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2015 Yearly Horoscope for Pisces

  • As the new year commences the dreamy Pisces will feel the beginning of a new beautiful phase. Dear Pisces, the year 2015 will be eventful for you in all aspects of life. You have something good in store for you as the time passes and the month of March begins. Since the year starts with the Mercury going Retrograde in January you may not be expecting a good time soon. A little tension may build up due to increased workload or some extra responsibility during this initial period. Astrologers at AstroYogi recommend you to maintain healthy relationship with people at the professional front and be organized. Disappointment due to lack your appreciation and recognition may occupy your mind but do not take any decision out of impulse. A detailed Career 2015 Reading by AstroYogi astrologers will give you the right direction. As the planet Mercury catches its original speed and enters your sign you experience the presence of strength and confidence within you. March will make you passionate about your career life and also bring out the deep hidden feelings within you. You will be able to convey your feelings and your point of view among people, very easily now, say AstroYogi astrologers. If single, you may find it difficult to take a decision dear Pisces. However, if you come down to decision of getting married, April and May are favourable months. As time passes and the month of June approaches, the planet Neptune will go retrograde in Pisces. The period starting from now will be connecting you strongly to your dreamy world, you may not want to face or believe in the reality of your surroundings. This period stretched till November will also be a great time to assess your visionary potential. The lucky days in the year will be Thursdays and Mondays. These are the days when you can expect the toughest of tasks to be done easily. Make the most of them!

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