The Connection Between Tarot Reading And Astrology

While astrology is the oldest of the natural sciences, Tarot may be considered as one of the oldest mystical science. While the former has a mathematical base, the latter solely depends on the reader's intuitive powers to interpret the cards. Astrology focusses on the placement and movements of the celestial bodies with respect to the individuals and tarot focusses on the mythical power of the astral world. When a reader combines both astrology and tarot, he gets a better understanding of the reading, as both can be used to complement each other.

Just as astrology helps us know ourselves better, interpret and improve our life, so does Tarot help in spiritual enlightenment, self-awareness and self-improvement.

The esoteric brotherhood:”Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn”, founded officially in 1889, is credited with connecting astrology and the horoscope with the Tarot.

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Both Astrology and Tarot are based on the principles of the four elements: air, water, fire and earth. Just as the Zodiac signs are based on these four elements, so are the suits in a Tarot deck of cards. For e.g. the Zodiac Air signs are Aquarius, Libra and Gemini and in the Tarot cards, the Suit of Swords relates to communication and intellect, corresponding with the element of Air. 

The Face Cards in the Tarot deck are also related to the four elements: The King represents Fire; the Queen, Water; the Knight, Air and the Page, Earth.

The fundamental attributions of the Major Arcana cards, in a deck of Tarot cards, to astrology  is as follows:

  • The zodiac sign, Aries, is correlated with The Emperor, as it represents loyalty.
  • The zodiac sign, Taurus, can be equated with The Hierophant, as it suggests knowledge and people seeking higher truths.
  • Gemini is associated with The Lovers, as it represents the same dual nature of choosing between the high and the low road.
  • Cancer is linked with The Chariot, that illustrates the love for being free and overcoming life’s conflicts.
  • Leo corresponds to Strength, that depicts mental, physical, emotional and spiritual power and courage.
  • Virgo is associated with The Hermit, purporting the need to slow down and focus on purpose in life.
  • Libra is correlated with Justice, that describes a state of mind where people put their emotions and feelings aside in order to make a fair decision.
  • Scorpio corresponds to Death, a sign that welcomes passion, renewal and  transformation.
  • Sagittarius is linked with Temperance, representing gifted mediators who easily find their way through difficulties.
  • Capricorn is associated with The Devil, counselling people to reflect on negativity and trade it for confidence.
  • Aquarius is linked with The Star, that pivots on optimism and selflessness.
  • Pisces corresponds to The Moon, portraying the ever-changing moods.

While choosing a Major Arcana card to guide the spread, one can choose the card that corresponds to your Zodiac sign.

Every suit of the Minor Arcana is also associated with the Decans of the zodiac; ancient figures of Egyptian tradition, who upheld the cosmos.

Thus, Astrology plays a major role in the interpretation of Tarot cards.

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