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2015 Yearly Horoscope for Pisces

  • The year 2018 ushers in a plentitude of blessings aimed directly at Pisces natives. You’ll be invited to advance upon countless opportunities to accumulate wealth – make the most of each offer, dear friend! On January 17, Mars transits to Scorpio, which creates a noticeable shift in your luck. Pisces will experience a considerable rise in your courage and determination, giving you the power to turn every situation in your favour. Expect to receive lots of love and support from family and friends, as you embark on an exciting journey toward personal success! March closes the first quarter with Mars’ transit to Sagittarius and Jupiter going into retrograde. These planetary shifts may increase the responsibilities piled onto your plate. Try to stay calm, Pisces, as you work through the challenges you face. No matter how stressful things may seem, make a conscious effort to remain positive and expect to see better days shortly. Saturn retrogrades in Sagittarius on April 18, placing professional concerns at the forefront of your mind. Do your best to juggle workplace pressures and personal concerns so you don’t allow unrelated issues to overflow onto each other. Fortunately, Pisces’ situation will start to improve when Mars transits to Capricorn on May 2. This second quarter shift is a beneficial placement for blessing your career. Expect to receive financial increases in many areas, dear friend. The highs and lows of life are what builds character, Pisces. As Mars retrogrades on June 27, you need to pay attention to everything you do. Impulsive decisions should be placed off until another time. For now, trust in your profound wisdom so you can overcome any obstacles. Things will turn around for you quickly, when Jupiter goes progressive on July 10. Pisces will see improvements in every area of your life, including your health and your finances – providence is preparing to bless you in every arena, dear friend! As you enter the third quarter of 2018, you’ll witness how much luck favours you, Pisces. Mars goes progressive on August 31, shedding light on a prosperous path that’ll allow you to recover from any losses you incurred during the retrograde. Your personal relationships will improve too, granting you peace and tranquillity with the ones you love. Boldly step into the final quarter of the year, because your lucky streak is expected to continue for quite a while! In October, Jupiter transits to Scorpio, which creates an auspicious moment for you. On November 9, Mars transits to Aquarius, which could cause you to spend more money than usual. Fortunately, the planets have aligned to provide you with a brand-new source of income too. Enjoy the spiritual enlightenment you experience just before the new year. Use the wisdom drawn from your intuition to overcome any last-minute distractions. If you stay focused and keep positive energies around, you’ll continue this winning streak long after the new year rings in!

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