Kiss Day 2022: What Is This Day All About?

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Kiss Day 2022: What Is This Day All About?

The 7th day of love week, i.e., Kiss Day, is an occasion to express your deepest love and affection in the form of a kiss to someone you love. Read on to know all about Kiss Day. 

Valentine's week or love week is filled with romance and fondness, and it is the precise time to celebrate the beautiful feeling of love. Kiss Day is the 7th day of love week, and it is a day prior to Valentine's Day. Lovers celebrate this day because a kiss is a silent language of love that manages to convey our innermost feelings to our beloved.

So, make the most of the love and romance in the air and use the eternal language of love on Kiss Day to convey your heartfelt emotions to your sweetheart. 

Let's get to know more about Kiss Day 2022. 

Kiss Day 2022: Find Out The Date Here! 

Kiss Day is celebrated every year by lovers. The Kiss Day date is on 13th February, and this year this occasion falls on a Sunday. On this occasion, people express their love for their partners in the form of a kiss.  

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What Is The Significance of Kiss Day?

There is no better way to seal a deal than with a kiss! Since a kiss is a love language that appeals to one and all, Kiss Day holds enormous importance for lovers. As the name already suggests, people express their love and deepest affection for their partners by kissing them. In a traditional sense, a kiss is reserved for a significant other or a loved one and often brings with it a promise of commitment and a happily-ever-after! Kiss Day is perfect for showing your partner how attracted you are to them, both physically and emotionally. 

Have you wondered why people put so much emphasis on the importance of a kiss? This is because a kiss is the sweetest expression of love. A kiss is also a mark of trust as it symbolizes that you respect, love, and adore your beloved. A romantic kiss to your significant other can make them feel loved, admired, and cared for. Kissing your significant other is a proven mood booster. It reduces stress and increases the production of chemicals like oxytocin in the body, which is the 'happy hormone.' This can make you feel euphoric. If your partner is tired or has had a stressful day, help them de-stress with a lovely kiss. A kiss is a way of showing your love and saying that you never want your loved one to get hurt. 

Depending on the context, a kiss can convey feelings of love, affection, passion, good luck, gratitude, farewell, friendship, and much more. There are various ways you can kiss your beloved, and each kiss has its own significance and meaning. For example, a sweet kiss on the forehead stands for love and care. Whether it's a friendly kiss on the cheeks or a peck on the lips, a kiss is a love language that can strengthen the bond between you and your loved ones. 

Kiss Day is essentially a day full of romance and passion. This day offers you the golden chance to show your beloved the depth of your love for them. So, make the most of this day by showing your commitment and expressing your inner feelings to your loved ones in the most romantic way, through a kiss.

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How Would The 12 Zodiac Signs Like to Seal The Deal with A Kiss?

A kiss is an action that boosts love, brings you hope, and offers assurances in a relationship. Kissing can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you are initiating it for the first time. The best way to go about a kiss is to be aware of what your partner prefers, and you could do this by getting to know your partner's zodiac sign

Each zodiac sign has its own special characteristics. The zodiac signs can offer detailed insights into the personality quirks of a person. Getting to know an individual's zodiac sign can provide insight into their preferences. Every zodiac sign native has their own unique way of expressing themselves through kisses; some zodiac signs are passionate, while others approach intimacy more practically and methodically. On the other hand, some signs can be too shy, so their partner has to break the ice. Knowing what your beloved likes and is comfortable with can help you plan accordingly and make your loved one feel special.

Here is what the zodiac signs can reveal about an individual's preferences regarding kissing. 

What Can Astrology Reveal About Aries Natives' Kissing Style?

Aries natives bring the fire into their kisses. Like their personality, Aries natives dictate extreme passion, energy, and intensity in a kiss. Their charm as romantic partners lies in their desire to satisfy their partner and themselves while kissing. These passionate individuals approach every kiss with passion and gusto, making every moment feel intense. 

What Can Astrology Reveal About Taurus Natives' Kissing Style?

Taureans are romantic, and they are known for their sensual desires. They give kisses to their beloved as if they are connecting with their significant other on a soulful level. Sometimes they can be conservative, so they might go for a peck on the cheek. Taureans are gentle and tender with their kisses, therefore, making their partner feel loved. Taureans' soulful and intimate kisses can melt their partners' hearts. They can make their partners forget all the tough times in their lives.

What Can Astrology Reveal About Gemini Natives' Kissing Style?

Gemini is a quirky zodiac sign, and they are always full of surprises. In between their kisses, Gemini natives might stop to smile or make a witty observation. Their kisses will never be typical. A Gemini native's kisses will be filled with teasing banter, giggles, fun, and coy smiles, whether they are in a soulful mood or a casual fun mode. Geminis are known for being a cerebral sign, so if they have to kiss their partner, they will go for the forehead. This allows them to feel connected with their partner. Mostly, these individuals save their kisses for moments that sparkle and are remarkable. 

