September Birthstone - The Birthstone for Virgo is the Blue Sapphire

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September Birthstone - The Birthstone for Virgo is the Blue Sapphire

September Birthstone: Individuals who are born between August 24 and September 22 come under the zodiac sign Virgo. This zodiac sign is symbolized by the virgin and mercury is its ruling planet. An individual experiences both positive and negative developments according to their ruling planets.

However, wearing a birthstone plays a major role in shaping and improving an individual’s life in a better way. It channelizes all the positive energies of the ruling planet and makes the planet sympathetic towards the wearer.

Blue Sapphire is the birthstone for Virgo, it is said that the power of this birthstone lies in the rays it emits. With its particular color, crystalline structure and characteristic, it has a vital impact on the wearer. The stone is blue in color and this color is considered to be very powerful and important. The blue color of the sapphire is considered to have the highest light as compared to other similar colored stones.

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How to Wear Sapphire

Sapphire can be made either in a gold or silver ring, as advised by the astrologer. It is important to purify and activate the birthstone before wearing it. You should dip the ring in honey, milk and pure water for around 20 to 30 minutes followed by burning 5 incense sticks in the name of Shani Deva, praying for his blessings.

Now take out the ring from the pure water and round up the incense sticks for 11 times while reciting the mantra Om Sham Shanicharaya Namah. After completing this ritual you can wear the ring in the middle finger.

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Effects of Wearing Sapphire

This birthstone is extremely beneficial for hard working people. You can wear this stone and get the blessings of Shani Deva since it is also the gemstone for Saturn and possesses all the peculiarity of this planet.

Although it is one of the fastest acting gem stone, it is very important to consult with an astrologer before wearing this stone. It may begin to show effects within 3 days or even 3 hours. During this period, the wearer is sure to get dreams.

One should go forward with wearing this birthstone judging by the quality of the dreams. If it proves to be beneficial during the 3 day testing period of time, you will get positive results in every sphere of your life and may help in solving major problems in your life.  Looking for rudrakshas and gemstones that suit you? Click here to speak to our astrologers.

Healing Properties

Virgo rules the nervous system and the intestines. Most Virgos are known to possess fussy digestive system and suffer from various health issues related to the stomach. Wearing this stone has a calming and balancing effect on the nervous system. It also helps in some common health issues like inflammations, prevention and healing of cancer and burns.

Sapphire may become completely effective within 60 days after wearing it and it takes 4 years to give its full effects, after that it becomes inactive. In general, it is recommended that any birthstone should be changed right after it becomes inactive.

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