Ways to Spark things up with your Partner

It feels amazing when you first fell in love with a person. Everything feels colorful and special and you feel as if you just can’t get enough of that person. Until, you start fearing that your person might lose interest in you or you might lose him/ her. So, if you are worried about your relationship, you should always keep trying your best to make it last. 


One of the main reasons why relationships go stale is because the individuals don’t give enough effort into it as they used to do before. The way of trying new ways to impress each other vanish and so does their interest. Well, there are ways of still impressing your partner even after the spark has gone. Take a look at the zodiac signs of your partner’s birth chart and figure out the right way to make them feel special. 


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1. Aries

If your partner is Aries, then always look for ways to thrill him/ her - something that will get their heart racing and increase their blood pump. Go to ride roller coasters together, attend music concerts or anything which is kind of adventurous. These are really the kind of things that your Aries wants.


2. Taurus

Do something that has to do with physical touch. Do stuff which is luxurious and also sensual. For example, visiting a spa, going on a fancy dinner date, cooking together, luxurious cocktail bar dates, present gifts, etc. They love doing things together with their partner.  


3. Gemini

Gemini has a weakness for words. For example, poems, love stories, love letters. Make them feel as if they are the best person you have ever met in your life. 


4. Cancer

Cancer loves being taken care of. Share all your thoughts with them, be and do sweet things for them and their family. 


5. Leo

Be as romantic as you can but don't be too cheesy, be a bit creative every time. Give them flowers, take them on dates but also go on night parties together. Sing with them, dance with them and be as much you can be yourself with them. 


7. Virgo

Do all kinds of things a Virgo would hate to do it themselves, such as, doing household chores, washing dishes, cleaning the bed, cleaning the room, etc. Show them you are clever, play challenging games. Just try to impress them with your intelligence.


8. Libra

Be flirty with your Libra. Show them that you still feel the same as you did the first time you met. Go on all sorts of dates or go shopping and make them feel special.  


9. Scorpio

Open up to your Scorpio. Try to spend alone but quality time with them. Make them feel as if they know you the best. 


10. Sagittarius

If you are dating a Sagittarius, always keep your plans ready. They don’t like sitting still. They are always looking forward to journeys, vacations or adventures.


11. Capricorn

Help them to succeed. Be a power couple. Let their ambitions and dreams come true, with you. 


12. Aquarius

Notice their slight hints and signals and try to reply to them as uniquely as you can. They love making friends, so attend parties together, go on double dates.


13. Pisces

Love them as much as you can. Show that you are giving all your attention.  They love being cared and try to fulfill their dreams. 



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