Is Love Marriage A Possibility for You? Astrology Can Reveal!

Thu, Sep 08, 2022
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Thu, Sep 08, 2022
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Is Love Marriage A Possibility for You? Astrology Can Reveal!

If you are in a relationship and want to make a serious decision to convert it into a love marriage, the astrological factors in your birth chart can indicate whether a love marriage will be a possibility or not. Are you curious to know more? Read here to know the astrological factors in the horoscope that indicate if a love marriage is possible or not.

Marriage is an important social institution that marks a new chapter in an individual's life. As per traditions, in the olden times, arranged marriages were the norm, wherein people got married to whoever their parents wanted. However, with new times emerging, in recent years, many people go for love marriages, wherein they choose their own life partner. This is not to say that arranged marriages have become obsolete; many people still opt for arranged marriages.

We all want to find our perfect match and spend our lives with them. If you are in a relationship and want your relationship to culminate into a love marriage, the astrological factors which indicate whether a relationship will culminate into marriage or not should be looked at.

Let’s get to know some astrological factors in the horoscope that indicate love marriage.

If you have any love marriage-related concerns, get in touch with Astroyogi astrologers right away. 

The Astrological Factors That Indicate Love Marriage

When we talk about marriage, in an Indian context, it often means a long-term relationship and commitment between two individuals. If you have questions like, “will I get married to my desired person” or “will I have a love marriage?” your horoscope or birth chart can offer you some answers. If you are wondering how the astrological factors in the horoscope can tell you whether a love marriage is a possibility, it is because your horoscope can offer wisdom about every aspect of your life, and marriage is no exception. However, reading the horoscope for astrology predictions for a love marriage is different than when doing a reading for an arranged marriage.

In astrology, there are many planets, houses, and other astrological factors in a horoscope that indicates a love marriage with the desired other. The birth chart has many planets, houses, and combinations that can reveal whether the person will have a love marriage or not.  

Here are some of the planetary placements and astrological factors that indicate the same possibility.

  • As per Vedic astrology, Venus governs love and is responsible for a blissful love and married life. It is also the natural planet for romance, beauty, desires, sensual pleasure, joys, and attraction. Venus also shows what kind of relationships a person will thrive in, be happy in, and what sparks their interest. Venus plays a key role in determining whether a marriage would be a love marriage or arranged marriage.
  • The conjunction of the planets Moon and Venus and their relationship with the 5th and 7th Lord or house will ensure a love marriage.
  • The placement of the planets in the 7th house or their conjunction with the 7th house Lord depicts the type of marriage an individual would go for, i.e., love or arranged marriage.
  • The connection between the 7th house or Lord and the ninth house or Lord and the aspect of Jupiter hints that the native will opt for a love marriage.
  • The combination of Rahu and Venus in the birth chart symbolizes a love marriage. If Rahu is associated with the 5th house or 7th house or combined with the planet Venus, astrology prediction for a love marriage exists, especially a marriage that breaks societal norms such as an inter-religion or inter-caste marriage.    
  • Your Lagna and Lagnesh and their relationship with the 5th house and 7th house can inform you how strong the likelihood of your love marriage is.
  • Rahu and Ketu’s presence in the Lagna, along with Venus and Moon, can be behind a person opting for love marriage.
  • In a person’s horoscope, the 5th house deals with love affairs, and the 7th house is concerned with marriages. Therefore, if there is any association or relation between the 5th house and the 7th house or the Lords of these two houses, the native will be emotionally attached to someone.

These are just a few  astrological factors that indicate the possibility of a love marriage. The main thing to do is connect with expert astrologers to get your horoscope checked for in-depth information.

Astrological Remedies That You Should Know

Here are some remedies to remove obstructions in love marriage or any trouble related to your love marriage.

  1. Individuals who have Manglik Dosha in their birth chart can face hardships or obstacles in love marriage as per love marriage prediction. As per Vedic astrology, Kumbh marriage is deemed to help remove this problem. An expert astrologer can guide you properly regarding this.
  2. One of the best astrological remedies is a gemstone, as they are known to have a special place in astrology. If you are looking to get married to your love, then a gemstone can be of help. When it comes to gemstones, always remember to consult with an experienced astrologer and take their advice. The astrologer can check your horoscope and tell you which gemstone is the right pick for you based on the predicament.
  3. Your love marriage can be possible by offering strength to the 5th house and the 7th house Lord.

When it comes to getting suitable remedies, it is always best to consult with an expert astrologer and get personalized solutions based on your unique birth chart.

Furthermore, getting the prospective bride and groom's Kundlis matched is an excellent decision, whether it's a love marriage or arranged marriage. With Kundli Matching or Kundli Milan, you can find out if your marital life will be a bed of roses or filled with thorns. It can make astrology predictions for marriage which can help you prepare yourself for what you might eventually face post-marriage.

Marriage is one of the most important relationships meant to last a lifetime. Be it a love marriage or an arranged marriage, to make it a success, patience, love, and respect between the two individuals are needed.

If you want to know more about whether there is a possibility of love marriage in your birth chart or not, connect with the Astroyogi astrologers.


✍️ By- Team Astroyogi

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