placement. When active, the former will refrain things from going smooth in your life despite hard work, dedication, and zeal. 

Ever wondered why your hard work doesn't pay you well enough? Suddenly there is trouble in paradise despite being cautious, uninvited mood swings, etc., etc., the list goes on. These Doshas lay a huge impact on our lives and affect us negatively. It would help if you reached out to an expert astrologer for assistance and ways to deal with it. 

Now let us see the major Doshas, which literally can rock the boat of your life. It would help if you watched out for these.


Types of Dosha 

  • Chanda Dosha:  This Dosha is responsible for affecting the relationships with others in your life. As the name suggests, it is the wrong placement of planet Moon in your birth chart. Along with relationship problems, it is likely to give you many physical problems like pain, breathing difficulties and affect you mentally. 
  • Shani Dosha: When planet Saturn is in deliberated position during retrograde, or an ill-position in your Kundli Shani Dosha occurs. Conjunction with planets like Mars, or Moon, or Rahu can also create Shani Dosha. It can push people to hurt others, make you appear wicked, lure you towards money and other pleasures negatively, make you cheat, ill-treat others, make you selfish, mean, and act more tyrannical towards people to you. 
  • Manglik Dosha: It is caused when planet Mars is in ill-position in your horoscope. It will create problems in getting married or can even doom your marital life. During this time, planet Mars will be malefic in your birth chart. You will see a blockage where all your life's auspicious events would not occur despite all the efforts. It is said that a Manglik girl should also marry a Manglik boy to eliminate its ill-effects in their marital life. 
  • Kalsarp Dosha: Kalsarp Dosha is one of the most dangerous Doshas in astrology. It is caused when all the planets in the birth chart are placed between planet Rahu and Ketu. Such a Dosha opens up people to endless agonies in life and a lot of life-threatening incidences. This lasts long and affects the person both emotionally and mentally in the spheres of life. 
  • Pitra Dosha: Pitra Dosha occurs when your forefathers or ancestors are not happy. Knowingly or unknowingly, you automatically have to find ways to seek their blessings and eradicate this Dosha. It is a debt that you might have to carry for your forefathers of the deeds or mistakes they have committed in the past. Unfortunately, without your fault, you will have to face challenges and punishments in your life. 
  • Nadi Dosha: When the Kundli is matched for marriage Nadi dosha is one of the most important Dosha which people see. If you have Nadi Dosha in your Kundli, there are high chances of facing difficulties in your married life, especially in conceiving. One should check whether you have this Dosha in your birth chart or not and seek effective remedies to save your future when it comes to marriage. 

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