What Can Astrology Reveal About Cancer Natives' Kissing Style?

Cancerians are the kind of romantics who want to be loved and want to give love back to their partner unconditionally. A Cancerian's kisses can offer you the warmth of home. They are heartfelt, and you can feel their emotions through them. These individuals are tender, and they believe in romantic, deep, and long kisses. Their kisses are nothing short of the "happily-ever-after" kisses that one reads about in fairy tales. A Cancerian will pair their kisses with hugs and loving gazes. 

What Can Astrology Reveal About Leo Natives' Kissing Style?

Leos love to put on a show, even when they are sharing quiet and intimate moments with their beloved. They always put their best foot forward to be impressive, no matter what the situation. A Leo native's kisses can be described as wild, unrestricted, theatrical, and uninhibited. They are passionate kissers who are pretty generous with their kisses. A kiss by a Leo native can sweep their partner off their feet.

What Can Astrology Reveal About Virgo Natives' Kissing Style?

Virgos are unique when it comes to their kisses. As Virgo natives tend to be gentle and tender, their kisses too have a lot of love, earthy soul, subtlety, and vitality to them. Kisses from a Virgo native are near perfect as they are dreamy, heartfelt and can transport their partner to dreamland. Known as the perfectionists amongst the zodiac signs, Virgos chase only the best, so they know what they deserve and what to offer to their partners. 

What Can Astrology Reveal About Libra Natives' Kissing Style?

Librans are known for being romantic, and their kisses are nothing short of romantic glitter. The romantic Librans can make their partners feel like they are on top of the world. Each kiss with your Libran partner is like the first kiss, as it will have the same passion, ardor, and romance. Their kisses are soft, tender, light and leave their partners feeling fuzzy. 

What Can Astrology Reveal About Scorpio Natives' Kissing Style?

Scorpio natives are intense, emotional, and sensual people, and that's precisely what their kissing style is. Kisses from Scorpio natives are hard to resist. These individuals are full of passion and intensity. They give their everything to their sensual kisses to satisfy their partner's desires. Their kisses are an explosion of deep emotions, and they can leave a permanent mark on their partner's soul. 

What Can Astrology Reveal About Sagittarius Natives' Kissing Style?

Sagittarians are unpredictable, spontaneous, and their kisses are dictated by their mood. The kisses are unexpected and fun, leaving their partners wanting more. They will keep mixing their styles to keep their partners guessing. If you have a Sagittarius partner, you must know that their unexpected kisses can last you a lifetime. Romance with Sagittarians can never be monotonous and dry. 

What Can Astrology Reveal About Capricorn Natives' Kissing Style?

Capricorn natives want to kiss someone they have butterflies for. Their kisses are classy, intimate, and long-lasting. Even though they are not the most romantic signs, their love is real and long-lasting, making their partner want more. Sophistication and class are the natural expressions of this sign, and they will give it their all to create the ideal kiss with their special person. 

What Can Astrology Reveal About Aquarius Natives' Kissing Style?

The jovial Aquarians are quite unusual when it comes to their romantic endeavors. This is why there is ingenuity in their kisses. One must expect the unexpected from this zodiac sign. Their kisses can be pretty breathtaking. Aquarians aren't quite affectionate by nature, but that doesn't mean that they don't care about their partners. They are picky about who they kiss, but they always make their lovers feel special. 

What Can Astrology Reveal About Pisces Natives' Kissing Style?

Pisces natives are gentle and tender lovers. When a Piscean falls in love, they fall quite deep. A Piscean will only kiss when they love and care for you deeply. Pisceans might not take the initiative, but their kisses can whisk you off to a dreamy and fantastical place. They are unafraid to get lost in their emotions and always give their partners a long-lasting kiss. 

Remember, every individual and every zodiac sign is different. This is why it's best to know your zodiac sign and your partner's so that you can plan the perfect kiss. Knowing what they would prefer would make things easier for you. However, you should remember to follow certain etiquettes while celebrating Kiss Day. As a kiss is an intimate act, you must make sure your partner is comfortable with it. They should be aware of your intentions, and you must respect their boundaries. 

Kiss Day can be a special occasion for you to express your love and adoration for your partner. So, make sure you have a romantic and happy Kiss Day by showering your beloved with love and adoration so that they know how much they mean to you. 

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Summing Up 

Even though there are different ways to express your love for your partner, the kiss is probably the most preferred form of expression. A kiss can convey the emotions behind unspoken words. It can clear misunderstandings and strengthen your bond with your partner. Simply put, a kiss expresses your admiration and love for your beloved. 

Make this Kiss Day all about commitment! Make sure your kiss to your partner means that you'll stick together no matter what. So, go ahead and express yourself a little more intimately today to your partner.

If you want to plan a romantic Happy Kiss Day for your loved one and want some reliable information about their zodiac sign, consult an expert love astrologer on Astroyogi.  

Astroyogi wishes you a Happy Kiss Day!

✍️ By- Team Astroyogi 

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