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2015 Yearly Horoscope for Gemini

  • The year 2015 will bring many a surprise dear Gemini for you, both expected and unexpected. The changes will make you sit back and take notice. The past few months have not been without their challenges, and you really do deserve a break Gemini. Jupiter and Saturn will ensure that you relook at your life, and prioritize things differently. The year 2015 seems like it is just what you were looking for. January will bring the first Mercury Retrograde this year, and everything will seem extremely slow to take off the ground. You will feel as though your feet are stuck in clay, whether in office or on a personal front. You will be able to tackle this time head on because of your never-say-die attitude that keeps you going. Gemini you will begin to wonder “why me?” but then things will begin to look up by March. April will be surprisingly active for you, especially in matters related to networking or social gatherings as Venus will rule your sign this month. You will find yourself in the midst of people you would never have thought you would ever have anything to do with. The month of May will bring in the planet Mercury in Gemini which will later go retrograde thanks to which unexpected delays and obstacles in your way will occur. But do not worry, things will soon go back to normal and you will be able to take a sign of relief. As the retrograde extends till June, this period brings a wonderful time for you, to focus on planning rather than implementing, say AstroYogi Astrologers. Your yearn for professional success will finally be realized as the second half of the year begins in June. Whether the recognition is in terms of an award or monetary gains, it will need to reveal itself. A detailed Career Report 2015 will help you know exactly how things will unfold. Saturn moving into your house in September Gemini will help you realize your personal aspirations of a stable and steady relationship. It will not be someone you were expecting to end up with, and you too will be taken by surprise. It will be important for you on a financial front to be very prudent in your spending as many unexpected expenses will come out of the blue Gemini, when you least expect them. However the year 2015 will bring with it financial good news too, and you will find that finally you will, during the course, achieve financial stability. A finance report will help you with the exact details needed to bring this about.

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