IPL 2020: Chennai Super Kings (CSK) vs Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) Match Prediction

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
IPL 2020: Chennai Super Kings (CSK) vs Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) Match Prediction

IPL 2020 49th Match Prediction

Chennai Super Kings vs Kolkata Knight Riders

Date - 29 October 2020

Venue - Dubai International Stadium, Dubai

Time - 7:30 pm (Indian time), 6:00 pm (UAE time)

Name sign of Kolkata Knight Riders - Gemini

Name sign of Chennai Super Kings - Aries

In the 44th match of IPL 13, Chennai Super Kings defeated Royal Challengers Bangalore by 8 wickets. But with the victory of Rajasthan Royals, CSK's journey has ended in IPL 2020. On the other hand, in the 46th match on October 27, Kings XI Punjab defeated Kolkata Knight Riders by 8 wickets. KKR is going to compete with CSK on October the 29th and it will be quite thrilling to see if CSK allows KKR to make it to the playoffs. Based on the astrological assessment, let’s find out which team is more likely to win.

Kolkata Knight Riders - Eoin Morgan

Astrologically analyzing Kolkata Knight Riders, its Zodiac name is Mithun. The lord of Gemini, Mercury,  is making a Budhaditya yoga with the Sun in the tenth house. The lord of the zodiac is the master of Mercury's might and going to the seventh is going to give good results for Kolkata. In this match, KKR players will be full of enthusiasm. Due to which they will be able to give tough competition to the opponent.

At the same time, the name of the new KKR captain Eoin Morgan becomes Taurus, whose lord Venus is sitting in his fifth according to the transit. Due to which Morgan will be able to make winning strategies. They will also be successful in rounding up their opponents. Eoin will do well for the Kolkata Knight Riders as captain and will be successful in taking the team along. According to his birth date, he is born as Libra ascendant and Sun is in his zodiac, which helps him play freely.

In numerology, Radix 7 is considered to be the number of Ketu, which is the victor. Eoin’s Radix number is also 7. Bhagyank 3 is the Guru's number which will help in increasing Eoin's mental capacity. Also, according to Radix and Bhagyank, this game can be considered auspicious for them.

Chennai Super Kings - Mahendra Singh Dhoni

By the name Chennai Super Kings, their zodiac sign is Aries. Mars transit in Aries will remain in the twelfth house on October 29, which is both an auspicious sign for Chennai and also inauspicious. In such a situation, Mars can not be considered fixed. But Chennai will also have to work hard to win.

At the same time, according to CSK captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni's date of birth and time of birth (12 pm), his zodiac (Rashi) is Singh, which is considered to be the Sun's sign. The people of Sun sign are very powerful. They can keep themselves under control even in adverse circumstances. This is also Dhoni's quality. Mahendra Singh Dhoni (MS Dhoni) got the title of Captain Cool because of this. This IPL will be normal for Dhoni as per astrological predictions.

According to numerology, the radix of Dhoni makes 7, which in numerology is considered to be Ketu's number. Ketu is considered to be a shadow planet and a cruel planet in Vedic astrology, which gives results to the native according to the zodiac sitting with him and his location. Ketu's transit in Sagittarius sign means that it has arrived in Guru's house. Because Jupiter is transcendent in transit. Upon meeting the Guru, Ketu will be strong and give the fruit of the Guru to Dhoni. Due to this, the factor planet will be considered fruitful for Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Chennai Super King. Bhagyank 6 which is the number of Venus, will also be in the interest of Dhoni.

According to the predictions of both the teams and the horoscope of the captains, the Kolkata Knight Riders have a strong chance of winning. However, cricket is called a game of uncertainties, so only time will tell who will taste the victory.